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DatRepublican August 11th, 2016 4:33am

Opinion: there are three genders. Male, Female, and Mentally impaired. Agree?

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GlockMan1 Alabama
08/11/16 7:17 am

No. Male. female and confused. It is not a mental illness.

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
08/11/16 6:21 am

Many people have not studied biology and psychology. As a result, they lack knowledge in the area of human sexuality. They will often show their ignorance with stupid questions.

DatRepublican Virginia
08/11/16 3:54 pm

Those classes are bullshit and there's no reason to take them.

crazyjane New Jersey
08/15/16 1:13 pm

Take them if you want to be smart

08/11/16 12:24 am

Everyone uses gender when they actually mean Sexuality

ainsleyy previously kitkat123
08/11/16 12:08 am

there are two physical genders, and a shit ton of sexualities

susanr Colorado
08/10/16 9:34 pm

No, and that's kinda mean and displays a lack of empathy and understanding.

DatRepublican Virginia
08/10/16 9:38 pm

There are 2 genders, it's a joke.

Carcano Mark 15 39
08/10/16 11:25 pm

It's 100% right. You'd think a biologist would understand that there are two genders.

08/11/16 1:15 am

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SwedishBeast Honor the roots
08/11/16 5:10 am

I give a fuck because it makes no sense. If someone is born with a penis then they can't just identify as a different gender. I honestly don't see why it isn't considered a mental illness.

DatRepublican Virginia
08/11/16 5:29 am

I hate it when liberals use the dictionary as an argument. It's not.

08/11/16 6:25 am

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08/11/16 4:25 pm

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