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CMD1973 August 10th, 2016 10:16pm

If you make a comment to someone's question will they always receive it?

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Celadonne ballfield
08/11/16 12:12 am

the comment will be delivered unless you're "ignored" by the user. whether the comment is actually read, especially if notifications are off, is another story.

susanr Colorado
08/10/16 3:53 pm

Assuming things are working right at SOH headquarters, they *should* get a notification of your reply, *unless* they have comment reply notifications switched off.

It's possible that they may not see the notification before it cycles through the Notification page, which can hold 50 notifications, though if (a) they're involved in one or more very active threads such that they're receiving lots of new notifications in a short period of time and simply miss it, or (b) they're away from SOH for a while and receive 50 more notifications more slowly that still "flush it out."

The comment is still there in the poll's comment section, of course, so even if they miss the notification they may still bump into it. Believe it or not, there was a time when SOH didn't have notifications (and the web version still doesn't). I'm not sure how very active users coped!

SupremeDolphin They.them
08/10/16 4:04 pm

Threads with cowboy tend to flood my notifications, yet I can't resist!

Xemanis Lawful Good
08/10/16 3:45 pm

Their notifications may be blocked by others

gow488 Seoul, Korea
08/10/16 3:34 pm

I don't understand the question.

SupremeDolphin They.them
08/10/16 3:31 pm

Like if I post a comment in this poll? If you have that specific notification enabled, you should always see it. But as usual, @susanr is the person to talk to about this one.

susanr Colorado
08/10/16 3:54 pm

Thanks; I was about to reply anyway & just put it above. I hope I understood the question correctly!