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Show Of Hands August 10th, 2016 9:26pm

We are considering beginning to publish occasional "R-Rated" polls about sex and other adults-only topics under a new poll category. Users wouldn't see these polls unless they specifically turn this new "Adult" category on. Good idea, or bad idea?

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08/18/16 10:51 am

Did soh get lgbt indoctrinated lol

XercesBlue ...
08/13/16 4:25 pm

Please make this an opt in/opt out poll and please apply this opt out factor to user created r rated polls too.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
08/13/16 6:59 am

Why do you have to go to the lowest common denominator? What a shame. Greed generally speaks loudest.

elianastar FreeSpeech
08/12/16 10:39 am

As long as it is entirely an "opt in" choice, no reason not to.

Move all the sexual-oriented polls to that tab, if you please. Choices are good things!

Shiggybythebay Proud Bay Area Native
08/12/16 8:06 am

Could be useful for some people. Others will just be perverts. LoL

theNobamist Silicon Valley
08/12/16 1:03 am

Gives "Show of Hands" a whole new naughty meaning. πŸ™€

08/11/16 4:30 pm

Good idea I guess, but as a celibate man, I doubt I will be opting in on those polls.

08/11/16 7:33 pm

Celibate, except for little children...

08/11/16 7:51 pm

Wow! I have never been accused of that before by completely stranger who has never met me. Oh, wait I have hundreds of times. You need to work on your trolling skills, to get a rise at of me. Have a wonderful night.

EarlyBird Portland
08/12/16 7:44 pm

What a horrible thing to say. She goes on ignore.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
08/13/16 7:00 am

This is apparently the kind of trash SOHs wants now. Just terrible.

XercesBlue ...
08/13/16 4:25 pm

Piet... This trash has always been on SOH.

08/13/16 4:27 pm

Yeah, I get comments like that a lot. I don't let it upset me much. It just punishment I bare for the horrible actions of some of my brother priests and some of our bishops. All I can do is be the best priest I can be and hope it restores the reputation of the priesthood in time.

ProbablyEug Oakland
08/11/16 12:20 pm

There're gonna be so many kiddos up in there. Like trying to peep into the XXX section of the video store.

ProbablyEug Oakland
08/12/16 2:57 pm

I guess that's possible too. Maybe just questions that reference the existence of sex.

XercesBlue ...
08/13/16 4:26 pm

Kiddos are already on here being exposed to user-created r-rated polls

EarlyBird Portland
08/11/16 11:57 am

I think it's a great idea. The questions will be R rated, not X and those who don't want to see the polls simply don't opt in. Best of both worlds.

charlie259 Arizona
08/11/16 11:51 am

Oh, you want to become another porn site? Don't debase ShowofHands. You have something really good here.

funlover heart of it all
08/12/16 6:58 am

My thoughts exactly charlie259. This is one of the few sites left that engages in interesting and thought-provoking content and debate. I often direct my student here to see the range of positions offered on a given topic. There are plenty of adult sites out there for those who want that kind of content.

Laserbeam Back soon
08/11/16 9:45 am

This user is currently being ignored

CMWF5 Georgia
08/11/16 7:53 am

As long as the polls are R rated and not X rated.

scrpnHOG Arizona
08/11/16 6:35 am

Just make a new app all together for the adults

makem Chinese Xinjiang Camp
08/11/16 5:53 am

Bad idea. I can already see the potential trolling and abuse in the comments sections.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
08/11/16 6:49 am

Unless you ban cowboy there will always be trolling. And what abuse are you talking about? Sounds like it may not be for you anyway so you can just not opt in

08/11/16 4:15 am

Trolling for teens?

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
08/11/16 2:15 am

Age verification required.

Legal liability.

08/11/16 5:06 am

Fucking Christ....

08/11/16 6:14 am

Legal liability... Based on what? What law?

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
08/11/16 11:17 am

Which State?

There's numerous laws.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
08/11/16 11:29 am

And don't hate on me Rebel, I didn't create any of these laws and or regulations.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
08/11/16 11:44 am

18 U.S.C. § 1460- Possession with intent to sell, and sale, of obscene matter on Federal property
18 U.S.C. § 1461- Mailing obscene or crime-inciting matter
18 U.S.C. § 1462- Importation or transportation of obscene matters
18 U.S.C. § 1463- Mailing indecent matter on wrappers or envelopes
18 U.S.C. § 1464- Broadcasting obscene language
18 U.S.C. § 1465- Transportation of obscene matters for sale or distribution
18 U.S.C. § 1466- Engaging in the business of selling or transferring obscene matter
18 U.S.C. § 1466A- Obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children
18 U.S.C. § 1467- Criminal forfeiture
18 U.S.C. § 1468- Distributing obscene material by cable or subscription television
18 U.S.C. § 1469- Presumptions
18 U.S.C. § 1470- Transfer of obscene material to minors
18 U.S.C. § 2252B Misleading domain names on the Internet
18 U.S.C. § 2252C Misleading words or digital images on the Internet

08/11/16 11:45 am

I highly even 3 of those could apply to what this poll is talking about, even with overzealous prosecutors.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
08/11/16 11:46 am

SOH needs to be careful is all.

I voted "good idea".

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
08/11/16 11:47 am

They aren't my legal fees if some whiny ass gets litigious.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
08/11/16 11:50 am

Those are just the federal by the way.

There's a multitude of laws and or regulations in 30+ states.

08/11/16 2:31 pm

I highly doubt it would be an issue

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
08/11/16 6:10 pm

SOH has to have that as well.

From a legal standpoint.

Get of my ass.

08/11/16 1:43 am

To be quite honest, I've found that the main poll has already become r-rated a while ago. R for rubbish, of course. There used to be a time when I preferred the main polls to the hot list, now it is the other way around.

08/11/16 1:44 am

By main poll I mean the SOH polls

08/11/16 1:38 am

Hey little Johnny, Do you have the internet at home?

You won't be introducing ANYONE to anything new. Sure, go for it

08/11/16 2:55 am

But but but ... we need the gubment to protect us from our evil selves πŸ˜„

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
08/11/16 6:51 am

Brb, googling boobs

08/10/16 11:39 pm

No. Cause it's just going to turn more into a joke.

peacenskis Alaska
08/10/16 11:17 pm

Sounds like fun πŸ˜‡

funlover heart of it all
08/10/16 9:43 pm

This would be a game changer for me. I can barely tolerate the political hate speech I read on here, but if you start with adult content I will unsub. Isn't there enough of that other places where people can talk sex without polluting this venue? I am no prude, but there are young people here, and as a parent and a grand parent I find that offensive and inappropriate. Don't do it.

susanr Colorado
08/10/16 9:53 pm

First of all, it's already here, in user made polls targeted "SOHAH," which are supposed to be seen only by users 21 and over. The targeting doesn't work well, though, and I'd *really* like to see that get fixed.

Second, the proposed SOH polls would be opt-IN, so you wouldn't ever see them if you didn't want to. And the suggestion was that they would be "occasional"; not a flood of them.

Also, since SOH has a 12+ rating in the App Store, I'm going to assume that they'd be filtered so that only older users were able to see them. (Maybe 21+, but 18+ seems fairer to me.)

I'm not interested in these myself, and I'd rather not see SOH become a place for tons of sex talk, but I don't think that this is what would happen.

peacenskis Alaska
08/10/16 11:31 pm

Funlover...I was thinking "what a prude" right before you wrote "I am no prude". Live a little. Many people enjoy attacking each other's politics. I do not and therefore don't participate in those commenting forums. You are not forced to read the comments. You can just vote and see the stats if you wish. I don't think SoH will turn into a pornhub. Just some questions geared toward adults which you have to voluntarily participate in. Just don't opt in.
Susanr... Definitely 18. Some folks have families by the time they are 21. πŸ˜‰

susanr Colorado
08/11/16 12:34 am

I think 18 because it's the age of consent. But SOH has used 21 as the filter for the SOHAH targeting, and I suspect it's caused some younger users to change their age in their profiles, which will throw skew results on all the polls they vote on.

Of course users even younger than that may do the same and there isn't much that can be done about it, but it seems pointless to purposefully exclude people above the age of consent.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
08/11/16 1:13 am

Um, "Funlover" (⬅️hilarious btw), if you think this is bad, maybe the Internet isn't for you

08/11/16 1:39 am

It's opt in and "as a parent and grandparent", I cringe when people act all high and mighty because they shat out a child, you should know that if the "child" has access to this app (IE internet on their phone) this won't be the first time they see these things.

So, in closing, your arguments and irrationality are invalid

08/11/16 5:17 am

Let's assume most of the people under 18 on here wind up seeing these posts for whatever reason. First, it likely won't be anything new to them. Second, the human body and sex are very natural, very amazing parts of life, and I think that the culture of shielding younger people from content containing sex is nothing but a disservice to everyone. First, making sex seem taboo only makes teens want to do it more, because they're teens. Second, if younger people were more exposed to sex, they'd be more knowledgeable and mature about it, rather than the current state of affairs, where "penis" and "vagina" are words to laugh at and sex education in schools is woefully lacking. My father has said, and I agree, that I'd rather see kids see two consenting adults making love than see one person shooting someone else's brains out.

08/12/16 6:04 am

I agree with Funlover and these responses show why. I am frequently disturbed and even sickened by the hateful comments, name calling and flaming on this app. Calling funlover's opinion irrational and invalid is a sad personal attack. The moderators don't seem to care. I am certain that porn forums have more civility and better moderation than SOH. @susanr, I have always appreciated your comments and integrity. The fact that "it's already here" is the exact point. I don't like what I see here already. This action is a clear indication where the app is intentionally headed ... farther into the gutter. SOH no longer feels like an enjoyable and uplifting experience. I'm with you Funlover.

08/12/16 10:03 am

Hey, ug, if it makes your prudish hairs stand on end you don't have to opt in

How you live your life is fine but don't push it on others.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
08/12/16 11:19 am

You sound like one of those Muslims who think a woman showing her ankles is haram

At the end of the day, it's just an app. No one hates anyone. You're taking the Internet too seriously. You probably need a break

funlover heart of it all
08/15/16 5:31 am

Opinion? Mine! Allowed to express it? Yes! Your opinion is yours. Allowed to express it? Yes. You telling me how I should think or feel? Not cool. You judging me for my opinion? Very very not cool.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
08/15/16 8:03 am

Welcome to life outside your parents basement, where your opinions are judged just like everyone else's

jvl New Orleans
08/10/16 9:36 pm

Please don't.

mpurple oh no. trump won.
08/10/16 8:54 pm

And I'm sure none of the religious conservatives will opt in for sex polls, right?

susanr Colorado
08/10/16 9:10 pm

Wrong. At least some of them participate regularly in the SOHAH polls, which are usually Sexy Bits (I think I'm going to trademark that) polls.

mpurple oh no. trump won.
08/10/16 9:23 pm

Ah yes. People of God sharing their sex lives with us. Why am I not surprised?

susanr Colorado
08/10/16 9:27 pm

Oh, come on. I'm talking about one of my very favorite SOH users here, among others.

Personally I don't want to know about all y'all's sex lives, and I don't want to talk about mine (mostly; I have made some exceptions...). But I read some of it occasionally, and I'm aware of some input that's fun, lighthearted, good-natured, and comes from a conservative religious background.

Hey, they're people too. Really. Get to know some of them. They're not all grouchy.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
08/10/16 9:42 pm

Susan, clever name!

susanr Colorado
08/10/16 9:46 pm

Sexy Bits™

orgblu10 Shamerica
08/10/16 9:48 pm

There are plenty of "religious conservatives" on here who enjoy SOHAH polls. @mpurple, if that's news to you, your knowledge of this group is awfully limited.

Oh, to live in a world without stereotypes!!!

mpurple oh no. trump won.
08/11/16 6:27 am

I look forward to hearing about the sex lives of okie, sugarshach, MrMilkDud, shoeless and a few of the others. Of course if they aren't married, they're virgins and won't have much to contribute. Right?

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
08/11/16 6:31 am

Most of those listed are married with kids.

mpurple oh no. trump won.
08/11/16 6:55 am

They will have a lot to contribute. I look forward to hearing from them.

mpurple oh no. trump won.
08/11/16 9:36 am

Glock and tliney I hope to hear from too.

SD37 South Dakota
08/10/16 8:03 pm

Where do you "turn on/off" categories for polls??

EarlyBird Portland
08/10/16 8:19 pm

Go into my profile. Hit edit. Go all the way to the bottom. You'll see poll categories.

EarlyBird Portland
08/10/16 8:21 pm

I have sports and picture polls unchecked. It works well.

susanr Colorado
08/10/16 8:48 pm

Go to My Profile and tap on Edit in the top right corner. Scroll all the way down the page and tap on Poll Categories. There are a lot of categories that are checked by default (scroll the page; there are more), which you can turn off by unchecking them. Then you won't see that category of poll in your SOH poll list - unless it has been given another categorization as well; then you'll still see it.

And this works only for SOH polls, not user made polls.

With the proposed Sexy Bits polls, the category would be off by default, apparently.

MyRedSkirt Cali
08/10/16 7:38 pm

How would you keep kids from accessing these XXX polls?

tdaddy Kentucky
08/10/16 8:05 pm

I guess the same way porn sites do it. Have them read a policy statement that makes them swear they are over 18. If it's discovered they are under 18 kick them off the site. Of course anybody can lie, and if they lie their morals have already been compromised, so, in the inimitable words of the great Alfred E Neumann, "What, me worry?" πŸ€“πŸ˜œπŸ˜±...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

08/11/16 1:40 am


tdaddy Kentucky
08/12/16 7:57 pm

Hm, because they don't have any? Or maybe because in 2016 there's a CPS person ready to intimidate any person reported as suspect whether they've done anything wrong or not, and it happens so often, especially if there's a vindictive spouse involved, that it sometimes borders on ridiculous. And today's abundance of made for TV movies aimed to stir parents' passions does more to cast doubt than to actually help anyone.

smoothboy1982 Lexington Ky
08/10/16 7:08 pm

Those polls would be better than the polls you currently got lol

catpillow Florida West Coast
08/10/16 6:40 pm

Make sure users who write such polls can also designate that they are posting adult content.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
08/10/16 6:21 pm

Sometimes the SOHAH polls are interesting.

jvberg Winter has Come
08/10/16 5:50 pm

Do you like butt stuff?

Yes No

xberraxcudax KY
08/10/16 6:16 pm

Of course

PrinceDaemon The Bloodwyrm
08/10/16 6:18 pm

Giving and receiving, yes.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
08/10/16 6:42 pm

"Is not about cock and ass and tits and butthole pleasures. It's not about this rusty trombone, dirty Sanchez... th-the Cincinnati bowtie and the pussy-juice cocktail, and the... shit-stained balls. Its about love Its about connection."

xberraxcudax KY
08/10/16 6:45 pm

Can we still have all those other things, though?

phalnx Ohio
08/11/16 5:29 am

You left out Cleveland Steamer :D. ~~o.o.O.o.o.~~

swervin Maryland
08/11/16 10:28 pm

He didn't leave out anything, he was quoting a movie...

08/10/16 5:03 pm

Wasn't this idea tried already? And failed.

TheCameron UCF
08/10/16 5:35 pm

SOHAH (after hours) is still a popular tag people use when asking adult oriented questions

rickvee Living the dream
08/10/16 5:45 pm

But Tony's crew of retards have fucked it up. The SOHAH tag shows up for minors.

camlop San Diego, CA
08/10/16 4:50 pm

Oh, you horny animals. :P

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
08/10/16 4:39 pm

Shaking things up? I love it.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
08/10/16 4:25 pm

I'd likely check it out, but I gotta hunch there'd be a mass migration. It'd be like a ghost town over here...

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
08/10/16 4:34 pm

You're right, we'll probably lose all the over-conservative nuts. And no one will miss them.

susanr Colorado
08/10/16 4:47 pm

I don't see it as being a different location, and I did see the word "occasional" in there. Just another poll category, that some people might not decide to opt in to.

Carcano Matthew 10 34
08/10/16 4:48 pm

As if conservatives don't have sex.

Last time I checked, it was the liberals who were trying to ban sexualized adds and such.

Carcano Matthew 10 34
08/10/16 5:15 pm

Ads with hot models in them. Feminists and liberals hate those ads.

Carcano Matthew 10 34
08/10/16 5:20 pm

You're not funny.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
08/10/16 7:10 pm

A lot of people hate those ads. There's a difference between some sexuality in the right context and sexuality being used to objectify people for the purpose of capital gain. But that's beside the point. It's conservatives and super-religious on SOH who flip out about sexual topics, as if it's going to affect their children or send teen pregnancy rates through the roof or something.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
08/10/16 7:14 pm

Teen pregnancy rates have been dropping steadily for years now, while obesity rates have been increasing. Coincidence? Or are our teens becoming unfuckable?

gonzoboy Northern AZ
08/10/16 7:19 pm

Maybe it's 'cuz people are sittin' around watchin' sex, instead o' bein' active participants. That could account for the decrease in pregnancy, the increase in obesity, which then translates to that last thing you mentioned...πŸ™‚

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
08/10/16 7:22 pm

I admire you trying to answer that question seriously πŸ˜‚

susanr Colorado
08/10/16 7:23 pm

I'm sure he had fun doing it...

phalnx Ohio
08/10/16 4:24 pm

'Have you ever seen a grown man naked?' ...wait, I think that's been asked somewhere before ;).

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
08/10/16 4:18 pm

I'm good with this I think. I will still make whatever polls I want if I so desire

SwedishBeast Honor the roots
08/10/16 4:14 pm

I am okay with it. I mainly only come on here for politics but I know other people enjoy the subject.

Congressman Louisiana
08/10/16 4:14 pm

Annnnnd this is now Tumblr, Jr.

I'm done.

I'm out.

EarlyBird Portland
08/10/16 4:32 pm

Bye congressman. 🌺

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
08/10/16 4:40 pm

The topic was sex, not doctor who and social justice.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
08/10/16 6:30 pm

"The topic was sex, not doctor who and social justice."

Thank god

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/10/16 3:58 pm

No topic should be considered for adults only.
If you're very young, you won't understand the topic.
If you understand the topic, you're old enough to answer it.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
08/10/16 4:04 pm

Topic 1: have you ever been inside a Turkish prison?

Topic 2: do you like gladiator movies?

08/10/16 4:21 pm

I picked the wrong day to give up sniffing glue.

08/10/16 8:21 pm

It's like a big Tylenol

omniku dot com
08/10/16 3:52 pm

So SoHaH is now officially sanctioned?

rambo088 kansas
08/10/16 3:45 pm

I stick my díck in light sockets to make my penis glow

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
08/10/16 3:51 pm

Pics or it didn't happen

mikeyDe Marine Corps
08/10/16 5:52 pm

Vine or it didn't happen

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
08/10/16 7:18 pm

What a shocking statement...

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
08/10/16 3:45 pm

In addition, then, please strengthen the penalties for R-rated content being posted OUTSIDE the new poll category and eliminate the "SOHAH" polls posted in the general category. This will protect young users.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
08/10/16 3:49 pm

@jaysin586 or whoever's in charge now, please respond when you read my comment so I'll know it got through. πŸ˜ƒ

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
08/10/16 4:16 pm

But members should be able to still post these types of polls themselves

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
08/10/16 7:28 pm

I just make polls, I don't categorize them.

goldz oh this world
08/10/16 7:50 pm

Tom, as praet said above, if someone is old enough to understand, they're old enough to answer.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
08/10/16 8:24 pm

We have 10- and 12-year-olds. That's why adult content should be opt-in only and preferably over-18 only too.

goldz oh this world
08/10/16 8:30 pm

I think there are a lot of other things ten-year-olds shouldn't see, like war, death, corruption, and heartbreak. I don't think anyone should see any of those things. But they do, and we can't try to shelter everyone forever.

08/11/16 1:42 am


If the "young users" have internet on their phones this isn't new for them.

Are parents really this naive?

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
08/11/16 5:34 am

Just because they have seen it doesn't mean it should be encouraged. Or that we should be having conversations with kids on this topic. I don't want to find out I was in the middle of a sex story talking with a kid. Not so good for me.

08/11/16 6:15 am

The first is naive and like bailing water on the titanic. I'm with you on the second but again, there's NOTHING you can do about that. So either don't participate or act accordingly.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
08/11/16 6:22 am

I'm still not for encouraging things I disagree with. And the second is avoidable. If we say they can't be involved and they "sneak" their way in and pretend they are old enough, it covers my ass as I didn't intentionally have the conversation with a kid.

08/11/16 6:49 am

I'm with you there but just remember, anyone can click a box that says "yes I'm 18," just ask any 13 year old boy.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
08/11/16 7:37 am

Been there done that. But a teacher needs plausible deniability

SouthernLaw Old North State
08/10/16 3:35 pm

Will people in the under 21 category be able to see them?

SupremeDolphin They.them
08/10/16 3:37 pm

I think so. As long as you opt in πŸ˜‰

Someonethirsty A lake
08/10/16 3:39 pm

Aw fouk yes.

goldz oh this world
08/10/16 7:51 pm

Otherwise I'll just change my age in my profile settings.

mikeyDe Marine Corps
08/10/16 3:27 pm

Finally. Fun polls that don't have anything to do with politics because it's obviously not been played out and the exact same polls have not been posted 5+ times....

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
08/10/16 3:28 pm

'First adult poll - "who would you rather see naked, Hillary or Trump"'

God damnit!!!

SupremeDolphin They.them
08/10/16 3:29 pm

Fun poll: abortion, yea or nay πŸ˜‚

mikeyDe Marine Corps
08/10/16 3:33 pm

CN- Trump but then consider offing myself so I didn't have to live with the memory. Unless getting blacked out is an option beforehand.
The Abortion polls are fun if you have the time to read and fuq with people.

mikeyDe Marine Corps
08/10/16 3:34 pm

Sooooo many fuq, marry, and kill polls in route. So much fun.

08/10/16 3:23 pm

Finally somewhere on the internet people can talk openly about sex

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
08/10/16 4:49 pm