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rebelfury76 August 10th, 2016 9:18pm

You were in a car accident. Would you accept "aftermarket" parts to be used to fix your car? (Extra credit for giving your reasoning in the comments)

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08/12/16 1:50 pm

Re read your reply to my innocent sentence you twit

08/12/16 4:33 pm

There's a lot of people who think their car is "collectible."

08/13/16 2:35 pm

But you must know that thinking and knowing makes a big difference. It is my hobby. I should have tried to infer this in my comment.

08/11/16 6:13 am

My car is collectable and those parts will ruin my sale price. So no.

08/11/16 6:49 am

Hahahahahaha ok unless it's some super rare classic then I highly doubt it

08/11/16 3:24 pm

It isa '55 ThunderBird you moron

08/11/16 4:20 pm

Hey, fuck twat, how was I to know that? No one cares about your car.

getupbaby South City
08/11/16 4:29 am

A '99 Malibu gets whatever is cheapest.

08/11/16 12:58 am

I'm a claims adjuster so I'm often exposed to the sometimes irrational nature of people and I'm intrigued to hear your thoughts. These are the types of questions we all wonder at work but of course can't ask.

At least our company uses only CAPA certified parts which are just as good, you'd never know the difference yet consumers have been brainwashed to think that just because it doesn't have a brand name stamped on it, it must garbage. Truth is a lot of the parts are outsourced anyway. A lot of "OEM" parts are made by the same factory that also stamps those same parts under their own aftermarket brand.

garrettr Alabama
08/10/16 9:59 pm

In my second to last accident in my 2011 Toyota Highlander earlier this year they used an aftermarket bumper cover (the plastic we all refer to as the actual bumper). It looked fine as if it was an original. But about a month later I was hit again and the car was totaled. So I no longer have it. Now if they tried to put aftermarket on my 2015 Civic or 2017 XC90 I would be quite angry and demand otherwise.

garrettr Alabama
08/11/16 12:27 am

Because they're quite new. I mean the Civic is a year old and has 10k miles on it but the Volvo doesn't even have 1k miles on it. I would want genuine on them because of their age.

08/11/16 12:55 am

Do you feel that aftermarket is always inferior to OEM?

garrettr Alabama
08/11/16 1:01 am

No not really. But I had a 2007 Honda Accord that they put an aftermarket bumper cover on and it didn't fit right with the headlights. I went to multiple places to see if it was just installed wrong but it just wasn't made correctly. I didn't bother with getting it changed because I didn't care. But I believe they can be of just as good quality. Once my cars get older I'm not that worried. Except maybe the Volvo because it's a $65k car and I would like things to stay genuine.

08/11/16 1:44 am

A $65k VOLVO?! What were you thinking?

garrettr Alabama
08/11/16 2:17 am

I was thinking three row luxury SUV, self parking, adaptive cruise control, 360 degree camera system, AWD, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and excellent safety ratings. It's quite luxurious actually. I test drove it, a Mercedes GLS, an Audi Q7, and an Acura MDX. The Volvo was my favorite for the amount of features and price.

08/11/16 2:21 am

Interesting, I like mercs personally but as long as you dig it that's all that matters

garrettr Alabama
08/11/16 2:24 am

I had really always wanted the Audi but when I saw the Volvo I just fell in love with it. Now something I do find crazy is my now ex-wife spending $46k on a Honda. I think she should have just went for a little more and got the Acura. But of course we all have our preferences.

08/11/16 5:07 am

Uh, yeah... That seems silly

08/10/16 8:53 pm

I used to manage a body shop and a couple ins companies we worked with required us to at least try aftermarket or used first. Most if the time we had to sand or modify the panel if it was a close fit. For lights or panels that didn't come close we had to take pics to upload to them to prove they don't fit before ordering oem.

08/10/16 7:39 pm

Depends how old the car is. My only accident was in a car that was 8 months old (stupid deer). I wanted original parts.

08/10/16 8:01 pm

Read the fine details of the warranty. They were specific about "original manufacturer certified parts" or some similar language

PollPositioned Just Curious
08/10/16 5:37 pm


Bonus points for me!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/10/16 5:10 pm

No. I do a lot of work on my own vehicles, and use exclusively aftermarket parts where they are available. They are almost always cheaper, lighter, and fit fine. They are also, so far without exception in my experience, more poorly and cheaply made, and are clearly unlikely to last as long as the OE part. Since I'm doing it myself and get a lifetime warranty on the cheap part, it isn't that big of a deal to know I'll be doing the job again in three or four years, as it won't cost anything but time. The situation is different when the labor isn't covered, and the parts might not be either for more than a few years, and the next one is on me. I expect a professional repair to make my car EXACTLY as it was before it was damaged in every way, not kind of sorta (but not really) "as good" as it was just where it shows.

RB20 Indiana
08/10/16 6:15 pm

Don't buy a cheap ass part. Buy better than oem. That exists you know

08/10/16 6:48 pm

Well then Mike we'll be pulling salvage parts for you since you didn't have new anything on that car, how do you like them Apples?

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/10/16 7:17 pm

That would be fine, as long as they are unaltered OE, with the same part numbers and date of manufacture, and in as good or better condition as what I started with.

08/10/16 7:57 pm

What's your basis for assuming OE is superior?

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/10/16 8:36 pm

I've installed a lot of aftermarket parts that were claimed to meet OE specs, but that didn't hold up over time. And that were clearly inferior right from the start. Headlight assemblies that were much lighter with thinner lenses and obviously weaker seals, a side window that didn't quite match the OE tint, a multifunction switch that didn't have the same solid detents as the original, window actuators that were noisier than the original, interior parts like door handles that aren't quite the same color and are made of weaker plastic, etc. The only aftermarket parts that have been consistently better than OE have been upgraded brake parts (that were also more expensive than dealer parts), tires, and belts.

08/10/16 11:06 pm

What if the parts are certified by CAPA, surely you know not all parts are created equal

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/11/16 3:23 pm

I do know they aren't created equal, which is why I'd prefer OE parts unless an aftermarket part is clearly better in some way other than cost. A part that is certified to be functionally similar to the OE part in the areas tested is not necessarily identical to the original part, or even as good as it. If it is a vehicle I'll only be keeping for a few more years, maybe it won't matter, but if it is a part for my forever truck, or one of the bikes, or even the MINI that I'm likely to have until I'm too old to drive, why take the chance?

08/11/16 4:22 pm

Because the more you run up the bill the more it'll hurt when your policy renews

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
08/10/16 4:21 pm

I just want it totaled at this point to give me MO ey to get a new car and rid of the lemon

ronderman North Carolina
08/10/16 3:52 pm

Absolutely. Most of those parts are guaranteed for the life of the car. Also, if I were to put the parts on the car and pay out of pocket, those are the parts I would choose.

F1Dan Parked in your spot
08/10/16 3:21 pm

If the aftermarket parts are better than the OEM parts in either performance or reliability I don't see a problem.

krayzewolf New Hampshire
08/10/16 3:12 pm

Yup. A solid reason to make upgrades.😎

shoeless Texas
08/10/16 3:03 pm

A great deal of after market parts are made the exact same way, are cheaper and of equal quality. Some aren't. In fact some are made by the original manufacturer anyway. I'd only do this through a trusted mechanic shop or personally purchasing, so I can confirm the source and warranty. I've done so many times with great results, but I've also gotten some crap parts along they way.

cpaswr just say the letters
08/10/16 2:38 pm

Yes. As long as the quality was similar.

I believe that State Farm was either sued or got in trouble by requiring aftermarket parts for all repairs if remember correctly.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
08/10/16 2:38 pm

I don't think so. I would ask my husband but I don't think he would go for it.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/10/16 2:19 pm

Absolutely not. I have in the past and regretted it.

08/10/16 2:22 pm

You probably had a one off. If the parts are "CAPA certified," as they usually are when youre dealing with a reputable insurance company, they're as good as OEM parts at a fraction of the cost. You couldn't tell THE difference if you had two headlights in front of you.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/10/16 2:25 pm

I had chrome parts (bumper) that rusted after 1year.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/10/16 2:26 pm

The rest of the original parts were perfectly fine even though they were 10 years old.

08/10/16 2:26 pm

Either weren't CAPA certified or you had a one off bad experience. Most of the time it's just fine.