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Bolero August 10th, 2016 4:48pm

Should military service be required?

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ProudCentrist Chicago, Illinois
08/10/16 6:53 pm

Only for those who aren't going to college.

F1Dan Parked in your spot
08/10/16 5:19 pm

I don't support slavery. State sponsored or otherwise.

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
08/10/16 3:00 pm

Service of some kind. It need not be the military. It could be something modeled on Vista, or the CCC

PamGH SW Washington
08/10/16 11:17 am

No, but I could accept a year or two of service to country that includes the military and hundreds of other choices....

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/10/16 11:17 am

Routinely no. In times of war, as in should there be a draft when necessary, absolutely.