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logophile June 29th, 2013 10:15pm

Is your opinion on Planned Parenthood mostly positive or mostly negative?

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06/30/13 8:20 pm

Instead of "Planned Parenthood", they should call them what they are, "Co-conspirators to Murder".

rkoehn7341 Nashville, TN
06/30/13 7:04 am

Margaret Sanger's premise for founding the organization: "...human weeds,' 'reckless breeders,' 'spawning... human beings who never should have been born." Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, referring to immigrants and poor people. Biggot

kelsey498 Colorado
06/29/13 4:11 pm

Very positive. Planned Parenthood isn't just about abortions.

Jeninerd Hoth, AK
07/01/13 12:27 pm

Exactly. Planned Parenthood has prevented far more abortions than they have performed.

kelsey498 Colorado
07/01/13 12:28 pm

Nice to see someone who understands that!

Keldeo Laverre City
06/29/13 3:52 pm

I don't agree with a lot of things they do.