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mpurple oh no. trump won.
08/10/16 6:50 pm

Yep, this is an edgy 13 year old trying to impress his friends. 😹😹

JosephKony Los Angeles, CA
08/10/16 7:05 pm

Are those cats? Why? Why would you do this?

taumpy Massachusetts
08/10/16 4:10 am

No, because I'm not 1) anti-gay or 2) a kid trying to be edgy to impress his buddies.

JosephKony Los Angeles, CA
08/10/16 8:54 am

Shut up faggot

Teakeh A Happy Nihilist
08/10/16 11:45 am

It hasn't become an edgy thing for me, it's just become part of my vocabulary over the years. Also like nigga. I use it nonchalantly more than anything.

"Just dropped my faggy pencil"
"Jesus faggot Christ"
"Nigga what the faggot just happened"

(Help me)

Xemanis Lawful Good
08/10/16 3:02 am

only when someone is being a faggot

PrinceDaemon The Bloodwyrm
08/10/16 12:31 am

Nope. I do say cunt. Especially for people who do say faggot.

pdxchory Portland
08/09/16 11:09 pm

For reference: this term stems from burning people alive.