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logicwins August 10th, 2016 4:48am

Was your math level when graduating high school calculus or higher?

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BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
08/10/16 7:40 am

Calculus wasn't offered at my high school when I graduated due to a change in math systems/textbooks & a HORRIBLE math teacher who was only there for my sophomore year & left basically everyone needing to retake the math they took with him, because even those with A's had no idea how to do what they were supposed to do!

Zfilakas Eleftheria i Thanatos
08/10/16 7:20 am

I was math handicapped, so pre calc is the highest I took in high school. Didn't do so well in it either...

08/09/16 10:00 pm

I took calculus my sophomore year. That was only because I was in an advanced program that allowed me to double up math in my freshman year. I took algebra 2 and precal.

susanr Colorado
08/09/16 9:56 pm

I had a year of calculus in high school, which was almost unheard of then (at least at my highly rated school, so I imagine in most places). I'd been put ahead a year in math only, along with 3 others, in an experimental math program starting in 9th grade (when we were still in 8th). That meant there were 4 of us who had completed all 4 years of math, going into our senior year, so they gave the 4 of us a year of calculus.

gow488 Seoul, KR
08/09/16 9:54 pm

I'll be taking AP calc my senior year.