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AmericanWolf August 10th, 2016 4:31am

Let's say both of the presidential candidates agreed with you completely on every political issue. Judging only on character and leadership, who gets your vote?

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monkees19 New Jersey
08/10/16 9:39 pm

And there I go effing up the Democrats results lol. Never Killary

ronderman North Carolina
08/10/16 9:19 am

I voted Clinton, but it really doesn't matter to me. I dispose both of their character. Neither have the principles that I look for in the leader of my country.

08/10/16 5:12 am

The crooked Hillary voters are lying, they know that Ēl Donaldo's character and leadership are rock sold compared to crooked's.

krayzewolf New Hampshire
08/10/16 3:49 am

Neither. Based entirely on character, they are both pieces of shit.

veritas1 Panda
08/09/16 9:40 pm

Clinton has spent her entire life fighting for people who didn't have a voice and fighting injustices.

Whether it was her anti-war activism in college, which got her elected to be the first student speaker at her own graduation, to her work at the Children's Defense Fund, to her work as a lawyer fighting discrimination in the prison system, fighting segregation, fighting housing discrimination, and helping with voter registration efforts in underrepresented communities. She was doing great work when no one was watching.

And when people were watching, she was fighting for universal healthcare, universal pre-K, veterans benefits, healthcare for first responders, equal pay, and negotiating historic climate accords and a ceasefire abroad.

The caricature that many people like to believe that she is some evil bitch on a quest for power so she can get rich is totally at odds with everything she's worked for over the years. Trump has helped no one but himself.

veritas1 Panda
08/09/16 9:44 pm

but himself.

It's a popular meme to say this election is just choosing between the lesser of two evils, but even a cursory look at Hillary's life shows otherwise.

People often say that integrity is shown by what you do when no one is watching. She did the most good when no one was watching. Her failures have been more public and more scrutinized than anyone else's. I'd take someone like that over a guy like Trump any day.

08/10/16 5:06 am

You have clearly drank too much of the koolaide...if you take a look at all Killary has "done" you will see that she hasn't done shit...for example, she says she wants to stop big banks...however, ALL of her top contributors are...wait for it...BIG BANKS...the liberals & the media try to say that big businesses are in bed with the GOP but that is simply not the case

political Georgia
08/10/16 6:10 am

I'm glad that she was for Barry Goldwater in her early years. It makes me think that she has a little bit of sense.