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tdaddy August 10th, 2016 3:11am

Do you drop your smartphone or similarly capable digital device more when you're tired? I do.

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tdaddy Kentucky
08/09/16 8:15 pm

Yep, one drop means I may have an hour left. Two drops in an hour means it's definitely time for bed.

anniepoops fear the deer
08/10/16 2:55 pm

I like this lol

tdaddy Kentucky
08/10/16 3:34 pm

I think it must be some kind of narcolepsy because I don't realize I dropped it until the noise of it hitting the floor wakes me up.

tdaddy Kentucky
08/12/16 7:35 pm

Yep... Unless I can find a doctor in this very old-fashioned neighborhood who'll prescribe the drug most often prescribed for this condition: some member of the amphetamine family. "Hey Doc, wanna do a line with me?" 🙃😜😉