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Patriot77 August 10th, 2016 1:41am

Bernie Sanders just purchased three new homes including a $600K Vermont Lake house after campaigning against rich people. Do you think Sanders is a hypocrite?

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VolunTyrant Narnia
08/10/16 12:47 am

Why do I look at the results of these types of polls? I know it's always without fail female democrats who are proven time and time again to be imbeciles, why do I torture myself holding out hope that maybe just this once it wouldn't be female democrats answering in such an idiotic way...
Literally the definition of hypocrisy, ffs.

susanr Colorado
08/09/16 7:22 pm

He didn't just buy 3 new homes.

He previously owned 2 homes, one in or near DC - understandable because he lives there a lot of the time, one in his home state - understandable because he lives there part of the time and needs to maintain some kind of residence there anyway.

From what I have read, he *sold* a house that has been in his family for over a century, and used the proceeds from that to buy a summer home. BFD.

RyBar Tennessee
08/09/16 7:11 pm

Good to see he's putting his bernout followers money to good use.

08/09/16 6:53 pm

He did not just purchase 3 new homes