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Did either of your parents intentionally drop the F-Bomb in front of you as a child? (UserQ)

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paul61 Arizona
07/09/12 9:15 am

I never heard the F word until I started working at 16

07/07/12 5:32 pm

Only when I do something wrong

FrostedMin California
07/06/12 5:07 pm

Lol no. My parents are solid Christians.- still are.

07/06/12 3:52 pm

That's like my parents favorite words haha.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
07/05/12 8:57 pm

My parents tried their best not to swear in front of me or my sisters until we were in our mid teens or so. They did a pretty good job at it from what I remember.

teaparty Cleveland
07/05/12 8:14 pm

Only once on accident. My parents mostly just use the d word. I don't swear that much. I just use crap.

07/05/12 8:08 pm

MrNarwhal1 ROFL I bet it is haha

misterzero West Virginia
07/05/12 7:36 pm

You cant be serious! it was like every other word some days.

07/05/12 6:44 pm

Of course, where do you think I learned it?!

07/05/12 5:39 pm

Lol not intentionally ~~

07/05/12 1:45 pm

Not intentionally, but it's happened. It's just a word though. It doesn't mean anything.

Dream Hogwarts
07/05/12 9:49 am

No, but they do say it accidentally. There are a lot of s-bombs though.

07/05/12 9:39 am

Age filter is pretty interesting... And depressing. :(

FaceMoose Over There
07/05/12 6:13 am

My preacher father has only ever cussed when yelling at my teenage brother, and even then the curse words are still fairly mild. My mom always took care to never cuss in front of us as kids, and she is still weird about doing it now, even though I'm 23.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/05/12 1:06 am

Clvrgrl and Jaques- well, my husband served in our military and that is the acronym they use and what it stands for. It seems that there are other possibilities out there. Which ever you choose it still means RAPE!!! And I still don't understand why people use it.

emsies Seattle
07/05/12 12:50 am

Only a couple times and it was unintentional and practically inaudible.

07/05/12 12:38 am

All the time... Well actually not the f word but all the others ones... Waking me and brothers up in the morning was like trying to wake the dead so we heard her swear quite often...

mixhead Oregon
07/05/12 12:13 am

So according to filters...
If your parents dropped f-bombs;
You're most likely a liberal..
You're most likely poor..
You're most likely younger..

That is incredibly interesting.

moonshot More often I know nothing
07/04/12 11:57 pm

My parents never swore, at least not in front of us kids. Not ever! I raised four kids myself and never swore in front of them. I very rarely ever swear at all, not even in private. Swearing is a very poor way to communicate. Use your words! There are so many that are better than swearing.

07/04/12 11:41 pm

In italian all the time xD

Terrence Utah
07/04/12 10:38 pm

Not intentionally, but by accident or in a panicky/careless situation or state of mind.

FearToFall what is this for
07/04/12 10:18 pm

They would do it if I questioned what something meant or said, but other than that, not intentionally.

07/04/12 9:29 pm

The age and income filters tell an interesting story.

Window Pennsylvania
07/04/12 9:14 pm

My mom considers "sucks" a curse word and my dad would drop the f-bomb in public. So yes.

07/04/12 8:52 pm

Depends on what a child is. As a teenager I heard it often but not as a little kid

DeathSheep Michigan
07/04/12 8:48 pm

Ya, but not a lot. I was taught it was a bad word and not to use it. I didn't, still really don't very much.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/04/12 8:01 pm

Hatsune- They're asking if your parents have. What, are you some parent that does?

true Home
07/04/12 7:12 pm

accidentally, yes but intentionally, no. they did although use the A, S, D, and B word

07/04/12 6:56 pm

I grew up in a verbally abusive environment. Grandad cursed at us all daily. However, if I dare curse, even today at the age of 25, he'll get pissed off at me for using "such foul language".... Hypocrite. :/

cabooseftw Illinois
07/04/12 6:38 pm

My dad really doesn't have a censor, which is fine because neither do I.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/04/12 6:08 pm

Yes, she does it ALL the time. I maybe used to it, but I don't, and I mean DON'T say it.

bnnt Los Angeles
07/04/12 5:50 pm

My mom did. Never heard my dad use anything more than damn

gonk In a psychology textbook
07/04/12 5:04 pm

My father swears so much... It's appalling. My mom only swears when she's really mad. So I heard f bombs from my father. Only heard it from my mom a couple of times. And never from her when I was young.

iTeach Mos Eisley
07/04/12 4:48 pm

I never heard my parents use it and I certainly wouldn't use it in front of my kids. Actually, I don't swear.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
07/04/12 3:16 pm

@jms Shut the f**k up. :) kidding. For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge was a British legal term for any sexual activity outside the law. (The "Carnal Knowledge" part is "sex".) It was often used as the reason for divorce as cheating on your spouse was (may still be) illegal.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
07/04/12 3:12 pm

Nope. My mom thinks "butt" and "crap" are cuss words... therefore my dad ain't gonna use 'em. :) The F-bomb routinely gets dropped in front of my kids (especially while playing board games), so we are quite different in that regard.