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ozziethefree August 9th, 2016 10:12pm

I've always jokingly complained how we need more cats, (we have 4) but today my mother made me swallow my words when she got another cat who's owner was allergic. Lesson, my mother takes things too literally, avoid metaphors and similes around her.

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susanr Colorado
08/09/16 3:54 pm

Be glad it was just one. The folks I housesit for (actually dog- & cat-sit for) have gotten 2 new cats at the animal shelter each of the last 2 times they lost 1 cat. So we're up to 2 dogs and 6 cats now. (I like them all, though, and there's plenty of room for all of them.)

ItsAMeABree probably at a piano
08/09/16 3:25 pm

I have 5 cats and I always tell my mother she's slowly turning into a crazy cat lady