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monkees19 New Jersey
08/09/16 4:58 pm

Creationism has already been disproven. Like the flood never happened. Unless all of those ancient civilizations got amnesia that day or something, that's the only explanation

meHE Not of this World
08/10/16 7:21 am

What does the flood have to do with creationism?

meHE Not of this World
08/10/16 7:22 am

And how has creationism been disproved?

shoeless Texas
08/09/16 3:07 pm

I know this will be the start of the debate, but I believe in creationism, but evolution also is part of the process. Evolution on a micro scale is very evident. On the broad "Big Bang" and we worked our way to where we are from some proteins in the right environment...don't buy that one.