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Show Of Hands August 9th, 2016 3:26pm

Setting aside your personal preference, do you think Donald Trump has a reasonable chance of winning in November?

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Shiggybythebay Proud Bay Area Native
08/12/16 8:16 am

I think so and that scares the shit out of me.

lorraineruth Bozeman
08/12/16 12:19 am

I think he could win. Unfortunately.

08/11/16 9:10 pm

He's trailing by as high as 12 percent but it could be as low as 6 percent taken in margin of error

08/11/16 7:29 am

I thought so until he put a hit out on Hillary lol. What a dumbass

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
08/10/16 4:14 pm

Based on the party breakdown results of the poll, it looks like people couldn't put aside their personal opinions.

NYevo NY
08/10/16 3:43 pm

To be honest, I wouldn't typically vote republican unless someone special came along. That said, I don't find him special and he does not have a voting record for me to follow. I can easily get a sense as to what Clinton would veto versus sign into law and I am comfortable enough with that

jvc1133 61535
08/10/16 1:51 pm

The question will be, will convection beat the election. 🐺

Abzzer Michigan
08/10/16 12:42 pm

Donald Trump is a smart business man and would fit perfectly as president. Though he has to much of a "happy trigger" he constantly wants to be too aggressive, and yes this could get America out of a few holes in the process it could get us in a bigger hole. But Hillary shoot she is the luckiest women/candidate in the whole f*****g world

08/11/16 4:05 pm

Nearly all of his businesses have ultimately failed (four resulting in bankruptcy) how is that a "smart businessman"?

mike2700 Reasonable Republican
08/12/16 5:33 pm

Trump has owned 500 businesses and 4 have fell into bankruptcy. Turned 1 million dollars into multiple billions. I would say that's successful

08/10/16 12:00 pm

This thing is fixed. Donald Trump is the one sent in to make sure Hilary wins. Hilary is an insider who will protect the money-gubing assholes who are in control. She's a criminal who belongs locked up. She has done and will continue to do all of the same stuff.

palindrome California
08/10/16 4:15 pm

Lol even when republicans fail and completely fuck up .... Somehow it's not their fault. It's a democrats fault.

Party of "personal responsibility" for ya folks!

spicysteve M14D SBS
08/10/16 8:24 am

Almost no chance.
Without Pennsylvania in his corner, its hard to see how he gets to 270. And one thing is certain- Pennsylvania is not in Trump's corner.
That would be one thing. But his weakness in more reliably Republican states he'd need to win is also a terrible sign for him- especially in the new South, Midwest and Southwest. Especially concerning are bigger states like Georgia, North Carolina, and Arizona (possibly even Texas) may be slipping away from him.

If the election were held today, of expect Hillary to get at least 375 electoral votes, and it wouldn't even be close. But there's still three months and it's still 2016 so who knows.

palindrome California
08/10/16 10:13 am

This as well. Hillary has NUMEROUS paths to the White House. Being a Republican with the electoral map as it currently is, Donald Trump already starts out at a disadvantage with a much narrower road. Any republican MUST win at least Ohio or Pennsylvania or Florida in order to win the White House. Donald is on an even narrower road because Florida is pretty much off the table and the others are closing up. In addition, he's actually LOSING safe republican states causing an already bad starting position to be even worse.

The GOP may never recover from this if they lose their strongholds.

palindrome California
08/09/16 9:29 pm

Not at all. Mitt Romney had a reasonable chance. John McCain had a reasonable chance. Bernie Sanders had a reasonable chance....

Donald Trump is a colossal buffoon. He's caused Georgia, Utah, South Carolina, the Dakotas and Arizona to become potential toss-ups. He's losing by an average of 10-15% to one of the most unpopular candidates in a lifetime.

If you think that con artist has a reasonable chance right now, you must be a Trump University graduate!

Gary Johnson has a more legitimate shot of winning right now.

For the Republican Party, a "win" will be it they can keep the Senate... Because at this rate, they're about to squander their majority and lose it in a massive way.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
08/09/16 9:56 pm

Every word of this. Trump is clueless. His supporters are equally clueless as evidenced by this poll. The Republican leadership is not only clueless, they are going to be disgraced in November.

08/10/16 8:16 am

Trump supporters are clueless.
What does that make Hillary supporters - enablers? Liars? Amnesia addicts? Racists for backing Planned Parenthood and the slaughtering of a generation of black babies? Bigots for supporting regimes that opress women and gays? Idiots for paying her thousands to talk about income inequality? Morons for supporting public schools to pay her hundreds of thousands of dollars to talk about the high cost of education?

What about Bernie supporters after he just bought his third home for $600k - the ones against private proerty and wealth and excess - are they socialist idiots who bought the crap he was selling?

I will take clueless thanks.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
08/10/16 9:10 am

It's gonna be another tough 4 years for you.

08/10/16 9:34 am

Not me -I can look myself in the mirror. Can you?
After all the Obama lies, rhe abdication of his constitutional responsibilty to uphold laws and not make them and the utter dissary the world is in I can say I did not vote for him.
But you think for more years of the same lies, double talk, parsing of words and hypocritical actions and constant defence of "the religion of peace" is the answer to our problems -it is you who is in for a long 4 years.

Your current President lies straight to your face and says he did not and you want another one just like that but even more bolder and more of a liar.
The joke is on you, not me.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
08/10/16 9:41 am

Same shit, different day. The new boss will be the same as the old boss. I will still work and hopefully my investments will continue to grow. I will once again vote for a candidate who doesn't win. Really makes no difference to me, I'm not drinking either parties kool-aid.

palindrome California
08/10/16 10:04 am

Nacho, I can tell you tried with that initial post. So I'll give you a C for effort. But the whole thing was just a trainwreck of logical fallacies and inconsistencies.

If you were logically consistent, you wouldn't have said trump supporters are just clueless. By your logic, trump supporters are vile, venomous, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, lying, angry, islamophobic, buffoonish white nationalists.

Please try again.

palindrome California
08/10/16 10:09 am

And "racist for supporting Planned Parenthood?

... I was not aware Planned Parenthood ONLY treated and provided abortions for black women.

So we can add stupid to that list I made as well.

Calling trump supporters "just clueless" in this argument you made is like calling a burning, out of control tire fire "a little warm". Lol

08/10/16 10:21 am

Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood is a racist that would make David Duke blush. Her portrait is in the national portrait gallery and Hillary won an award named after her despite her outward racist ideology - lefties get a pass on everything or would you care to explain the reverence for an outright racist?

The majority of PP abortions are performed on black people, the majority are located in poor black neighborhoods with easier access for a reason. What do you think that is? Just giving the community what it wants - going where the demand is greatest or to serve the women's health needs of the community? Is that why abortions make up the vast majority of their work and the biggest income generator?

Stas are stats and facts are facts despite what you wish and hope. PP has committed genocide on a generation of black babies and nobody on the left seems to care.

08/10/16 10:37 am

If you feel he is those things and therefore his supporters are those things - fine.
Lefty opinion politically correct crap that got us to where we are now.
If Trump supporters are clueless how come the Trump supporters acknowledge the warts and all and believe he is still better?
Hillary supporters don't see a single blemish and believe everything about her is made up and she told the total honest truth about the emails, Benghazi, cattle futures, being dead broke, landing under sniper fire, her being named after a guy who was not famous until after she was born, all her grandparents were immigrants and more.

She is a habitual liar and they just don't see it but Trump supporters are clueless?

At least we see the blemish not just become sycophants in the Clinton corruption machine.

Nice try indeed.

ladyniner81 I hate people
08/10/16 11:17 am

She lied about being named after a guy who wasn't famous until after she was born,??

OHHHHHHH MY GOOOOOOD! !! Take her out in the back and throw a sheet over her head and just beat her with a spatula.

I used to tell people that I was named after a character in a book (not telling) WHICH WAS A LIE!!! (it was one of my favorites as a kid) just because I hated my name and it made it sound glamorous 😗 goofy kid that I was

08/10/16 11:25 am

A pattern -she claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary in order to pander to some group when he had not climbed Everest yet.
Once is a mistake, twice is a problem, three times is a pattern and more is just a downright charachter flaw.

We see his -you are blind to hers -jokes on you.

palindrome California
08/10/16 3:46 pm

..... Martin Luther King was awarded the Margaret Sanger award. According to you, MLK is a racist....

LOL! Like I said about Trump supporters.....:

palindrome California
08/10/16 4:16 pm

Also.... Dude what are you ranting about? None of your tirade has anything to do with the subject of my comment. Learn to post

08/10/16 4:20 pm

No MLK was not an advocate of abortion on demand. Sanger was and Hillary is - I did not say anyome that recived the award was a racist but the question is why is a racist in the national portrait gallery and why is there an award named after her but the Confederate flag is racist?
Yet another in a long line of hypocritical stances by lefties that they have no answers for.

08/10/16 4:24 pm

You said that PP aborts more than just black babies and I explained why their founder thus the followers are guilty of genocide against a generation or more of black babies. No argument from you there on facts -just silly parsing of the words. Surprise surprise -where did you learn that!
Thanks for your tips on posting but I can blow your argument out of then water without your help thanks.

08/10/16 4:29 pm

I originally responded to a comment on your post about how Trump supporters are clueless. Again thanks for your help on how to post in reply to comments. Very helpful -anything else you want to help me with?
No mirrors in your house I guess. Talk about Trump being a buffoon. Is that okay in response to your post master?

palindrome California
08/10/16 5:22 pm

Dude. You are a shining example of a trump supporter. Deranged. Incoherent. Ignorant. You're all over the place. You can't even form a coherent argument.

You're delusional as fu**. Like, what are you ranting about? What does this have to do with ANYTHING about Donald's chances?

Are you off your meds dude?

palindrome California
08/10/16 5:28 pm

Dude. You are a shining example of a trump supporter. Deranged. Incoherent. Ignorant. You're all over the place. You can't even form a coherent argument.

You're delusional as fu**. Like, what are you ranting about? What does this have to do with ANYTHING about Donald's chances?

Are you off your meds?

I posted that trump supporters are clueless??
..... No I didn't. That's not anywhere up there... Do you have schizophrenia? Are you seeing things that aren't there?

Your rants are complete nonsensical gibberish.

I SERIOUSLY think you're a mental case. Lol just wow. What a bewildering experience

palindrome California
08/10/16 5:30 pm

You really represented trump supporters well there tho 🙄

Wow. Just so much uneducated nonsense ranting. Wow

08/10/16 5:41 pm

Okay dummy I will text slowly so you can understand.
I posted a reply to a RESPONSE to your post calling Trump supporters clueless.
Thanks for the help dum dum.

palindrome California
08/10/16 5:44 pm

Why don't you quote where I said that

08/10/16 5:45 pm

You got that idiot - replying to a posted comment. Who is schizophrenic moron. I can call you names too -see how far that gets us you mentally challenged infant.
Can't debate find something else to do.
Sorry I did not follow your personal rules about what I can say. And yes I do represent Trump supporters who are tired of all the crap lefty Morons put out there hoping the status quo would be better than change.

08/10/16 5:47 pm

I guess I did not text slowly enough - check the first response to your post - see how easy that is. I was referring that. I know it had to be difficult for you to follow but I will post again or get your mom to help you understand.

palindrome California
08/10/16 6:04 pm

Hey now. There's only one person in this whole thread that fits the bill of being a "schizophrenic moron". That person is above your bathroom sink.

Lol seriously. Up your dosage. I'm flabbergasted reading these deranged and raving comments from a clearly disturbed individual.

Take a breath. Take your pills. And maybe stay away from political conversation. I'd hate to see you have another episode like the one above. You just kinda went off like a complete loon....

08/10/16 6:26 pm

Nice try -demean when you have no argument.
Which topic would you like to start on.
Immigration, border security, nationalism vs globalism, healthcare, taxes, employment, race, religion, policing, national defence, the UN, Russia, Iran, Syria, Benghazi, Planned Parenthood or your choice.
Tell me why she is better at any of those topics and not representing the status quo.
Pick one any one and make your case or shall I go first? Your choice.

palindrome California
08/10/16 6:30 pm

.... How bout the one I said above? You know, THE ORIGINAL COMMENT you used to launch into your crazed ravings of an online lunatic? Idk... Just seems like the logical place to start...

But you can catch me missing. You notice how everyone else stopped engaging you? That's what people do with nut jobs. And that's what I'm going to do now.

Please, do not neglect your mental health. Goodbye.

08/10/16 6:37 pm

Yup -no balls - no argument- no idea - mommy won't let you play. Don't forget your pacifier as you go to your safe space.
If Trump is so bad you should be able to list a number of things but you know you can't defend the indefensible so quit the debate without one fact. I listed historical facts and it did not fit your narrative and it gave you an upset tummy. I should have known.....

MJSeals Esq.
08/09/16 5:01 pm

He has a 3% chance of winning. Hell no.

08/09/16 6:51 pm

3% as predicted by rigged polls.

MJSeals Esq.
08/09/16 6:54 pm

Five thirty eight publishes the polls and all math and explain how they get there. Love to see you explain how the guy who is 98% correct in predicting races is incorrect. (Note the race he was wrong was Maryland governor, they published an explanation why they missed it, the answer - no polls were done expect internal campaign polling)

08/09/16 6:58 pm

Well, if you look at most of the polls out they survey more Democrats than Republicans and Libertarians combined. As much as polls are useful, in the end they are COMPLETELY useless. Normal prediction lines don't work on this election, and in 2012 the polls had Romney winning the election.

MJSeals Esq.
08/09/16 7:07 pm

I'm a Republican, I research the polls daily, read the processes and I can guarantee, if the election were held today Clinton would receive over 300 electoral votes and Georgia (which Clinton was up by 5 in a recent poll) would be in play. Trump would likely win it, but it would be closer than it ever should be.

08/09/16 7:08 pm

Well, I guess we'll all have to wait till the debates then

Wackacrat Harford County
08/09/16 4:39 pm

Who the fuck knows!?! Seriously. Remember, know one thought he was going to be the nominee a year ago. Everyone was waiting for him to get booted out so the field was less congested and people could really start to get behind their candidate.

TheCameron UCF
08/09/16 3:41 pm

Out of 300 million people, he's in the top 2

EarlyBird Portland
08/09/16 3:29 pm

The only way I see Trump winning is if there's truth to Hillary's health concerns.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/09/16 1:34 pm

Not really, but then I didn't think the GOPers would just hand him their party's nomination either.

08/09/16 1:01 pm

The way the electoral college (i.e. battleground states) are shaping up, no, it does not appear he has a reasonable chance. The crazier he seems the more moderates will be pushed away from him. The more moderates are pushed away the more states become battlegrounds (i.e. Georgia) and the leaning blue states become locks (i.e. Penn and Ohio). The more he falls behind in battleground states AND the more he causes safe red states to become battlegrounds, the less his chances become. Then on top of that, factor in the third parties and numerous defections from that party. His chances are getting slimmer daily. That being said, crazy shit happens, but I still would say he does NOT have a reasonable chance.

Liberty 4,032,064
08/09/16 12:21 pm

Well yeah. Who else is going to win? I despise Trump l but I'm not going to delude myself.

Cole12 ...
08/09/16 12:16 pm

He currently has a 25% chance of getting elected according to the prediction site I use. He's been a complete disaster since the convention, so his odds have decreased a bit, but 25% is still far too high for my taste.

Kay41 the Midwest
08/09/16 12:04 pm

I'm hopefully doubtful.

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
08/10/16 3:01 am

I don't know what that means but I feel better already!


Carolynn new jersey
08/09/16 12:01 pm

I don't know, but I just heard about an open letter signed by 50 republicans who say he will be "the most reckless president in American history." I haven't seen any polls about this.

mhillsman Oklahoma
08/09/16 11:58 am

He is almost definitely going to win. Hillary has Parkinson's, Wikileaks will release more on her, and Trump has the silent majority behind him

RJ1969 SoCal
08/09/16 1:14 pm

Parkinson's? Really? Look up the symptoms of Parkinson's.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/09/16 1:15 pm

I'm going to give myself Parkinson's slapping myself on the forehead after reading how laughable that is.

mhillsman Oklahoma
08/09/16 1:37 pm

She has classic symptoms of Parkinson's. If you were to take the time to look it up you would find the evidence to be pretty damning

RJ1969 SoCal
08/09/16 1:49 pm

What are the classic symptoms of Parkinson's?

RJ1969 SoCal
08/09/16 1:51 pm

Michael J Fox Mohammed Ali have/had Parkinson's.

mhillsman Oklahoma
08/09/16 3:44 pm

Well there are many, but one of the primary examples would be this video showing her experiencing dyskinesia:

Her medical assistant has been seen carrying a diazepam auto-injector. She has also had trouble walking and at times completely "short-circuits" on stage:

There is more evidence that you can find and you should look it up. Even Martin Skhreli, the former CEO of Turing pharmaceuticals, has said she almost definitely has Parkinson's

RJ1969 SoCal
08/09/16 3:51 pm

Yeah, no. You need to do some more "research" and not parroting right wing website BS.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/09/16 3:52 pm

"Martin Skhreli"

WAIT, what?!

Are you seriously invoking that ass-clown loser?

mhillsman Oklahoma
08/09/16 4:05 pm

Saying "Yeah, no" and dismissing my entire argument is pathetic. Why can't you look at the evidence and actually counter it with a rational argument? Did you even look at the evidence or are you just trying to avoid any possibility that Hillary may not be in a position to be running for president? Martin Skhreli was the CEO of a large pharmaceutical company which developed drugs for Parkinson's. He is/was a Bernie supporter and now doesn't really care who wins the election. What rational reason do you have to dismiss him and his opinion? It's so typical of the left to ignore any contrary evidence to the narrative the media is pushing

RJ1969 SoCal
08/09/16 4:58 pm

"Martin Skhreli was the CEO of a large pharmaceutical company which developed drugs for Parkinson's. "

No, he's the son of a wealthy hedge fund manager who put him I charge of something his daddy bought. He has no business insight or expertise.

mhillsman Oklahoma
08/09/16 7:42 pm

Martin Skhreli was the CEO of a large pharmaceutical company. That is an indisputable fact. During his time as CEO, he was part of the creation of a drug for Parkinson's. That is another indisputable fact. Your personal distaste for him is beyond irrelevant. He has more expertise and authority on the subject than most people. You also failed to tell me why you are unable to even so much as look at the evidence I presented and come up with a rational argument to the contrary. The only explanation for not even looking at the evidence is because you are scared you might find something that conflicts with the narrative that Hillary is perfect for president.

ladyniner81 I hate people
08/10/16 11:20 am

Was he the asshole who jacked up the price of that cancer drug or am I thinking of someone else?

Americans Right Wing Libertarian
08/09/16 11:55 am

If he was running against anyone but Hillary Clinton then he wouldn't but you can thank the DNC for that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

devspi Liberal Republican
08/09/16 11:31 am

If we wins Florida, there is a good chance he will win. If he doesn't, Hillary will take the election, unfortunately.

08/09/16 4:54 pm

Clinton leads in every swing state, with especially strong and growing leads in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Those two are pretty solid. From there, all she needs is a single state from a choice of New Hampshire, Nevada, Iowa, Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina. Just one of those and Clinton wins.

SHIPPY1944 Tn.
08/09/16 11:27 am

If Trump 🤐 will shut up & let 😇 Pence do the talking, he can win in a breeze !

svenalexander Land of the Ents
08/09/16 11:33 am

It may be too late for that even, but stranger things have happened

08/09/16 11:09 am

I'm beginning to wonder whether he wants too or not.

svenalexander Land of the Ents
08/09/16 11:34 am

I've thought from the beginning that he was nothing more than a plant in the GOP to disrupt the whole party's chance of winning, and he's succeeding so far.

timeout Boston Strong
08/09/16 10:53 am

There is a lot of apathy with the electorate on both sides, anything can happen, let's not forget what happened in Britain with Brexit. The key will be getting out the vote and I'm just not sure Democrats are fired up enough....Lets hope we don't give this one away.

08/09/16 10:27 am

Let's see what WikiLeaks have to share.

taumpy Massachusetts
08/09/16 10:25 am

Anything could happen, but assuming all current conditions are similar on Election Day, no, not a "reasonable chance".

That said, let's see what kind of "October surprise" his campaign can come up with. It'll have to be something unique for Republics s, though. Hilary is hawkish enough to appease moderates if there is a military concern, and most of America is not that interested in vilifying gays or single mothers anymore. The "scary immigrants" angle won't do much since he's been beating that drum since day one.

TiredofIt Texas
08/09/16 12:57 pm

No one has ever really "vilified single mothers".

taumpy Massachusetts
08/09/16 2:21 pm

You were a baby in the 90s, weren't you?

TiredofIt Texas
08/09/16 9:59 pm

I wish I was a baby then. And anyone can look up history.

taumpy Massachusetts
08/10/16 3:50 am

Looking up history is great but a person won't learn everything and they tend to learn arm according to their own biases and interests. When it comes to cultural issues, nothing beats a firsthand perspective.

Unless you are someone that wasn't paying enough attention to remember the Vice President going on a tirade about a tv character positively portraying single moms. 😃

TiredofIt Texas
08/10/16 4:21 am

So you want women to be single moons? Weird.

taumpy Massachusetts
08/10/16 4:22 am

Don't hurt yourself jumping to conclusions, buddy. 😆

TiredofIt Texas
08/10/16 4:25 am

Don't worry, I won't! Obvious things are obvious.....

Brandon1995 San Francisco
08/09/16 10:23 am

With Clinton leading in all battleground states, including Georgia, I believe she will win by a huge landslide.

PeopleAreDumb Nursing School
08/09/16 11:09 am

Thank you. I'm glad someone else sees it.

themahcrow Louisiana
08/09/16 10:20 am

Voter fraud alone won't allow it.

taumpy Massachusetts
08/09/16 10:28 am

Prove voter fraud is a significant issue. Cite sources with legitimate evidence there has been vote tampering or actual suppression.

Snarky DNC emails and "my cousin in New York couldn't vote in the primary because waaaaaah it was a closed primary and he wasn't smart enough to check beforehand." are not proof.

taumpy Massachusetts
08/09/16 10:29 am

And remember that "bias" does not automatically equate to "fraud".

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
08/09/16 12:27 pm

This user is currently being ignored

08/09/16 12:32 pm

Have you seen the Project Veritas video?
James O'Keefe was allowed to vote as four different people -Eminem, the mayor of Detroit and two newspaper columnsts that do the think not it is a problem.
Over 1000 ineligible felons voted in Minnesota and after a suspicious recount including felon votes that were inelegible, Franken won, the GOP did not get a 60 vote filibuster proof majority and the lie of the ACA was born on voter fraud.
Neither are my cousin from NY and are well documented -you can't find it if you don't look or don't care to even know.
There is lots of research on how easy it is to commit voter fraud and ACORN disbanded due to promoting it. Libs say it is so easy to get a gun, abuse homosexuals, discriminate against gays so everyone of tnat ilk does it. However. even though it is proven how easy to game the system in voting and millions of illegals and inelgible voters would benefit from it - but nobody does it. Another squared circle in liberal hypocrisy.

TiredofIt Texas
08/09/16 12:58 pm

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

themahcrow Louisiana
08/09/16 1:58 pm

There's a reason the left is against requiring identification to vote.

taumpy Massachusetts
08/09/16 2:19 pm

I haven't seen that and will have to look into it. Thank you for at least providing something instead of throwaway one liners.

Re: the absence of evidence not being evidence of absence. Yeah, sorry, when you make an accusation you have to back it up. Otherwise it's just idle gossip.

08/09/16 5:22 pm

Hard to believe it could happen but it happens all the time.
When I was here on a green card and not a citizen yet I received tons of offers to help me vote or register to vote. Same thing with my wife - not once did they ask if I was eligible.

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
08/09/16 10:19 am

I would say his chances are about 1 in 4.

08/09/16 10:04 am

Maybe I am niave, but I think Americans are far too smart to elect Donald Trump.

08/09/16 10:28 am

And elect Hillary instead. Not sure that makes Americans look any smarter.

08/09/16 10:57 am

I don't like Hillary and won't vote for her, but she is 1000x better than Trump.

Electing a talking goat would even be a better option than Trump.

08/09/16 10:58 am

Actually never mind, the goat doesn't even need to talk to be better than Trump.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/09/16 11:16 am

I'd go for the goat n

08/09/16 11:20 am

Vote Goat 2016!

gonzoboy Northern AZ
08/09/16 11:42 am

RC, as a Catholic Priest, of all the creatures under God's Heaven, could it be that you chose a goat to present a not-so-subliminal symbolism of who you'd rather vote for to illustrate your loathing for The Cheeto?!...

Those hands are still kinda small, though...🙃

08/09/16 3:48 pm

I think it is more likely that my subconscious links Trump and the Devil.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/09/16 3:53 pm

I just want to it a screaming goat in 2016?

gonzoboy Northern AZ
08/09/16 4:26 pm

Priest, I kinda thought that was the subconscious connection you were intuiting!😅
You need no absolution here, my good RC. It seems there's an expanding contingent of folks who equate Trump with the devil, ON PURPOSE!

Translation: "Get that baby outta here, GET IT OUT!"

gonzoboy Northern AZ
08/10/16 3:06 am

Now there's a viable alternative! My only concern, would be if this...
...were outlawed by a President with a deeply personal bias.😯

ProbablyEug Oakland
08/09/16 9:55 am

Personal preference aside, I would not underestimate his chances.

bnnt Los Angeles
08/09/16 9:33 am

At this point anything is possible.

Hunter6P Texas
08/09/16 9:24 am

Democrats, read the question. It says set aside your personal preference.

NYG44 Upstate NY
08/09/16 9:27 am

Trumps entire campaign has been going down the gutter in the last few weeks. Can't believe so many Republicans still think he has a shot

08/09/16 10:04 am

Yes I did set my personal opinions aside. He's way behind Clinton in the polls and it'll likely only get worse once the debates start. Even if he closes the gap, the electoral college math is stacked against him.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
08/09/16 2:36 pm

"I did set my person opinions aside..."

Responds to a comment below with, "better than Trump" referring to Clinton.


08/09/16 2:53 pm

Yeah setting opinions aside he's going to lose. Not setting opinions aside he's a horrible candidate who should lose.

costco17 New York
08/09/16 9:16 pm

Same could be said for republicans. 🙂

08/09/16 9:24 am

Crooked Hillary winning will be pointless. She'll never be able to reach the Oval Office because there are stairs leading to it.
She might as well drop out now. But I'm really conflicted about it because I really want to see La Trumpeñiero annihilate her during the debates.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
08/09/16 9:22 am

I'll say "I think so", because that's hardly a definitive answer. Look, he's simply not cut from political cloth, and his lack of savvy and diplomacy is increasingly apparent, since the field of 17 was whittled down to only him, and boy is he ever on an island. That lack of political couth is what will STILL endear many to him, because it screams "Outsider!", but it's also making increasingly more folks cringe. I still believe he can be an effective leader. There's something fun about envisioning him treating Congress like a bunch o' construction site laborers, or world leaders that do not like us, like dogs that just pissed on his leg! I say let's rock this boat, and make America great again, AGAIN... 😝

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
08/09/16 9:16 am

Yes, but I don't think he will. Hillary is the candidate that will follow the democrat theme of more free stuff, more taxes on those who have money to pay them, more pandering to minority groups, less nationalism, more dependence upon international approval and regulation, and more shaming on those who have any sexual morals at all.

cowboy Proud Father
08/09/16 9:14 am

Nope. He made a deal with his friends, the Clintons.

08/09/16 9:12 am

Absolutely no chance. Not a presidential man, he's a bigoted, racist pig

08/09/16 12:38 pm

How is he bigoted and racist?
How is Hillary not bigoted by supporting regimes that kill homosexuals and treat women like cattle.
How is Hillary not racist as she supports the genocide of a generation of black babies with her hero and planned Parenthood Founder Margret Sanger who was more racist than David Duke and the KKK would ever dream of becoming.

Racist and bigoted and a liar = Clinton
Loudmouth and not politically correct and a liar = Trump.

One is fixable the other is generational and the status quo.

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
08/10/16 2:45 am

Nacho - you have poured too much cheese on your skull, it is making your brain squishy.

jchristianreed South Carolina
08/09/16 9:12 am

So long as he stays on message rather than rambling on with these personal attacks.

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
08/10/16 2:43 am

The personal attacks ARE his message. Which illustrates why he will lose.

Hooah Fmr. Zia
08/09/16 8:51 am

No. But anything is possible. Hillary would have to fuck up royal. All she needs to do is repeat the Obama electoral maps, which is easy as fuck.

CounterCulture Deploraville
08/09/16 8:47 am

Democrats forgot the "setting aside your personal preference" part

JosephKony Los Angeles, CA
08/09/16 8:54 am

Look at the polls a$$hole. Trump is self destructing. Hillary will win.

susanr Colorado
08/09/16 9:08 am

Not really. There are some good reasons to think Clinton might win. There are also some good reasons to think Trump might win. The vote was a mix, and at present a little more than 1/3 of Democrats think it will be Trump.

I am a Democrat and I am one of those who think it may well be Trump (although I think he may be on the path to self-destruction, finally, so ask me again in another month).

So your generalization isn't accurate and your *assumption* that any "probably not" votes is pretty unfounded anyway.

08/09/16 12:25 pm

How do? What kind of evidence do you have that says he will win? All the polls show a Clinton victory and even if he pulls closer in the popular vote the electoral math looks bad for him. Very small chance to win.

JosephKony Los Angeles, CA
08/09/16 10:44 pm

There's no way that they would let Trump be our president. The election is gonna be rigged and I'm not mad

08/10/16 6:37 am

It's not a rigged election it's just that nobody wants to vote for a psychopath.

susanr Colorado
08/10/16 10:03 am

I don't have any "evidence" that he will win; I'm just *afraid* that he will, based on how surprisingly and alarmingly well he has done, in polls and in generally expressed sentiment, up until recently.

PeopleAreDumb Nursing School
08/09/16 8:44 am

No way. I hate Hillary (I also hate Trump, just slightly less), but you're delusional if you think Trump can win. In all fairness though, you're delusional if you think Hillary can be a good president.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
08/09/16 8:42 am

This election was tailor-made for Hillary to win.

Start accepting that bag of shit as your next President.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/09/16 8:44 am

Holy crap, that's on the money right there!

Hooah Fmr. Zia
08/09/16 8:52 am

Hillary is the best Fatshadow!

JosephKony Los Angeles, CA
08/09/16 8:52 am

Fortunately Trump made her look so good, that it kind of softens the blow.