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dominiclandry August 9th, 2016 10:56am

Are defenders of Hillary Clinton and the events of Benghazi defending her because of the facts, or because they hate the attackers of Clinton enough to disregard what happened?

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LadyBug237 Florida
08/09/16 10:35 am

Neither answer. But I'm not going to choose 'she's right'

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
08/09/16 6:02 am

Much of what happened in Libia was the fault of the CIA and our intelligence on the ground, which was poor in that chaotic situation. To blame it on Clinton or the president is just a false assumption and attack by those who dislike them.

08/09/16 3:58 am

It seems as though people care less about all objective sides of history, and instead fee obligated to defend against what they see as a political attack by the side they disagree with.