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WlTTLEBABY August 9th, 2016 8:16am

makes u think 🤔🤔 series #1: is the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" sexist against men because it says ladies first?

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Diogenes Not Biden It
08/09/16 3:09 pm

Hell yes. The term "you people" should be used instead!

taumpy Massachusetts
08/09/16 4:23 am

I voted "sexism" because it's the less stupid choice abs I wanted to be able to comment, but they are both stupid choices.

I guess this "makes you think" if you are 12.

taumpy Massachusetts
08/09/16 5:02 am

It's not sexist. Quite frankly it's asinine to think it's either.

I only say that was the less stupid choice because at least is an actual thing. Misandry may exist on an individual level (a single person that hates or is biased against men), but on a cultural level it's nonsense. It's a word that is bandied about by whiny manbabies that think they are oppressed because sometimes husbands are dumb in commercials.

Vincere Seattle
08/09/16 3:08 pm

Taumpy, how dare you imply that Wittlebaby is a "whiny manbaby," like, how would you even make that connection!?

Personally I think we should change the phrase to "honorable gentlemen and other humanoids." It's the only way to completely rid it of its obvious misandrious routes.