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Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
08/09/16 7:54 am

I used to be afraid of death about a year ago, but when you're about to die, people tend to be ready to go. So you probably have a different mindset when you die. Just don't think about it and live a happy life. I went through the same thing not being able to sleep thinking about death. Idk how old you are but your life is probably just beginning.

DeanAD Blue Dog
08/09/16 3:42 am

I am not scared of death. I'm afraid of dying. An entirely different thing.

sfcren Wyoming
08/09/16 12:48 am

I do suffer from death anxiety.

naanderson531 late night thoughts
08/09/16 12:51 am

Me too... That's why I'm up right now.. Was thinking too much.

sfcren Wyoming
08/09/16 12:55 am

Yes, often times I stay up way too late and get up way too early because of it.