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coloradical August 9th, 2016 6:52am

President Obama acted irresponsibly with his handling of Racial Tensions in The U.S. Should he be held liable for the death of police officers due to the racial climate reinforced?

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hellofabird Iceland
08/09/16 2:03 pm

He can't be held responsible for the deaths of people due to racial tensions because people are kinda unpredictable, he did do a bad job of dissolving racial tensions though. I think they're at a really high rate considering that it's actually a pretty good country to live in no matter your race

HonestyIsBest Rockaway Beach, NY
08/09/16 6:00 am

Is this because he didn't raise his magic wand and erase all anger and animosity built up over many many years, in one fell swoop?

mpurple oh no. trump won.
08/09/16 5:15 am

Your statement is false.

taumpy Massachusetts
08/09/16 4:29 am

You know, it's disingenuous to create a question that forces people who disagree with you to make a patently ridiculous choice.

Regggggg Out Californee Way
08/09/16 2:46 am

Yeah it's clearly Obama's fault, not the cops indiscriminately murdering civilians.

Funny how the right is always demanding personal responsibility from people until those people are the ones who make up their core voting blocs.