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Celadonne August 9th, 2016 6:22am

Settle a bet! Men who spit on the ground while in the presence of a woman are more likely doing so because: (A) that are showing off, or (B) they find the woman unattractive and want to ensure her disinterest.

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bluerum29 optimistic idealist
08/15/16 5:29 am

C) they have a loogey they need to get rid of.

Isomax TIC TOC
08/14/16 7:01 am

We're marking our territory. It's natures way.

08/10/16 10:24 am

It's discussing to everyone except spitters. I saw a young woman spit while riding on the back of a motorcycle. What was her intention?

taumpy Massachusetts
08/09/16 8:56 am

If I'm spitting in front of a particular woman, I definitely don't care whether she is attracted to me. Because I assume most women would find that gross.

Laserbeam Back soon
08/09/16 8:27 am

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Xemanis Lawful Good
08/09/16 11:52 am

Nobody I've ever talked to believes this

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
08/09/16 8:03 am

Maybe neither. Maybe they have mucus in their throat that they can't swallow. Yes it's gross, but humans will be humans.

kywrite augusta, ga
08/09/16 7:46 am

It's cultural, in many cases. My sweet, thoughtful, wonderful husband does it because that's what he (and I) grew up with. Drives me nuts, but it's a "fish gotta swim" thing, apparently.

UniversePlan Michigan
08/09/16 6:48 am

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08/09/16 5:37 am

Actually I prefer neither. My husband will spit on the ground in my presents especially when we're out on the farm working. But never in public and absolutely never in the presence of a woman why would anyone think this is showing off. And I can guarantee if anyone spit toward a woman with distain he would make them regret it.

garrettr Alabama
08/09/16 2:01 am

Being disgusting.

madconservative President Trump
08/09/16 12:49 am

Are there other choices that make more sense? Maybe they just don't care what the woman thinks about them.

xxxceo Nationalist
08/08/16 11:33 pm

Was going to say neither as well. It certainly isn't B as we aren't a third world country ("capitalist pig dog" *spits) and it really isn't A because any guy in their right mind doesn't spit to pick up a girl ("how you doin?" *pituu). If I'm forcing to choose to settle a bet I suppose I'll pick A, just know it's not the right answer lol.

Celadonne ballfield
08/08/16 11:24 pm

i have a feeling this is going to be a popular comment

JJJSchmidt San Marcos
08/09/16 6:01 am

Yep, it's what I came here to say