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fracy August 9th, 2016 6:11am

Have you ever or are you currently in a long-distance relationship?

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MJSeals J.D.
08/09/16 5:21 pm

Kinda, not really, it's complicated. Not a point in time MJ wants to remember.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
08/09/16 8:31 am

Nope. Not worth it, I tried it once. It's what you do when you're at an all-time low in terms of self-esteem and confidence.

missmorganmarie ...
08/09/16 10:59 am

excuse me? that shīt cant be farther from the truth. I was in one for 3 years and it had absolutely nothing to do with my not having self esteem or confidence. damn, the more comments I see from you I think you either have a black and white view

missmorganmarie ...
08/09/16 10:59 am

of the world or you are just trolling for reactions from people because you have nothing better to do

Carcano Luke 10 19
08/09/16 12:50 pm

I agree with missmorganmarie. Yesterday she said that abortion should be allowed up until birth. Even some of the strongest Abortion supporters aren't that disgusting.

alval California
08/09/16 1:15 pm

If you tried once, your answer to the posted question is "Yes."

DeusOrbus Stay Positive
08/09/16 3:23 pm

I agree with Laser.

08/09/16 5:21 pm

I think Laser just says shit from her own limited experience and thinks it applies to everyone. Some people think they are wiser than they really are.

JJJSchmidt San Marcos
08/09/16 6:04 am

Yep for my first 2 years of college. 0/10 would not recommend.

17millionTwats Leeds, UK
08/09/16 5:34 am

Never been in any relationship full stop, let alone long distance

JennaAwesome Book Lover
08/09/16 3:39 am

I don't know if I'd call it long distance, but I live in one town, and my boyfriend lives in another town. We only get to see each other one day a week or at work. Not exactly long distance but we don't see each other every day

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
08/08/16 11:42 pm

I'll have to talk to my girlfriend about it when I go off to college. I honestly have no clue what to do.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
08/09/16 8:32 am

Unless you're going to the same school, you gotta part ways. Trust me on this one.

If it's meant to be, you'll reconnect later in life.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
08/09/16 9:44 am

You're probably right, though I do have the low self-esteem and confidence you mentioned in your comment above, haha.

Carcano Luke 10 19
08/09/16 12:52 pm

Don't listen to this cold fish. If you love each other enough it will work out.

Laser lives the type of lifestyle where commitment isn't understood. Don't take her advise.