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Celadonne August 9th, 2016 5:38am

In WWNJ I saw a guy whistling happily while plugging expired meters. My spirit soared. In the past two weeks, have you been kind to anyone online or in person? Reaching out, picking up the tab, letting someone in front of you in line, etc etc etc...

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ronderman North Carolina
08/09/16 7:07 pm

I handed out food to a homeless person.

monkees19 New Jersey
08/09/16 1:17 pm

I'm from NJ and have a hard time believing someone would do something so nice.

Laserbeam Back soon
08/09/16 8:35 am

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Kay41 the Midwest
08/09/16 4:53 am

Yes, we paid for someone's gas.

sfcren Wyoming
08/08/16 11:30 pm

I try to do small kindnesses when I can.

Celadonne ballfield
08/08/16 11:23 pm

Wildwood NJ