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ladyniner81 I hate people
08/10/16 6:16 am

"Obama isn't a US citizen let's see his birth certificate"
Obama releases certificate
"it's fake. He copied it"
"Where's his school records?"

ladyniner81 I hate people
08/10/16 6:18 am

Now the shoe's on the other foot.

"Donald Trump hasn't released his taxes"



ladyniner81 I hate people
08/10/16 6:21 am

Oh. For 8 years I had to hear them bitch about how Obama was only a "community organizer"

And what experience does Trump have?

again they say "so?"

At least Obama was a senator

bubba2526 New Jersey
08/09/16 10:32 pm

If it were a democrat refusing the show theirs I wonder if both parties would switch what they're saying

DeusOrbus Stay Positive
08/09/16 3:30 pm

I'm not saying that Trump donated to NAMBLA but if he did, he would likely be unwilling to show his tax returns, coincidence? Possibly but I know a guy, an amazing trustworthy guy, best guy in the Trump campaign, and he tells me that Diddlin' Don actively donates to NAMBLA. So I trust his word.

allswel Minnesota
08/09/16 12:32 pm

Trump knew when he started this that it is an expectation. He even said he would, when the audit is done.

His excuse that he is being audited does not hold any merit, as releasing them now, or releasing them later has no bearing on the audit.

It is interesting to note that he would have had to disclose any earnings from a foreign government. Yes, I think that is something I would like to know before voting for someone for president.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
08/09/16 9:18 am

I'd say their emails are far more important and telling.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/09/16 9:37 am

Trump says he doesn't hardly ever use email.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
08/10/16 8:39 am

Agree on the wisdom. I can't imagine the damage he could do himself with unlimited characters.

Celadonne ballfield
08/09/16 8:00 am

I wouldn't mind seeing them as proof of integrity.

cowboy Proud Father
08/09/16 6:20 am

I want to see everything. Taxes, medical charts, and drug prescriptions.

08/09/16 8:32 am

As long as you show all of yours...

cowboy Proud Father
08/09/16 10:05 am

You want to know that I broke my arm in the sixth grade? What a scandal!

08/09/16 10:38 am

Taxes...drug prescriptions...keep it going! Also, need the documentation...

cowboy Proud Father
08/09/16 11:21 am

Taxes. I pay them.
I take no drugs. You're welcome!

cowboy Proud Father
08/09/16 11:21 am

So now let's see the candidates and Congress' records.

08/09/16 11:28 am

They can say the same that's all they have to do is say they pay their taxes and don't do have no evidence which means they don't need any either!

cowboy Proud Father
08/09/16 1:55 pm

So let them prove it.

08/09/16 3:43 pm

So they have to prove it but you don't??? Hypocritical much???

08/09/16 3:44 pm

Guess that's to be expected!

cowboy Proud Father
08/09/16 3:47 pm

Exactly. They're politicians. Stop hitting on me and trying to get my info, homo. It's cool you're gay, but I'm not.

08/09/16 3:49 pm

You really went there...may be a new low! Glad you can admit to hypocrisy!

pauldabb85 Orlando
08/09/16 4:57 am

Republicans don't want to see Trump's tax returns but demand to see Obama's birth certificate, college transcripts and Hillary's health records, Wall St. speech transcripts... Just more partisan hypocrisy.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
08/09/16 5:30 am

Because how much someone earns is irrelevant BUT where someone gets their campaign funds or was born is absolutely essential to know.

Nemacyst No Lives Matter
08/09/16 7:10 am

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RJ1969 SoCal
08/09/16 7:27 am

Move those goal posts guys!

Nemacyst No Lives Matter
08/09/16 7:45 am

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sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
08/09/16 2:15 pm

He did release the birth certificate, the hypocrisy is that isn't good enough for many. Taxes? Don't care too much, but if someone is campaigning on being a billionaire, has no financial ties to certain governments, and claims to donate tons of money then it is important as proof

Nemacyst No Lives Matter
08/09/16 2:21 pm

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RJ1969 SoCal
08/09/16 2:56 pm

Former candidates all released theirs? Why the exception?

Malekithe This does not compute
08/09/16 2:42 am

Irrelevant. Other than the media looking for dirt or faux stories who has ever actually looked at the ones released?

Wino I need a drink
08/09/16 7:37 am

The media does and they let us know things, like how much the candidate actually contributes to society or where/how they make their money. It also shows who they are tied to financially. All of these things are in question for Trump so it's very relevant.

Malekithe This does not compute
08/09/16 9:49 am

The media is so full of 💩 they cannot be trusted.

Wino I need a drink
08/09/16 1:12 pm

For the most part, yes. However, when it comes to this, they would be useful. Many things are suspected of Trump, like the fact that he lied about his net worth (though that's been proven false by multiple financial people) and that he has some shady ties financially. This would either prove those correct or incorrect. The fact that he doesn't only makes it more likely to assume he is guilty. Either way, it's relevant.

ShawPPM1214 Washington
08/09/16 12:34 am

I don't really care. I want to hear candidates stances on the issues. I don't really care how much someone made in charitable donations or what percentage they paid their taxes.

ShawPPM1214 Washington
08/09/16 12:35 am

Do I think it's fishy when candidates openly refuse releasing them many many times..yeah. That does seem odd. But still..

sfcren Wyoming
08/08/16 11:25 pm

Who ... bleeping ... cares.

Gee lets think about this, Trump is a super rich guy who tries to pay as little taxes as possible, holy crap no way?!?

Clinton is a very wealthy woman who tries to pay as little taxes as possible, what?!? OMG!

Just like all of us who try to pay as little taxes as possible.

So what do I possibly hope to gain from them releasing their taxes, if they have committed fraud the IRS wouldve strung em up before now, or the IRS has looked the other way, in which case I would be pissed at the IRS, not the candidates. Either this issue is unbelievably stupid.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
08/08/16 10:28 pm

Candidates should not be required to lay open their finances, respect a bit of privacy.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/08/16 9:32 pm

As long as they aren't required, releasing them or not is entirely up to the candidate. Choosing not to may give the impression he has something to hide, especially if he has a history of sketchy finances and a less than robust relationship with the truth. It's still the candidate's call though, if that's the impression he wants to give.

08/08/16 9:22 pm

It only becomes important when candidates refuse to release them. Sort of like birth certificates and college transcripts.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/08/16 9:24 pm

When have candidates ever don't that though?

RJ1969 SoCal
08/08/16 9:26 pm

As for college transcripts...I don't have mine either. I just know I wouldn't be admitted into Harvard Law School if they sucked.

08/08/16 9:27 pm

Should I have issued a trigger warning before commenting?

08/08/16 9:35 pm

My point was simply that trump's tax returns likely don't matter, any more than Obama's birth certificate and college transcripts mattered.
Trump's foot dragging on his tax forms is just a distraction, the same way Obama used delays and misdirections with his birth certificate and transcript documents to cause a distraction during his own election.