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EastCoaster August 9th, 2016 3:09am

@Caleb if your the election editor. When are you gonna take away beanie sanders

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susanr Colorado
08/08/16 8:53 pm

The vote count in the Election 2016 section has been reset to 0 for Sanders, and it looks like the percent in the colored bars reflect that change.

They're apparently not *removing* and of the former candidates from the section. Maybe because that will allow any discussion to continue on their pages.

EastCoaster Lovin life
08/08/16 8:57 pm


susanr Colorado
08/08/16 9:07 pm

Did you look before posting the poll?

susanr Colorado
08/08/16 9:13 pm

Neither did I. I usually check, before I take something to the beta testers' page, and I had checked about this same thing before the last time I posted something about it. But I forgot tonight. My fault.

But at least the developer got back to me really fast to let me know that it was already fixed...