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Malekithe August 9th, 2016 2:13am

Maybe a cigarette burn on your arm. Would change your expression to one of alarm. I'll drag you around by a lock of your hair. Or give you a push at the top of the stairs.

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Diogenes FreeMeBe
08/08/16 8:00 pm

Dangit! I was too busy watching the Olympics. Keith Moon at his finest.

Malekithe Hades
08/08/16 8:08 pm

This song was not Keith Moon.
That was Uncle Ernie.
This was a different song

Diogenes FreeMeBe
08/08/16 8:12 pm

No, I meant that Keith Moon both sang the song and played Uncle Ernie in Tommy.

Malekithe Hades
08/09/16 2:50 am

Keith did play and sing Uncle Ernie.
Theses lyrics are from the song Cousin Kevin.

08/08/16 7:23 pm

The Who, Tommy, Fiddle About

Malekithe Hades
08/08/16 7:24 pm

Fiddle about was the other one

08/08/16 7:27 pm

Yea, your rightšŸ˜©
But on the album (if I remember right) the two songs run into each other.

Malekithe Hades
08/08/16 7:29 pm

There is a break in between.
"Do you think it's alright"