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IronSpiderchan August 9th, 2016 12:56am

Should we ban The Union Jack because of atrocities in India and The US flag because of our atrocities to Native Americans and because we put Japanese people in concentration camps?

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elfangor USA
08/08/16 7:42 pm

Japanese people were put in internment camps not concentration camps. Big difference.

taumpy Massachusetts
08/08/16 6:06 pm

Aww somebody butt hurt about the confederate flag?

taumpy Massachusetts
08/08/16 6:10 pm

I respect your honesty. Haha

gow488 Seoul, Korea
08/08/16 5:58 pm

No. Freedom of speech.

IronSpiderchan Communism is a disease
08/08/16 5:57 pm

This is obviously a parody of those should be ban the confederate flag polls