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Farlo August 9th, 2016 12:42am

Outside of military service, have you ever fired a fully automatic firearm? If yes, which one(s)?

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biker4life Texas
08/08/16 8:05 pm

Not outside of my military service.

JackTorS Mostly peaceful polling
08/08/16 6:50 pm

MP5, MP5k, Thompson, Cobray M-11, MAC-10, AR-15 in 9mm & 22LR conversion, M4, Smith & Wesson 76, M1 carbine and a Glock 23 that had a malfunctioning sear.

kawaiichan somewhere
08/08/16 6:27 pm

I've fired a Thompson, and a ak-47

Farlo Idaho
08/08/16 5:53 pm

Bummer. That'd be a rush.

Farlo Idaho
08/08/16 5:43 pm

I'll go first, MP5 and Thompson SMG.