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shadyblue775 August 8th, 2016 11:00pm

When you die do you want to be buried in the town you were born or where you are living now?

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Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/08/16 6:48 pm

I never want to go back there. Not even in a box of dust.

sgkitty new york
08/08/16 6:09 pm

They are the same. Cannot be buried in Manhattan, so will have to find a place in Queens...or be cremated.

auntiesamm Orange County CA
08/08/16 5:47 pm

Cremated and committed to the Pacific Ocean as was my late husband.

shoeless Texas
08/08/16 5:05 pm

Neither. Don't really care. I won't really have any preference, opinion or control over it. My loved ones may honor my request, which is actually to be cremated (because it is far less expensive) and spread out in some river wherever (I like fly fishing), but how will I know or care if they actually do it?

Farlo Idaho
08/08/16 4:48 pm

When I die, I won't care whether they toss my body out on the curb with the trash. I'll with that old meat sack.

08/08/16 4:15 pm

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susanr Colorado
08/08/16 4:14 pm

I don't want to be buried at all; I would like to be cremated. And I don't care what happens to the ashes.