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Celadonne August 8th, 2016 8:45pm

Ladies, would you rather date a man who has hair plugs or wears a hairpiece or a baseball cap, or one who's not afraid to lose his hair? Gentlemen, do/would you try to hide a receding hairline?

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musiman28 Cotton country
08/11/16 7:07 pm

I wear a baseball cap everyday. It has nothing to do with loosing hair, just something people do around here. I've been wearing one almost daily since I was in my early teens, if not earlier.

garrettr Alabama
08/08/16 8:52 pm

If and/ or when I go bald I will just deal with it. I won't attempt to cover it up. I actually may just shave my entire head but I don't know if that counts as covering it up because you can still tell.

17millionTwats Leeds, UK
08/08/16 5:06 pm

If i lose it i save money on shampoo

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
08/08/16 3:00 pm

I have zero respect for men who try to hide the fact that they're going bald; it doesn't fool anybody. The reason I said this is because I can't date somebody whom I don't respect.

ronderman North Carolina
08/08/16 2:26 pm

If I lose it, I lose it. I'd go cue ball. It isn't worth the time to cover it up.

EarlyBird Portland
08/08/16 2:30 pm

Great answer. Bald is better than combovers and other cover ups.

kawaiichan somewhere
08/08/16 2:11 pm

I wouldn't mind, I want a man who will be by my side, one I can laugh with, cry with, and one day die with. The last thing I care about is hair.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
08/08/16 5:37 pm

So... You care about dick size more than his hair? 😝

kawaiichan somewhere
08/08/16 5:42 pm

😂😂😂😂😂😂, well if u wanna be so blunt about it, yea that goes into the final equation.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
08/08/16 5:47 pm

I would love a blunt. Let's smoke it together.

Wait, that's not what you said...

kawaiichan somewhere
08/08/16 6:00 pm

😂😂😂😂😂😂, maybe one day I'll take u up on that offer.

DeanAD Blue Dog
08/08/16 1:50 pm

I'm bald on top. I pull out any fuzz by the roots. No comb overs, no plugs, no wishful thinking.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
08/08/16 3:03 pm

I respect you for that. You'll find (if you haven't already) that any woman worth being with isn't going to care about a genetic condition like that in which you have no control over... But they will judge you accordingly if you don't have enough confidence to not try to hide it.

DeanAD Blue Dog
08/08/16 3:09 pm

It's always amazed me: men are very conscious of the fact that in their youth women were always attracted to men who were self possessed. Yet when they lose their hair they suddenly think no one will notice their insecurity as the part in their hair moves further and further down the side of their head.