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Do you have any relatives living in a nursing home?

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03/10/12 12:45 pm

Alzheimer's is horrible

tlow Massachusetts
03/09/12 4:08 am

My grandparents are all gone, been almost twenty years now... My folks are almost seventy and living in another country...

Itabliss Hello
03/07/12 4:23 pm

I work for a company that owns nursing homes. I work for a company that goes above and beyond, but that isn't always the case. do you research before placing a loved one there.

03/07/12 2:25 pm

They lock the doors at those places. Old people run away.

03/07/12 4:42 am

Fortunately my grandmother die suddenly at 75 before that had to happen, she would have hated it.

waaazzaap Arizona
03/06/12 1:58 am

@solopocono thank you finally someone who know what nursing homes are like , I heard horrible stories from them

03/05/12 1:05 pm

PS I worked in several nursing homes while in school, supervisor, sometimes for 2-3 shifts when people just refused to show up for work. Even the nicest, most expensive ones had MAJOR problems. I swore if I ever had to choose-I'd rather "disappear", or "move on" before subjecting myself to that.

03/05/12 1:00 pm

Lol, if I keep getting diagnosed with crap, *I* may be the 1st in my family to go into a nursing home-BUT, I already told my Dad & Doc, they'll have to drag me kicking and screaming!! My parents-84 & 86, also refuse to even consider a retirement community! Dad STILL goes to the gym 4days/week! Lol!!

03/05/12 12:45 am

Also, some ppl are so far off that they can't stand up at all. We have to use special machines. How would you manage that at home? Maybe you can buy them; I'm not sure if they are sold for personal use. Anyways, living at home is better unless the person's mind is gone. That's just my observation :)

03/05/12 12:40 am

I worked assisted living for 2 years and been working in a nursing home for another 2 years. I can't imagine taking care of a loved one constantly at home if they were as bad off mentally as some of these people are. Most of them need round-the-clock care.

emsies Seattle
03/04/12 11:55 pm

Nooope. One of my grandmothers travels all around the world and the other is a yoga master.

03/04/12 9:11 pm

Not any more...... considering the funerals tomorrow;(

03/04/12 8:19 pm

Christ, I hope I die before I lose my mental capacity. Alzheimer's sounds like a horrifying fate.

03/04/12 8:11 pm

yes my parents are being well cared for and love not being a burden to their kids who all work. I will never ask one of my kids to sacrifice their young life for my old age!

03/04/12 7:21 pm

His mother is 73 & couldn't do it either. You are not warehousing your husband. You are putting his well being first. Anyone who says otherwise has no idea what they are talking about. It is an awful choice to be faced with.

03/04/12 7:19 pm

e9@ I am so sorry for your pain. We had to consider that option when my BIL had a massive stroke @ 45. He never recovered enough to leave the hospital but at first they thought he would live in a vegetative state. We have a special needs child & could not have cared for hubby's brother also....

taijiki Florida
03/04/12 6:01 pm

Both parents and 3 grandparents

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
03/04/12 3:44 pm

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03/04/12 10:14 am

My great grandfather, he's a hundred and 2 years old.

03/04/12 9:13 am

Used too... But their in heaven now.

03/04/12 8:41 am

My great uncle (who is a WWII vet and fought in the Battle of the Bulge) lives in a place that has assisted living as an option, but he doesn't use it.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/04/12 8:33 am

My daddy. Had a stroke he's under the care of my step sister so I had very little say. He's in Washington and I'm in southern Oregon. He seems very happy I talk frequently and visit 2x a year.

jfljoe The Greenhood
03/04/12 8:20 am

With Alzheimer's on both sides, I have stopped chewing on cans. (yeah, yeah- insensitive and somewhat disproven)

Rosebud Ohio
03/04/12 8:19 am

And no one "dumped" her there. Their kids paid for assisted living, and their daughter (my aunt) visit a few times a week to take her places. I visit when I can (hr+ away). They needed more care than anyone could provide. Hell, their kids are well into their 70's! They were fine with it.

Rosebud Ohio
03/04/12 8:12 am

My great grandmother. She moved in when great grandpa got sick, and now that he's gone it really is better for her to be around others do much. It's a good place, and they let her keep her cat. She doesn't need help often, but it's good she has it when she does.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
03/04/12 7:51 am

I don't think I've ever had a relative in a nursing home. My grandmother still lives in her own home. But I have been to visit a friends parent who lived in assisted living and it was a real nice place. I've never been to an actual nursing home.

03/04/12 7:40 am

my fiance's grandmother is in one but only temporary she will be places in assisted living soon (so she is mostly on her own they just come in and check on here)

poliscigi Brooklyn
03/04/12 7:31 am

I'm surprised this number isn't higher. My aunt's mother-in-law is 103 and is sharp as a tack, but doesn't have the physical ability to take care of herself. She's one of the smartest people I know.

waaazzaap Arizona
03/04/12 7:02 am

@e9 , I am cruel? that's a bid harsh, putting your elderly in a nursing home to live your life and pretty much forgot them there is cruel

03/04/12 6:54 am

Used too. It was my great uncle, but he died a couple months ago

03/04/12 6:38 am

My Grandma lives in an assisted living. She has to have help and refuses to let any of us & she runs off all the homehealth people. She likes her assisted living & we're happy that she's happy with it

GunnyGunz Virginia
03/04/12 5:16 am

Nursing homes are a byproduct of our disposable, one use only, I have more important things to do society. They are breeding grounds for MRSA. Take care of your family, people. Even if it is "inconvenient".

BadBadger Georgia
03/04/12 4:00 am

Thankfully, nursing homes are, on average, better than they used to be. I remember a time when the question would have better phrased, "Do you have any relatives dying in a nursing home?"

peacenskis Alaska
03/04/12 2:22 am

But my Grandma refuses help so my Mom moved across the street from her and takes care of her. Love my Mom, but I told her if she wants me to do that for her when I'm in my forties, she'll have to come to me. I just can't uproot my life to do that. I've always hoped she understands. I call AK home.

03/04/12 12:04 am

@Andrea - thank u for ur compassion. Every minute of every lonely day, I wish I could have him with me...

03/03/12 11:54 pm

FYI in addition to nurses - u need ramps, handicapped Bath, bedroom, accessible vehicle, And will u have classes in art, music, cooking, a garden, a resident therapy dog. Help with bathing/teeth, Shop and cook a special diet, haircuts, do the wash, clean and work 3 jobs to pay for it all?

03/03/12 11:34 pm

@e9- people who talk like that really don't have a clue how hard it really is on families to make that decision. Don't listen to those comments!

03/03/12 11:27 pm

Waaazzaap u are ignorant and cruel. U have no idea how much grief, guilt, stress, financial devastation, my family and I suffered when my 47 yr old husband required 24/7 nursing care in a skilled nursing facility, because of a brain injury. He is safe, well cared for and happy - not warehoused!

03/03/12 11:26 pm

Both paternal grandparents and my maternal grandfather. They haven't had any complaints to date but he hasn't been able to talk for 10 years when he had a stroke so who knows what the conditions there have really been like. I assume very well though considering he was supposed to be dead 9+ yrs ago

AnnieM The Island
03/03/12 11:14 pm

It's true that many nursing homes are awful, but many are a great comfort to their patients and their families. Without them many people would have no option.

03/03/12 11:14 pm

My aunt was in one because she had severe s dementia. She kept asking for my mom, a year after she died and my other aunt would have to tell her she died, and she'd ask again. Up until she died last year at 96.

AnnieM The Island
03/03/12 11:14 pm

If this had been asked 4 months ago, the answer would have been "yes" since I had 3 relatives in nursing homes. Well, since then 2 have passed away (my grandfather and great-aunt) and the other (my sister) is in a hospital now with no hope of waking from her coma.