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Have you ever taken a personality test?

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1jo1969 texas
08/13/16 11:41 pm

I am an ass!!!!

sandiriedel Waldorf MD
08/12/16 8:35 pm

Used to be INFP, but now ISFP, trying to figure out why this changed

Shiggybythebay Proud Bay Area Native
08/12/16 8:18 am

Can't remember much but I do remember being an extrovert.

VolunTyrant Narnia
08/09/16 11:51 pm

Yes, but not the one those idiot $cientologist cultists give out! 😀

08/09/16 2:04 pm

Just took one and got INFJ-A; apparently that's rare?

teaa New York
08/09/16 11:07 am

I took it multiple times and got either INFJ or INFP

camlop San Diego, CA
08/09/16 10:57 am

INTJs are notorious for not being able to test correctly because they don't look at themselves honestly. They're probably ISTJs

CudOfCow Oregon
08/09/16 11:31 am

I've taken the myers briggs multiple times on multiple sites and always end up INTJ. the S has always been very low and N has been high.

CudOfCow Oregon
08/09/16 11:32 am

The only fluctuation I've seen was an E to an I. and im usually pretty centered in that regard with a slight leaning toward I.

camlop San Diego, CA
08/09/16 10:56 am

Yeah, I love personality tests and idc what anyone says. ENTJ 3w4.

DonWichita Kansas
08/09/16 10:06 am

I = Introverted 79%
S= Observant 56%
T= Thinking 64%
J= Judging 75%

A= Assertive 69%

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
08/09/16 8:38 am

ESTP - A, The Entrepreneur (and I'm a business owner 😊)

Liberty 4,032,064
08/09/16 5:02 am

ISTJ. I usually get that or INTJ on these.

abigailm stay positive
08/09/16 4:26 am

INFJ! Who else?!

pjpony Sacramento, CA
08/08/16 11:54 pm

My Meyers-Briggs type is INTJ/INFJ the format I took it in gave the results on a spectrum and I was about 51/49 between F and J

xxxceo Nationalist
08/08/16 9:38 pm

ESTJ - that spells perfect 😎

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
08/09/16 8:54 am

Hey, we're almost the same. I waver on the P and J too, so sometimes I test exactly the same as you. 😉

xxxceo Nationalist
08/09/16 9:07 am

That probably explains why I almost always agree with your comments. Welcome to the club :)

orgblu10 Shamerica
08/09/16 6:10 pm

And it probably explains why I often agree with both of you. But it did screw up on a couple variables this time.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
08/09/16 7:31 pm

Seems it's us three and @political from a glance through the comments. Cool.

xxxceo Nationalist
08/09/16 7:40 pm

And @Domino3
Time to take over the world.

orgblu10 Shamerica
08/09/16 7:43 pm

Anybody up for a bloodless coup?

xxxceo Nationalist
08/09/16 7:50 pm

Hell yeah, we'll rename this place XKO.

political Georgia
08/09/16 7:52 pm

Hello similar personality friends!

xxxceo Nationalist
08/09/16 7:59 pm

Knew you were cool! Welcome.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
08/09/16 9:03 pm

We have to add a P now. So, we're XKOP. Hmm. Anyone in this group a former cop? 😉

xxxceo Nationalist
08/09/16 9:30 pm

Not me, I'm just a humble SOH'er.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
08/10/16 9:33 am

I'm down for a coup😎

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
08/10/16 10:08 am

XKOPD. Dang it, we need another vowel! 😊

08/08/16 9:29 pm

INTJ-The Mastermind Personality 😄

HighHorse Ohio
08/08/16 8:56 pm

Yes, but I think Myers-Briggs is a bunch of bs

adam180 Pennsylvania
08/08/16 8:21 pm

INFP! Me and one percent of the population

banana29 The Wild, Wild World
08/08/16 8:19 pm

I am ENFJ-T. Anyone else?

Holiday LA
08/08/16 8:10 pm

God, yes. What a waste of time. I think these tests were designed to create the illusion of work for HR departments everywhere. Silly pseudoscience.

celloVirtuoso buried in sheet music
08/08/16 7:22 pm

xNTP-A (ambivert, intuitive, thinking, prospecting, assertive)

IrishAlzheimers oakland, ca
08/08/16 7:11 pm

I think a personality test would only be useful for research if taken everyday for a year or so

cyanospool The Deep North
08/08/16 6:59 pm

ENTP most times I've taken them.

08/08/16 6:44 pm

It came back negative

08/08/16 6:38 pm

A strong INTP.

jstahl Build that wall
08/08/16 6:21 pm

Yes, and apparently I have none.

IamKatherine Respect
08/08/16 6:04 pm

I'm an ENFJ but almost everything is less than 60 percent so it's like if I took it again, I might get a different result just based on weight.

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
08/08/16 6:00 pm

I'm an ISFP.
70% Introverted
62% Observant
59% Feeling
58% Prospecting
72% Assertive

Hunter512x Kentucky Libertarian
08/08/16 4:54 pm

I'm an INTJ-A but could just as easily be an INFJ-A

conqueror MS gay atheist
08/08/16 4:51 pm

I've always got ESTP-T when taking it.

skacey best poll is evenly split
08/08/16 4:45 pm

Meyers Briggs has been debunked as pretty much useless.

08/08/16 5:01 pm

It's spot on for me, lol.

TheSocialist INTJ
08/08/16 5:17 pm

It actually seems to work.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/08/16 4:22 pm

Usually I come up as an ISTP on these online quizzes, but on this one I came up as an INTP-A. I've been flagged as both on various tests, but the ISTP has been more consistent. Either is acceptable.