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Are you currently a member of a labor union? (UQ)

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wetheslaves Live each moment fully
11/22/12 8:58 am

Fiat, it was just odd to hear you speaking with the first person voice. It was over passionate for your normal reclined insightful ness. Guess they really upset you and your uncle. When we get tripped up with fairness we can loose our effectiveness and our way.

11/21/12 11:49 am

Labor unions dont give a crap bout the people, they just want the money. Truth is labor unions are needed anymore. If you have to be in one or you wouldnt get a job its understandable though.

jpzla California
11/21/12 9:31 am

How about how the CEO increased his pay 300% while cutting the baker's pay and pensions. Yeah, totally the Union's fault....

11/20/12 6:58 pm

As a NY teacher, unfortunately I have no choice but to be a member.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/20/12 3:21 pm

I'd feel better knowing they were so good they didn't need union "support" to help them keep their jobs. Having to help carry the dead weight of barely average employees the union went to bat for is unfair to the good workers. Not everyone puts in 100%, 100% of the time. Better to let those go.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/20/12 3:09 pm

You have to decide whether joining or resisting is right for you. Depending on he facility and the degree of support for NATCA it may feel a little intimidating as a trainee to be on the outside. Before my last transfer my whole crew was non-member FPLs, and they pretty much left us alone.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/20/12 3:03 pm

FIAT2LUX I did not like NATCA, and never joined. You don't have to, but the union puts pressure on everyone to join, especially the new kids. Operationally they're neither bad or good, administratively they're another level that needs to sign off on every little change. Parasites, at best.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/20/12 10:04 am

Another question. Would you recommend that I join or not join NATCA when I get on as an Air Traffic Controller? Btw, I was under the impression that I would have to join.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/20/12 10:00 am

Interesting. So, personally, do you like or dislike having NATCA?

bbkkanders Kentucky
11/20/12 4:35 am

Unions are not needed anymore. They are nothing today but thugs helping to ruin our country.

Christfollowr California
11/20/12 1:26 am

The unions are tearing apart this country. My dad fought long and hard to get the union out of his business, and only just succeeded

Trisha23 Michigan
11/19/12 4:14 pm

Without unions the richer will get richer and you could say goodbye to the middle class.

11/19/12 1:16 pm

Unions are part of what's currently wrong with this country. Just look at the recent Hostess debacle.

11/19/12 9:26 am

I'm not a member anymore because my new company doesn't believe in it and anyone who talks about it will get fired...isn't that against the law?

silentkc Newport News, va
11/18/12 9:07 pm

No and I would fight to stay out of one. They are a poison on our society

11/18/12 8:28 pm

So Hostess was an accident?

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
11/18/12 7:48 pm

How about you come live down here for a while and see if you think we are all dumb. I've lived up north and had plenty of interactions with "yankees" and there seems to be a rather high concentration of a$$holes up there. Sure, there are idiots down here, but we don't have anything on Jersey Shore.

Bankai In God we still trust
11/18/12 6:47 pm

Labor Unions have outlived their usefulness, Period.

JohnnyBraska Nebraska
11/18/12 2:44 pm

Next time you step on an airplane tell me you're not glad that the builder wasn't over worked and making minimum wage. The same goes for the mechanic and the pilot.

JohnnyBraska Nebraska
11/18/12 2:41 pm

I was never pro union until I was got a unionized job. They don't set their own contracts it is a negotiation. A union will not intentionally drive a company into the ground because that will cost there members their jobs.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/18/12 1:59 pm

That should have been FIAT2LUX, sorry.

Embog Louisiana
11/18/12 1:36 pm

Have become the biggest legalized pyramid scheme in history.

11/18/12 9:39 am

Me three! Sometimes reading these comments churns my stomach. I've NEVER seen my union act 'thuggish'!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/18/12 9:03 am

FIAT sorry, I did it again - the reply's up top.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/18/12 9:01 am

FUAT2LUX yes, over 30 years of making order out of chaos. It's the second best (after flying) job ever invented, more play than work, for reasonably good pay and a young retirement. Not a great employer though, and NATCA acts as just another administrative layer that makes it worse.

immortalsoul Not Politically Correct
11/18/12 6:41 am

Yes, as a truck driver for Bimbo bakeries I belong to the Teamsters union.

Think Lovin Life
11/18/12 6:41 am

Union thugs never served my needs. They only perpetuated their twisted autocracy. They stole my dues to pay off corruption.

They lied, and eventually negotiated 550 people right out of our jobs.

Think Lovin Life
11/18/12 6:38 am

Masters degree engineering, from the north. Spent five years working in a union shop and completely understand the motivation and corruption of unions like the AFL-CIO. They are a cancer on our society. They don't serve the needs of the workers. They line the pockets of the thugs at the top!

11/18/12 6:35 am

Yep... All of the above... And Teamsters do NOT make the economy run... YOU'RE an idiot if you truly believe that... And I hope that's not the case...

Think Lovin Life
11/18/12 6:34 am

As long as the CEO makes a dime more than the ignorant union thugs the union won't be satisfied. They simply don't care to understand the challenges.

Unions are a cancer on our society.

Think Lovin Life
11/18/12 6:31 am

Or give workers right to leave the union.

Think Lovin Life
11/18/12 6:30 am

Mac ... You don't understand. All 550 of us lost our jobs because the union wasn't satisfied with the best wages in town, their greed was unbounded and their unwillingness to see the market trend and work with the company thru tough times meant that everyone lost. The plant closed. Period.

ceej Michigan
11/18/12 6:18 am

Damage, big business is not democratic. It is authoritarian. Union leaders are elected by members to represent the voice of the workers. Some actions/decisions are voted on as well. If you don't like what union leadership is doing, get involved, make ur voice heard, seek change.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/18/12 6:11 am

@Zod, so you were an Air Traffic Controller? Or are the multiple NATCAs?

ceej Michigan
11/18/12 5:56 am

No one is saying you can't have a good job without a union.

frostedchalk warehouse 13
11/18/12 5:42 am

There are laws that protect that I don't work in a union anymore and I still get bathroom breaks a 30 minute lunch a 401k health benefits and great vacation time.

frostedchalk warehouse 13
11/18/12 5:38 am

Umm there are laws to protect that.

frostedchalk warehouse 13
11/18/12 5:35 am

Yeah but when a company is in bankruptcy it's pretty stupid to ask for more money and your pretty dumb if you think they aren't going to ask you to take a pay cut.

PetePuma Oregon
11/18/12 1:43 am

Begrudgingly, I am a member if a labor union. I will not support any Thuggishness or such, though.

JackTorS Mostly peaceful polling
11/18/12 12:27 am

"there was a time when the country was new that we needed the Constitution, but now we don't."
Keep it in place and it will always protect you.

JackTorS Mostly peaceful polling
11/18/12 12:25 am

Think of it this way. The government is the employer. The American people are the workforce. The Constitution is the union contract with the employer protecting the workforce. Get rid of the Constitution and government could and probably would control your life. No one would ever say that...

11/17/12 11:39 pm

Unions have their place but they have gone too far. Not just with Hostess either. Thuggery is rampant

11/17/12 11:27 pm non-union corporations care about suffering!