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Show Of Hands July 27th, 2012 12:00am

Would you rather unlock your smart phone by entering a password, or by touching a portion of the screen that can detect your fingerprint?

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07/29/12 8:51 pm

What if you needed someone else to unlock it for you? There are many circumstances in which that may be necessary.

07/29/12 8:13 pm

with my little sisters always stealing my stuff, a fingerprint scanner would be a dream

misterzero West Virginia
07/29/12 6:58 pm

I could see it being useful in situations like we find in sci-fi. IE you're a government worker or own a company and your life is already dedicated to the use of your identity.

misterzero West Virginia
07/29/12 6:54 pm

I don't like any technology being able to detect my fingerprint. That's just a bit too personal for me. Not to mention most of our info on these things easily goes two ways. Why should my phone hold info that's so important as to merit my very genetic mark to safeguard it?

nb35819 Atlanta
07/29/12 11:03 am

Fingerprint but it better be ACCURATE as hell. I swear if I got locked outta my phone because it was crappy I'd be sooooo pissed.

juiceman1601 Alton Il.
07/29/12 9:40 am

I've not heard of this happening yet, anyone have any ideas if Apple is pursuing this or not?

07/28/12 9:50 pm


Both are fine :)

chrismisen atlanta
07/28/12 8:42 pm

guys, other people could still use your phone. they're talking about a fingerprint just to get in. i would still prefer a password, because mine is one that only makes sense to me.

07/28/12 8:07 pm

I want my finger. I don't want people to cut it off just to get into my phone

07/28/12 7:58 pm

Passwords are more secure to use than a fingerprint. I let people in my phone to text for me or check things all the time as well, can't do that with a fingerprint.

disappoint Minneapolis
07/28/12 7:36 am

See, the fingerprint thing would be cool but then I couldn't have people text for me whilst driving.

07/28/12 6:36 am

Password, I don't want to completely lock out everyone. Just prevent people I don't want from getting in.

07/28/12 4:12 am

I have fingerprint technology on my new laptop and I love it!

peacenskis Alaska
07/28/12 1:00 am

Definitely a password. I locked myself out of my car three times and once with my dog in it. I was able to phone a friend, have current login as me, and get me out of that situation. She couldn't of done that with my fingerprint.

07/28/12 12:08 am

People can hack your computer or phone with passwords

emsies Seattle
07/27/12 10:56 pm

Just because the fingerprint thing would be SO COOL!!

07/27/12 10:48 pm

Then people would cut our fingers off ._.

opinoner homaha
07/27/12 10:04 pm

If the fingerprint wasn't accurate we would be screwed

Topgun California
07/27/12 9:59 pm

I think the password is more secure,

Comet? Tennessee
07/27/12 9:47 pm

Fingerprint is the best one. Make sure we are not beast "666."

Bekka Just relaxing...
07/27/12 9:29 pm

Maybe it could also replace my mood ring...

marinersXXfan Washington
07/27/12 7:49 pm

Good ways to secure a phone but I would personally lick to lick it with voice recanition it looks and sounds so futuristic!

KudosToYou California
07/27/12 7:13 pm

Don't want anybody cutting off my thumb to access my smart device ! :o

EarlyBird Portland
07/27/12 6:36 pm

How about a lip scan where you have to kiss your phone for access? Ha!

youknowobamasucks Florida
07/27/12 6:34 pm

But I don't think agents would want that or your nearest stalker????

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/27/12 6:17 pm

A fingerprint scan stored in the phone is just one more thing for identity thieves to steal.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/27/12 5:45 pm

Really? Someone is going to cut off your finger to get access to your phone? Wow. What a completely paranoid idea. Yeah, it happens in movies. Unless you're connected with the mob or some secret agency, not likely!
I love my fingerprint scanner on my computer. I have plenty of passwords to remember.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/27/12 4:39 pm

Really neither. I'm a biker, and having been hit by a car, I understand that if something serious happened, it would be easier for the person to use my phone to call my family. I don't want an inaccessible phone.

07/27/12 3:46 pm

Passwords...tried and true. Fingerprints...sloppy and "touchy"

because South Dakota
07/27/12 3:27 pm

I don't have a cellphone, and never will

cbbfle Nashville, TN
07/27/12 2:34 pm

Well, I want other people to use it sometimes...

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/27/12 2:29 pm

Fingerprint is quicker but I use a 4 digit pin code.

FrostedMin California
07/27/12 2:16 pm

Well it depends if the fingerprint thing actually works! I've had a lot of "can your fingerprint" apps that really do not know who's finger is who's. But- if it happens to come with the phone, and I'm guaranteed that it actually DOES know my finger print. THEN I would pick fingerprint.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/27/12 1:38 pm

There was an animated film a few years back I think it was Aliens Vs. Monsters or something like that. The advertisement showed a great way to verify identity. Lol Hand Scan, Eye Scan, Foot Scan, Behind Scan etc. Really funny idea, but for top secret stuff, I think it'd work.

07/27/12 12:58 pm

I don't want my fingerprint stored somewhere where someone can hack into and gain access to it.

07/27/12 12:57 pm

Passcode so you can have someone else you want have temp access.

07/27/12 12:56 pm

I have seen this in movies so it must be true. Criminals will cut off your hand or finger just to gain access. So passcode please.

07/27/12 12:20 pm

I would rather use a pass code, but the fingerprint will come in handy if I am in a public place that I know I am not sharing my phone. That way if you lose it they can't get into it

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/27/12 12:19 pm

Fingerprint. Much faster and easier, and even the dumbed down version is likely more secure than a weak password. Would expect the option to authorize multiple users. I'd rather it was unlocked by a proximity key, either paired to my keychain or a bracelet/watchband.

soupy Ohio
07/27/12 12:18 pm

Password because there is less that can go wrong

Kay41 the Midwest
07/27/12 12:10 pm husband and I are always using each others phones. So unless there can be more than one print used I have to go with password.

FakeSound Arizona
07/27/12 11:58 am

Option for both. Just in case I break the finger that I need for the fingerprint or something.

lmurder MDK
07/27/12 11:53 am

And the new dumbest poll goes to...