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Did a person who wasn't a relative of yours help to raise you (nanny, au pair, frequent babysitter, etc)?

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Dream Hogwarts
10/29/12 7:26 pm

We had a babysitter who we still keep in touch with even though now I babysit, even though she wasn't frequent. I'd say she babysat for us quite a few times though. So I guess she kinda raised my brother and I.

10/28/12 12:14 am

My butler. At least until he was eaten by a pack of wolves--then the wolves raised me.

10/27/12 7:37 pm

Well if you mean outside my IMMEDIATE family then, yes. My grandparents watched me while my parents were at work before I started school and there was kind of a rotating schedule as to which cousin's house we would spend the weekend at. So Aunts and Uncles were very important as well.

10/27/12 5:12 pm

where the nanny was from. They even met her family and became very close. Scary. You never know who you're dealing with.

10/27/12 5:10 pm

Is this question based on that horrid story of the nanny who killed the young 2 kids, put them in the tub and then stabbed herself in the neck when the mother arrived home? She had been their nanny for 2 years before committing this act. The whole family had traveled to the Dominican Republic and

23 Texas
10/27/12 1:28 pm

A couple of my teachers treated me like I was their kid.

giottoblu Connecticut
10/27/12 12:33 pm

My mom had a company to run and my dad had houses to build, so we had a nanny named Luann who came to our house or we went to hers almost every day. We still saw, played with, and were loved and disciplined by our parents every day, but only after work.

ladyniner81 I hate people
10/27/12 12:29 pm

well actually, she worked per-diem when I was in junior high..

ladyniner81 I hate people
10/27/12 12:27 pm

My mom was a stay at home mom till I graduated from high school..then she divorced my dad and went back to work as a nurse

HGolightly California
10/27/12 11:36 am

I was not as fortunate ... Had many random babysitters growing up.

IraqVet03 North Carolina
10/27/12 10:23 am

My dad was killed in an accident when I was 2. Ma hired a nanny for about 5 years to help out. I still consider her a maternal figure in my life.

10/27/12 7:41 am

My momma raised me! I was SO fortunate!!!

10/27/12 7:15 am

It wasn't everyday & I don't know that I'd call it raising me per say but I had a frequent babysitter that I was very close with as a kid, named Heather. I still keep in touch with her and I'm 27 now

10/26/12 9:29 pm

Mrs. Bovee! Wish I loved my mother as much as my nanny.

true Home
10/26/12 8:41 pm

Yes from the age 1 to 5 years old I stayed with our nanny from morning till my mom got home around 7. Then when i turned 5 and was old enough to go to school she would get me dressed and take me to school and pick me up from school until I was old enough to stay by myself. I loved her to death.

dabrat East Coast
10/26/12 8:21 pm

I had babysitters but they didn't raise me. I started babysitting at age 12 or 13. I grew up quickly, on my own.

AnnieM The Island
10/26/12 7:44 pm

We, me, my brother, my mom and my dad, were all very lucky to have her.
(Dad drove a truck cross-country.)

AnnieM The Island
10/26/12 7:43 pm

…there in the morning to help us get ready for school & there from the time we got home from school til mom got home. She was there every afternoon when we were 9/10-13/14.
She was older (our grandma's friend) and more like a mix between another mom & another grandma to us in many ways.

AnnieM The Island
10/26/12 7:38 pm

Yes. My mother worked very long hours from my young childhood until my teens. She would leave before we got up in the morning and not be home until after we were in bed (when we were young) or late. So, we had a nanny. We called her our babysitter, but from the time we were 7/6-10/9 or so she was…

10/26/12 7:18 pm

I answered yes only because I had a sitter-housekeeper when I was in first and second grade. Otherwise only my immediate family.

10/26/12 7:03 pm

I had Au Pairs for a portion of my life when my mother was working and my father in California. They had their pros and cons. So I guess, yea, they did help to raise me.

10/26/12 6:46 pm

my mom gave me up for almost four yrs so yes.

10/26/12 6:45 pm

I was an au pair in France it was a great experience I took care of a little boy if any one can do it i recommend it. You will never forget that's for sure

10/26/12 5:17 pm

You know she was insulting herself by saying that.

10/26/12 5:16 pm were really fortunate to have your extended family close by.

10/26/12 4:50 pm

@heatherluvs : an au pair is a foreign student who spends some time abroad to learn language and customs of the host country. They are often babysitters working in exchange for boarding. A similar program is or was Camp America - here mostly Europeans work in a US scout camp.

captain12345 Tennessee
10/26/12 2:50 pm

Yea but I lived with my older sister when I ran away while the rest stayed with my parents

EarlyBird Portland
10/26/12 2:42 pm

If I remember correctly, you have 8 brothers and 8 sisters. (?)

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
10/26/12 2:17 pm

And if my parents ever went out, my oldest sister almost always babysat us. If it was an overnight thing, my mom would drop us off at my cousins house and we would have a sleepover with her. I've never had a babysitter that wasn't family.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
10/26/12 2:15 pm

When I was born my mom switched to working nights. This way my mom would be with us in the morning and early afternoon, and my dad would be with us from about 3 to when we went to bed. One of them was always there for us. And they both had weekends off too. :)

DavesNotHere where am I
10/26/12 2:07 pm

Was raised by the worlds greatest parents!

10/26/12 1:44 pm

Same here. My mom stayed home with us, but pre-kids, I always assumed I would work and put the kids in daycare until they were school aged. It took me a while, but I eventually realized how much I much I was missing. I stay home and even homeschool now.

taximom Boise
10/26/12 1:20 pm

My mom was a stay at home mom. I never thought I would do the same, but when my kids were born I realized at the end of my life I wouldn't wish I'd invested my time with my family and not at the office. I have never regretted staying home with them.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/26/12 1:01 pm

For a few years we had a maid a few days a week. One of those was friendlier than the others and patiently taught me a little Japanese, how to bow, and the value of being polite. Just supplemental to what I learned from my parents, but I think of her as more a trusted friend and teacher than maid.

epicawesum Indiana
10/26/12 12:18 pm

No but in my neighborhood all the parents worked together so even though my mom didn't work all the adults helped raise all the kids.

inge MIA
10/26/12 12:11 pm

My mom was stuck working all the time since my deadbeat dad didn't see a reason to help raise the children he made. So yeah, we were often with a trusted babysitter who we called our aunt.

Weave77 Indianapolis
10/26/12 11:58 am

When I lived with my parents, my mother frequently commented on my manners and the state of my room by saying, "I think you were raised by a pack of wolves!".

So.... maybe.

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
10/26/12 10:54 am

Nope I was raised by patched club members

10/26/12 10:46 am

That's some new school modus operandi

gnott15 22401
10/26/12 10:42 am

My parents but we had household help that where like family

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/26/12 10:26 am

Nope. Just Mom and Dad. Plenty of others helped in instilling more tidbits of knowledge, but they were/are the ones who raised me from birth to the present and presumably a little further beyond.

10/26/12 10:08 am

Nope, just my parents! My Mom stayed home with my sister and I until we were old enough to ride our bicycles to school (I think we were in the 3rd and 4th grade). We were latchkey kids. :)

captain12345 Tennessee
10/26/12 9:52 am

I was raised by my sister when we ran away from home but she wasn't at home most of the time so her boyfriend helped raise me

peacefullife Land of Moss
10/26/12 9:38 am

Not many votes yet, but the income filter surprises me.
As for me, I was raised by my grandparents (both sets) with help from my parents; they were young, partied, and not ready for responsibility, I'm thankful they had family to help raise me!

10/26/12 9:30 am

Raised by my parents, I mean... :)

Rio76 Wild West
10/26/12 9:07 am

My mom stayed home with us. Once we were in school, she got a job at our school so she would be home when we were home. It was a sacrifice, and we had to do with less things, but knew she loved us enough to be there. I will be forever grateful for that.

commonsense America isnt racist
10/26/12 8:45 am

Nope. Just mom and dad.

lmurder MDK
10/26/12 8:43 am

Luckily my parents raised us instead of a nannny/maid.