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Your usual brand of deodorant is out of stock where you normally shop. Are you more likely to buy a different brand or try a different store?

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dlyliny1 New York
02/05/12 9:26 am

I'm v particular about my deodorant bc the only one I found that works 4 me is a Swiss brand u can't buy in US. Thank g*d for global etailers. I order enuf 4 a year from Euro cosmetics sites; even w/ shipping & exchg rate, it's only 18% more expensive than top US brands (& works 500% better ;))!

Quinnipiac Here
02/03/12 4:13 pm

i just put on some of my wife's DO because I ran out, so I guess that answers the question.

02/03/12 1:07 pm

Lol, who drives to another store just to get their usual stick of deodorant? 

Flooded Virginia
02/02/12 10:13 pm

fortunately for me, the nearest grocery store is right next to cvs, so generally if one doesn't have it, the other does. if not I just get a different one.

02/01/12 10:26 pm

As long as its not gel I don't care. That stuff will create the most painful, burning rash on dry winter skin. It's torture.

02/01/12 7:34 pm

well I'm a heavy sweater I have to where the stuff if jlnot than stink... I DONT THINK SO!!!!

02/01/12 7:31 pm

I maybe a girl but u need my axe!

true Home
02/01/12 5:24 pm

how do people not wear deodorant? that's just plain gross!!

02/01/12 5:16 pm

Brands don't bother me on that stuff.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
02/01/12 8:42 am

Secret, don't really care what scent but I won't wear anything but Secret. It works great hell even my teenage boys use it.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
02/01/12 8:30 am

I am brand loyal - when I find one I like.
Bit I am not going looking for very many items and deodorant is definitely not one I would drive for.

mamita Alabama
02/01/12 2:59 am

I buy more than one brand anyways since I prefer more than one.

elbow82 Veganland
01/31/12 10:56 pm

I don't have a favorite anyway. I buy whatever doesn't contain animal ingredients and is cheapest.

01/31/12 10:26 pm

I always end up with a different one anyway.

01/31/12 9:19 pm

@James- guess I'm a wacko!
But I shop at more than one store.
Am I the only one?

01/31/12 8:35 pm

Anyone who says different store is insane

01/31/12 8:11 pm

If you look at ingredients they bout the same. I like to try ee things do I would try something new.

01/31/12 7:53 pm

Eh diff deodorants don't do anything different to me so it's whatever

01/31/12 7:38 pm

deoderant isn't important enough to me to search multiple stores

Nerdz Texas
01/31/12 7:23 pm

no I'm too lazy to try a different store 

blutuesday California
01/31/12 7:11 pm

More likely I'd go online and find it!

LOLdayl Ohio
01/31/12 7:02 pm

As long as it smells similar I'll grab a different brand.

01/31/12 7:01 pm

I buy different ones every time

ilikepi Somewhere near Japan
01/31/12 6:54 pm

Axe deodorant for when you want people to stay far away from you

01/31/12 6:42 pm

@ntvtxn65... I know I know. I'm voting for "not Romney " now and "not Obama" in Nov. enough politics bring back old spice musk scent. been gone for years

peacenskis Alaska
01/31/12 6:38 pm

I find baby powder to be such a strange scent on an adult. But, who's smelling my deodorant anyway?

peacenskis Alaska
01/31/12 6:37 pm

OMG! So funny, I was just thinking the last time I got deodorant how I have been using the same one for over 10 years. They didn't have it, I decided just to wait since I wasn't out, but had I been out, I would have chose a different one so long as it did not smell like baby powder.

01/31/12 6:36 pm


01/31/12 6:36 pm

men are more likely to go to another store? that's unexpected.

01/31/12 6:31 pm

@showjeep- life is like a box of chocolates... There's more to life than politics- especially when some pinheads keep electing the same crooks- it's a never ending story!
I'm just hoping & praying that Republicans voted in remember the present BS- do a better job this go around!
Newt in 2012!

01/31/12 6:27 pm

New & Improved (!) Old Spice- but still missing the ORIGINAL scent!

Malekithe Bedrock
01/31/12 6:12 pm

Maine is really dedicated to their brands

01/31/12 6:08 pm

old spice only by the way :)

01/31/12 6:07 pm

15 trillion in debt and 10% unemployment.....hmmm....lets ask about deoderant. We're discussing the wrong pits.

01/31/12 5:16 pm

I'm allergic to pretty much everything but old spice so yea...

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
01/31/12 4:58 pm

Oh well try something different for a change.

01/31/12 4:50 pm

When there's not Old Spice, there's AXE.

01/31/12 4:37 pm

I change brands periodically Anyway, so I'd get a different brand.

01/31/12 3:21 pm

I'm just too lazy to go to a different store.

ilikepi Somewhere near Japan
01/31/12 3:13 pm

This just seems like a really good question to me anyone else?

angiebrite Gallifrey
01/31/12 3:12 pm

I'm down with trying new things. Different brand. I'm too lazy to go to a different store

anonymom Virginia
01/31/12 2:41 pm

I never switch brands now that I've found one that my skin doesn't react badly to. I usually buy new deodorant before my old one is completely empty so it's not a big deal if I have to wait to buy it.