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If offered a free chance to be one of four astronauts on a maiden voyage to colonize Mars 10 years from now, would you go? (UserQ)

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06/14/12 9:00 am

what atmoshere is gonna block out harmful rays

06/14/12 8:58 am

too many things can go wrong snd its impossible

monty New York
06/10/12 8:55 pm

Two way ticket -sure, one way - have to think about it but probably yes if I could still communicate with earth

StaffSgtKip Florida
06/10/12 6:44 pm

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

06/10/12 11:39 am

I would go even though it is a one way trip.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
06/09/12 2:37 pm

This is great. I say we take the 34% of dems that said yes and make thief dreams come true!

06/09/12 11:44 am

It would need to be over 100 years in the future. We haven't even gotten there yet, let alone started terra forming.

06/09/12 9:50 am

Why only half as many gals as guys?

markiep Illinois
06/09/12 7:24 am

Hell yes. I would miss my family but I think it would be the ultimate journey.

BadBadger Georgia
06/09/12 12:22 am

Bluejay, I think you misread that. Mars-One says the trip would be 10 months. The time it takes depends primarily on when you leave, because of the relative positions of Earth and Mars. Some years shorter, some longer.

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
06/08/12 8:46 pm

One of four? That's not enough people to colonize a place. And I would never leave my family.

06/08/12 8:09 pm

HELL no. I'm just fine here on earth

06/08/12 2:06 pm

For those who stay: they would never experience Earth gravity again and be adapted to Mars.
A visit to Earth would require them to
wear an exoskeleton as now being developed by the military.
Mars born people would be lean and fragile but adapted to Mars.

06/08/12 2:03 pm

@gunny: yes they would need rehab therapy, but the journey would maybe take 8 months then you have gravity again on Mars though reduced.

06/08/12 1:28 pm

@Praetorian, yes, but the astronauts returning from just a few months on the ISS do that, and the still have pretty significant bone loss. Methinks years of no gravity, or non earth gravity would probably cripple them.

06/08/12 1:15 pm

@Gunny: they did on Mir
You have to do physical training daily like treadmill while strapped down.

mwaters379 Connecticut
06/08/12 12:28 pm

Omg without hesitation., to be one of only a few people to ever see space and see things no one else ever has.. How could you ever say no., the unknown is part of the excitement of it!!

06/08/12 9:18 am

Nice job, South Dakota.. I know it's bad, but damn!

BluejayV Life is Cinema
06/08/12 9:18 am

This question has come up, in case some of you don't know, because a Dutch company has plans to start colonization of the moon in 2023 and repeatedly sent colonists up there every two years after that. It's a seven year voyage though. But hey, it's a whole new planet. The final frontier.

06/08/12 8:57 am

I would really like to be in the second or third wave once its a little more established

06/08/12 8:29 am

I'd base my answer on how many of those other three astronauts are female.

Happy2 California
06/08/12 7:29 am

To the people who want 100% safety. Do you ever travel by car? That's not 100% safe.

PurpleAsh Nowhere Land, CO
06/08/12 6:28 am

I'm surprised at how many people based their answer on a tv show.

06/08/12 4:30 am

While I admire those involved in space exploration, it scares me. It would be hard to want to colonize another planet.

06/08/12 4:14 am

Is it possible that humans could survive that long in space, without the benefits of earths gravity, and not suffer from harm to the cardiovascular and skeletal system?

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
06/08/12 3:57 am

In ten years im gonna be hunting bear in Alaska and im not giving that up for mars

06/08/12 3:33 am

If there were a filter for marital status singles without kids would probably say yes more than 50%

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
06/08/12 2:43 am

Nope cause I expect to have a family and kids. I wouldn't want to leave them.

Nerdz Texas
06/07/12 11:45 pm

i'd be too terrified of aliens and stuff

JamesMadison La Palma
06/07/12 10:37 pm

Hell yea, if i die i will be remembered, if i succeed i will be more remembered. And it will be a great thing to be part of history

tardis! Colorado
06/07/12 9:21 pm

after doctor who, NO! before, yes. same thing with my opinion of angel statues.

06/07/12 9:20 pm

Too old to colonize anywhere, especially in 10 years. However, I would have gone 20 years ago.

taurus98 in the TARDIS
06/07/12 8:57 pm

If it ends badly, then no. If it ends well, then sure.

Jzz California
06/07/12 8:36 pm

I hope to be retired in 10 years.

CAKE is good for the soul.
06/07/12 8:24 pm

I can't believe how many people said no. Where is your sense of adventure? That would be the trip of a lifetime assuming it ended well. I'd definitely go.

hexin Wisconsin
06/07/12 7:50 pm

No, just because I don't trust anything before it's been tested and is at least at version 2. So no way would I risk my life on a maiden voyage.

06/07/12 7:25 pm

No because I really care about someone and I hope I can be with her again.

06/07/12 7:21 pm

I'd go. Just gotta be wary about the water aliens from Doctor Who.

commonsenc District of Columbia
06/07/12 6:56 pm

I would not go until there were at lest ten thousand people and self reliant.

monkeyy Ohio
06/07/12 5:29 pm

Nope. Not the maiden voyage. I'd have to be 100% sure that its safe before going.
I'm not saying its a bad idea, just that I don't want to be the first. We discussed this in science this year; I love this question!

06/07/12 5:04 pm

sorry I need sex too much