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Should Internet gambling be legal? (UserQ)

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08/16/12 11:31 pm

I'm sure my government servant does not care about what I want or anyone else.

ishady 86451132020
08/16/12 2:53 am

As with a lot if these issues, legalize regulate and tax.

08/15/12 7:00 pm

It's They Money They Can Do What Ever They Want With It. They Have To Live With There Situations.

08/15/12 5:58 am

Tabbser- if the gov lets you do anything w your Internet connection there would bemajor problems just imagine what pedophiles could do. Duh we need laws duh

uturn55 Florida
08/14/12 9:31 pm

For starters kids don't have debit cards. They legalized lottery and That's gambling. Problem is, the government can't profit from Internet gambling. That's why it isn't legal. They have no right to say what people do with their pay check. And no, I don't gamble.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
08/14/12 11:19 am

Sure it should be legal along with a bunch of other things that are not a good idea such as marijuana, and 32 ounce sodas.

08/13/12 11:51 pm

Why should government tell me what I can and cannot do on my internet connection ? For the record, I don't gamble.

EarlyBird Portland
08/13/12 10:12 pm

That's my problem with it, how do you keep kids out of it, online. You can't

08/13/12 7:06 pm

Why would it be illegal? 1) no tax revenue. 2) bad for people. 1) fair tax! 2) Let people be responsible for there own actions!

08/13/12 5:43 pm

Yes legalize it and TAX THE HECK out of it to pay off the ridiculous national debt.

tvg Worcester, MA
08/13/12 8:57 am

I personally hate to gamble, but I'm not a fascist like our politicians, so it should be 100% legal.

NYevo NY
08/13/12 8:00 am

It should be legal if its legal in your state.

08/13/12 6:11 am

If you don't want a casino in your town from which you could collect revenue, why would you let people do it online and risk collecting NO money? We did this already with online gambling rooms based in the Cayman Islands.Guess what...They dont have to pay taxes and the $ are virtually untraceable.

JHawk3205 MD
08/13/12 12:54 am

If you don't like casinos for localized higher crime rates, legalize it- and if you're too dumb to know, we could use the money, tax that shizniz!

08/13/12 12:39 am

41% of users don't understand what liberty is.

EarlyBird Portland
08/12/12 10:55 pm

How could they stop kids from getting into it?

Herm31812 Pennsylvania
08/12/12 9:27 pm

Oh yeah. Let people waste there own money, it won't effect you.

08/12/12 8:44 pm

I think people should be free to choose if they want to gamble or not.

Steve6453 Michigan
08/12/12 8:23 pm

just a kid, no it doesnt. Who cares how sombody else spends their money.

JamesMadison La Palma
08/12/12 8:01 pm

It depends if real money is involved

tidford My little piece of heaven
08/12/12 7:55 pm

I'm fine with Internet, or other, gambling, so long as gambler is licensed. Only purpose of license to be to disqualify gambler from receiving any sort of Welfare.

In general the Lottery is s tax on stupidity.

kris55 Alabama
08/12/12 7:28 pm

Why shouldnt it be legal. Idc what someone else does with their money.

EarlyBird Portland
08/12/12 6:51 pm

RJ1969 - lol... Always playing devils advocate.

08/12/12 5:41 pm

@kytoaltoky, taxes aren't voluntary. If they were then the govt could just get rid of the part saying "if you don't pay taxes, we lock you up in a steel cage like an animal." taxes are legalized theft, far from being voluntary.

08/12/12 5:31 pm

It's too hard to regulate

sohuser California
08/12/12 5:28 pm

@wedaslaves I'm not poor and I still gamble occasionally. I'm doing my part to support California public schools.

truth1 Florida
08/12/12 5:16 pm

@kyo- how many people have no property, no income, AND don't buy anything? Besides children.

08/12/12 5:14 pm

No the government will susadibese our money and ext

08/12/12 4:55 pm

Regular gambling should be legal.

08/12/12 4:28 pm

How about this: Lotteries "lure" money from primarily economically disadvantaged people. And taxes are voluntary in a way... If you don't have income, own property, or buy anything--boom! Tax Free!

truth1 Florida
08/12/12 3:20 pm

@weda- taxes take. Lottery is voluntary. Words have meanings.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
08/12/12 2:51 pm

The lottery takes money from the poorer of us. When people are desperate, they like to dream. Dreaming gives hope. However, false hope is a lie that steals from the very people who need the money.

EarlyBird Portland
08/12/12 2:40 pm

It should be legal but it saddens me that people are so desperate to "hit the big one" that they will risk everything.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/12/12 2:38 pm

I bet I can get you to want to gamble.

I'm not sure yet, but I'll come up with something.

EarlyBird Portland
08/12/12 2:37 pm

JustinR makes a good point in that it widens the gap.

jstan New Jersey
08/12/12 2:33 pm

I refuse to pass judgment on people who gamble but I would not advise Internet gambling from a different perspective. I took the liberty to learn three programming languages: HTML, Java, and Python; and I can tell you first hand that as soon as you put any sort of currency online it's up for grabs.

08/12/12 2:21 pm

Internet gambling isn't legal?

08/12/12 2:07 pm

...and only widens the gap.

08/12/12 2:06 pm

Gambling causes people to go broke and only make the rich(owners of casinos,websites) richer. It's not good for our economy!

08/12/12 2:05 pm

That would hurt the family business

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
08/12/12 1:38 pm

Gambling only hurts yourself. Since when was it the government's job to protect us from ourselves?

thinker2 nc
08/12/12 1:36 pm

Why isn't all gambling legal?