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Do you listen to classical music regularly?

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optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/11/12 8:55 pm

PLZ PLZ PLZ make a showdown about favorite music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ W!TH A CH33RY 0N T0P!!!!!!!1111!!11!!!!!!EXLAMATION POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!1!1!11111111ONE!!!!!!ONE!!!!!!1111!!!!

06/11/12 7:33 pm

It's the only music I can listen to while working, so yes

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/11/12 12:53 pm

@gunnysgt: No, sadly. I just enjoy the events down at the Oceanfront--and Town Center, but there's something about the oceanfrot performances--better atmosphere, I think.

06/11/12 10:59 am

Yes- but I also call Rock n Roll Classic!

FrankZappa New York
06/11/12 9:43 am

Hey, breaking news today!!!
My music is back in the hands of my family and will be reissued through Universal. That's right, 60, yes 60, of my recordings will be re-presented, and remastered. Enjoy.

06/11/12 7:50 am

@ BchStusa, are you part of the gang that puts on events @ the O'front?

06/11/12 7:49 am

We play classical music all the time in the barn. Keeps the animals chilled out.

FrankZappa New York
06/10/12 11:39 pm

@Fiat, in cases dear to Zappa's heart, I represent him. His views and use of satire influence me; though his instrumental works are still ahead of their time. His compositions will one day qualify as classical, his guitar solos are fresh & brilliant (my guitar wants to kill your mama, transfusions)

StaffSgtKip Florida
06/10/12 6:43 pm

I listen to everything but since I listened to classical when I was a baby, I tend to like that more.

opinoner homaha
06/10/12 6:30 pm

Classical means orchestra don't you know that people???? Oh and I luv it to and I'm only 13

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/10/12 11:06 am

People find it hilarious that I love rap and classical music...and Rock, country, bluegrass, alternative, you name it.

06/10/12 10:39 am

I am forced to since I am a live in "housekeeper" for my dad..he listens to classical and FOX talk about torture..sometimes I can get him to listen to '40s music which I love besides rock. Me, I like anything except country, opera, and most rap. I do like some classical. Gershwin. If

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/10/12 9:38 am

@DrReid: YES! So exciting to play.

@Argeas: Good point. I'm not the biggest fan of playing or listening to classical era classical music (cello), but Haydn isn't too bad.

06/10/12 7:43 am

I face-palmed when i saw the results.

06/10/12 5:38 am

Mozart's "Laudate Dominum" and "Ave Verum Corpus"' Vivaldi's "Gloria", Beethoven's ""Pathetique", Verdi's "Requiem" and the most sublime music ever written : Mozart's "Requiem"

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
06/10/12 4:30 am

@FrankZappa you know you died in 1992, right? So are you just a fan of his, or does he inspire your music? Just curious.

argeas Arnor
06/10/12 12:01 am

The classical era? Or "classical" music? Because that would make a difference. I wouldn't say I listen to classical era music on a regular basis (as much as I love Mozart and Haydn), but music that is before 1870, yes.

hexin Wisconsin
06/09/12 11:44 pm

22% of people are stretching "regularly."

Kommandant Indiana
06/09/12 8:32 pm

I enjoy it when I am in the mood. I am a little odd as I enjoy everything from classical to metal to country to Christian to folk to bluegrass.

infinity1 Cincinnati, OH
06/09/12 6:30 pm

Classical is the only music I like along with opera

06/09/12 5:06 pm

I love Tchaikovsky and he was born the same month and day as me!

snafu Washington
06/09/12 2:35 pm

I love classical and opera, I grew up listening to both on a regular basis among other things, my dad instilled in me a love for all music so now my iPod goes from Mumford and Sons to Vivaldi to LMFAO to Flogging Molly and back to Mozart :)

06/09/12 12:08 pm

I play it and love it. It's amazing how much we have strayed away from musical complexity and had begun to simplify it.

tsk California
06/09/12 10:40 am

Not classical-classical but Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings
and the church choir version, Agnus Dei. I love the climax.

yesmaam socal
06/09/12 9:52 am

I'm forced to play it but I don't listen to it.

06/09/12 9:49 am

I'd take classical over country or rap any day!!

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/09/12 8:20 am

Classic country! But other than that, no

06/09/12 6:44 am

Classical music is brain food.

FrankZappa New York
06/09/12 6:05 am

@BadBadger, I think my Black Page #2 is closer to classical than any contemporary composer. As much as I was influenced by Varese or Cage, I'm at least melodic.

JDoe Its a gift
06/09/12 5:15 am

I have quite a bit of classical on my my iPod running playlist. It's mixed in with some Lady Gaga, Coldplay, and other eclectic choices.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
06/09/12 3:07 am

I like it as well but when I listen to music it tends to be soft or pop rock or country.

Tpallidum Los Angeles, CA
06/09/12 12:50 am

I like it but do not listen regularly.

BadBadger Georgia
06/09/12 12:32 am

Vanna, it seems to me that spending all that time on SOH is the PERFECT time to be listening to music. And if, for some reason, you find the music too distracting while you read or type, try Ambient.

BadBadger Georgia
06/09/12 12:28 am

Frank, for the time being, be happy that your music is at least considered CLASSIC!

06/08/12 11:11 pm

Have some of Itouch and pandora

HayleyS looking up.
06/08/12 10:27 pm

I do because of ballet class. I love the music, but I don't really listen to it all thatttt much outside of dance.

06/08/12 9:48 pm

If you haven't really listened to Ravel's Bolero you are missing an outstanding piece!

JamesMadison La Palma
06/08/12 9:42 pm

More regularly then lyrical music, the music sucks nowadays

FaceMoose Over There
06/08/12 9:31 pm

No, but I wish I did. It's beautiful music.

FrankZappa New York
06/08/12 9:08 pm

Do The Residents count? They could be chamber.