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If your child received academic permission to skip a grade in elementary school, would you want him/her to skip ahead or stay with his/her age group?

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yvgvyid SC
05/26/12 2:08 pm

I skipped... and I'm being scouted for athletics right now and it's actually hurting me that I skipped cuz sometimes I'm less muscular. but it helps cuz I'm tall

Flooded Virginia
05/25/12 10:00 pm

one grade? It would depend on how old the child was in relation to his/her peers and where they would fall age-wise in the next grade up. My birthday fell at a time where I could either be where I am now or one up. I'm glad I'm on the older side, but everyone is different.

theauthor California
05/25/12 8:55 pm

Stay. There are programs to accommodate gifted students while keeping them with emotionally ans socially equal peers.

commonsenc District of Columbia
05/25/12 8:03 am

it depends on the child's age and maturity

05/24/12 9:06 pm

If children skip a grade, they will be less mature. Also, if they do not they hold an advantage over their peers in regard to driving, working, and mental capability (in most cases).

Kato Minnesota
05/23/12 4:40 pm

I would let them choose it's there lifr

hexin Wisconsin
05/22/12 1:37 pm

I skipped first grade. I think I would have been better off with people my own age. I was still into toys and stuff when no one else in my class was.

monkeyy Ohio
05/21/12 6:32 pm

It depends. There's a kid in my school who is in 8th grade choir,band, & orchestra, 9th grade honors geometry & physical science, and 7th grade language arts and social studies. It's confusing. He's supposed to be in 7th. He was in my 7th grade science class last year and annoyed the poo out of me.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
05/20/12 10:51 pm

My youngest son would have been better off had he been challenged. Almost perfect sat. Now works for Twitter

05/20/12 10:31 am

I don't see why not. I myself skipped one.

05/19/12 11:37 pm

Homeschool in college by 17 :-)

05/19/12 2:25 pm

There choice but I would encourage skipping if I thought that they could keep up. It would give them a head start.

05/19/12 10:58 am

I skipped 12th and never regretted it.

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
05/19/12 10:52 am

When i was in 7th grade i was average at math but read and wrote at a college level. I wouldnt have wanted to skip.

purpleness Iowa
05/19/12 10:01 am

School. If a kid is academically and socially able they should.

purpleness Iowa
05/19/12 10:00 am

Well, if you made them stay, they'd be really bored. Like, this year has been really boring for me because we were learning the same things we did last year. I know some kids do need that review to help them remember it, but for the people who actually do remember it, it's just a wasted year of

05/19/12 7:57 am

I skipped 4th grade. It didn't have any social effects on me since I was the youngest in the family anyhow. Each individual is different. I don't believe you can decide without several factors being considered. It worked great for me, but I can see where it'd be difficult for others.

catey Pennsylvania
05/19/12 7:16 am

Well it depends what grade they're in. If they're in kindergarten or first, I'd say go ahead.

05/19/12 4:34 am

I have to agree with @madclown - what's the rush?

05/19/12 4:32 am

I skipped, then later began college during my senior year of HS. The 1-2 year difference in physical maturity was a bit difficult, especially at age 13, when everyone else was 15.

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
05/19/12 2:50 am

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05/19/12 1:23 am

First off it's good people realize the social benefits of staying in your grade, because half of the business/work world is that. Not necessarily popularity, but coping skills and maturity. Secondly, I find if they skip a year, they're missing out on important curriculum.

kandykane California
05/18/12 10:42 pm

who are considering skipping high school and going straight to college at 13. That doesn't change the fact that they are essentially still children, and still act the part.

kandykane California
05/18/12 10:41 pm

Oh, and of course it should be based on the child's choice too. And to those of you saying don't rush childhood, I don't think grade level has much to do with it. I know people younger than me who act totally grown up, and I know people older than me who seem like they'll never grow up. I know kids

kandykane California
05/18/12 10:37 pm

would say, skip in elementary if you get the chance, maybe not so much in middle or high school unless your kid is social, mature and smart for their age. Also I think girls mature faster so that may be a factor.

kandykane California
05/18/12 10:36 pm

Depends on the situation for me. I skipped first grade and I was fine, I only had to endure minor teasing from my classmates, but the academics were very easy for me all the way through elementary. If I were to skip a grade now, I think it would be much harder, socially and academically. So I

05/18/12 10:18 pm

I had mine skip. she would have gotten board

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
05/18/12 9:44 pm

I would have been a lot better off if my parents had skipped me ahead, I think. As it was, I already took classes with students a grade or more ahead of me starting in 6th grade, and my core social group was a year ahead of me as well. By 12th grade I was bored, lonely, and ready to be in college.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
05/18/12 8:19 pm

I am a teacher with 24 years of experience and I don't believe in skipping grades. There are other concerns besides academic ones. However there is often good reason to have a child repeat a grade though in this competitive society this is rarely done.

05/18/12 5:28 pm

Skipping a grade makes it real tough for a kid to be a good high school athlete. I realize that some people couldn't care less about that, but it would weigh into my decision.

JAsher Fishers, IN
05/18/12 5:21 pm

My school wanted to skip me from 1st to 2nd grade, but my parents requested that I stay. In some ways, I wish they has let me skip, and in some ways, I'm glad they didn't. It all depends on the timing and the child, I suppose.

widdy76 always here
05/18/12 5:14 pm

For me, it would depend on my child, if they wanted to, and if I thought they were mature enough. I have 3 boys- 2 are in school. One of them would handle it better than the other, and they are both very smart/advanced.

TideGal CFL
05/18/12 3:41 pm

if a boy stay; girl skip. girls mature faster.

countrytboy Georgia
05/18/12 2:43 pm

If they can do it, let them. I would want my kid to reach their full potential, and if that means skip a grade, i would let them. I know plenty of people that are doing very well right now and are happy that skipped a grade

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
05/18/12 2:43 pm

I skipped two grades in elementary. My parents were fine with it. But, we were a family more committed to academics rather than social acceptance. The social aspect was never a question. I have never understood the controversy surrounding this set of circumstances due to "social acceptance".

BigUgly Texas
05/18/12 2:14 pm

I'm detecting a pattern in the "keep 'em where they are" crowd of social hinderance and worries about other kids. Social acceptance shouldn't be a life motivator. It teaches a "pack" mentality and promotes mediocrity. If a kid is smart enough to move then challenge them to move up.

Patimen California
05/18/12 1:46 pm

spoiler, where did RPG say antyhing about taking money from government?

05/18/12 1:30 pm

It would really matter more than just the grades. If we are talking really early I would have to be confident that they are socially ready. If it happened when already switching schools like jr High to high and people were already moving around it might work better.

05/18/12 12:45 pm

Kids aren't cattle or sheep and don't need to just go with the herd; if they are capable... Let them skip a grade.

spoiler Michigan
05/18/12 12:19 pm

RPG- so u'll take money from the gov't to homeschool huh?!

05/18/12 11:29 am

I'm not going to let them be brainwashed by the state.

Plus I've met homeschooled kids and they were the nicest, smartest kids I've ever met.

05/18/12 11:28 am

When I have kids I am going to homeschool.

godcyanide Probably gone for good
05/18/12 11:26 am

I was put ahead early on in my life. I paid a price later on due to the meanness/jealousy of children and the disparity in social development. I wouldn't do it to my child; instead, I'd find a school more suited to his abilities. My parents would have for me but they couldn't afford it.

05/18/12 11:23 am

I skipped 8th grade and would not want that for my child..all the friends I had I lost and the type of kid I did not work out for me

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
05/18/12 11:18 am

I would leave it up to my kid. Although it depends on what grade he/she is skipping.