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Show Of Hands May 22nd, 2012 12:00am

Do you have a marketable (and legal) skill that you could turn into a freelance job if you didn't have a full time employer?

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06/05/12 8:20 pm

Certified personal trainer! All I'd need to do is find a wealthy client and I'd b set for life lol

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
06/04/12 12:40 pm

Writing. I could also teach English reading as long as the person I'm teaching already speaks it.

Fact FL
06/03/12 7:11 pm

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05/27/12 8:06 pm

No I'm actually pretty useless overall

05/26/12 5:12 pm

Certified resume writer, right here! :)

seeker7 Pennsylvania
05/26/12 10:59 am

I make jewelry and can crochet. I wish I had time to make enough to sell. I know I can crochet some of the stuff sold on And even though it's cheap to make I've seen scarves on there selling for $35. When it might only take $7-$14 to make.

05/24/12 8:41 pm

My skills pay my baby's bills

DJPanic District of Columbia
05/24/12 6:42 pm

that's what's kept me a float for a year now

soccerrocks80 Colorado
05/24/12 11:53 am

Holy crap. You have got issues man!

05/23/12 10:27 pm

Marketable, yes. Legal, no.

05/23/12 8:47 pm

if the laws would change to allow hygienists in WI to be independent contractors yes. Otherwise I actually do ok selling my knitting and other crafts

jrp2004 Illinois
05/23/12 8:32 pm

As a registered nurse, I've thought of doing freelance legal consulting for law firms that deal with medical related cases. It can actually be a lucrative side job if you're willing to put in the time.

stevetinfc Oregon
05/23/12 8:13 pm

I love the "and legal" parenthetical. LOL!

Fact FL
05/23/12 7:42 pm

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Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/23/12 6:13 pm

@WireNerd that's pretty cool. I got hooked on bending wire into name pins and bracelets years ago after watching a street vendor work late one night on a sidewalk in Brussels. Mine come out nice enough, but I work too slow to make a living from it.

05/23/12 6:00 pm

well... I write.. but I couldn't make a living

wirenerd Somersworth
05/23/12 5:55 pm

I'm a metalwork jewelry artist (hence the username). And I started metalwork at a young age. And I actually DO have a business.

05/23/12 5:52 pm

I can mold even the dirtiest woman into a high class prostitute which I then pump out. It's like house flipping but with whores.

angiebrite Gallifrey
05/23/12 5:03 pm

I like how we have I clarify "legal" skills

sohuser California
05/23/12 4:58 pm

Legal is what threw most of us off here.

Itabliss Hello
05/23/12 3:59 pm

Most of you are on crack if you think anyone is going to pay you for your "skills".

sgeisler18 Illinois
05/23/12 1:38 pm

Babysitting and singing. I could make good money with both if I wanted to.

erika348 Texas
05/23/12 12:15 pm

photography, scrapbooking, card making

05/23/12 11:30 am

I'd like to think I'm good enough at playing the clarinet to teach kids, and I love photography and drawing. I think I might be skilled as much as I need to in those areas that I might sell some of my work.

anonymous0 Nevada
05/23/12 9:34 am

teach Japanese and English, teach piano clarinet flute(I've done), dog training, weight training and indoor cycling.

05/23/12 9:28 am

Creative writing, I think they freelance that stuff.

05/23/12 8:28 am

I pimp out oh-so-cool hipster liberals to she-males on main street. And get this... For free! Just so they know what Obama care will do to our country. They pay nothing and get nothing but the feeling of a lost soul and a bleeding arse with no one to blame but themselves for allowing it to happen.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
05/23/12 8:07 am

Im a chef. Im also a learning mechanic. And an inventor.

05/23/12 7:51 am

I'm an amazing cook & a pretty talented artist (if I do say do myself). So I think I could turn one of those into a job if I wanted to. Right now I'm just happy to stay home with my kids.

05/23/12 7:07 am

All if you folks who have started a business, do you have aspirations of great success?? Yu better not, or you'll be punished by the current administration! Success is a crime in Modern America!

05/23/12 6:15 am

secretarial stuff, some nursing..

05/23/12 6:11 am

I said no even though I can do a small bit of graphic design. I'm really not good enough to charge. Same with my photography.

rachael101 New York
05/23/12 4:32 am

I don't even no one word that question asked

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
05/23/12 4:27 am

Yes. But here in Missouri, people prefer you do everything for them just out of the goodness of your heart. You could certainly WORK full-time. Getting PAID full-time is dicey.

05/23/12 3:07 am

Online marketing/sales and music editing. Hopefully those can just remain hobbies.