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12/09/11 12:33 am

If u let ppl keep more of the money they earn they'll spend more of it which stimulates the economy & that creates even more money. To take more of something from some1 means they're less likey to give it away. These are simple facts, not opinions. Is it that hard for dems to understand this concept

12/08/11 3:53 pm

We can't afford the Bush tax cuts with the deficit we are running. Therefore, wehave to let them expire. It really is that basic.

11/26/11 10:44 am

Margaret Thatcher's thoughts on high taxes for government-run programs:

"That stuff's all great until you start running out of other people's money!"

11/26/11 12:43 am

raise the taxes on those greedy selfish coorperations because we are all sure they will happily pay the taxes and not do any layoffs or ferlows to compensate for the raised taxes.. right?

11/26/11 12:32 am

No intelligence or thought process or real world experience....

11/26/11 12:32 am

Demo- first, love that you recognize that your a political zombie. It's a nice warning. Unions destroy jobs. They originally served a great purpose. Now, they're bloated and costly. They are useless. Jobs without unions aren't automatically 10¢ hr child labor in a sweatshop. That thinking just shows

11/25/11 11:44 pm

The jobs were lost six years after the tax cuts when congress started spending like drunken sailors and the media wished this recession into existence.

hazhap1 Las Vegas
11/24/11 1:36 pm

These tax cuts haven't brought the jobs back. These so called "job creators" are just getting more wealthy off these tax cuts and not hiring anyone... Plain and simple fact.

11/24/11 6:25 am

Apollo: the haves and have nots, the productive and the non-productive. Those that do it for themselves vs those that want someone else to do it for them.

11/23/11 11:38 pm

You libs are being manipulated with class envy and don't even realize it!

11/23/11 9:37 pm

Illinois! Why hast thou forsaken me?

11/23/11 7:54 pm

Creating jobs in America, their purpose is to make sure that workers are being paid accordingly to their work and that the workers are being treated fairly. You mind further explaining your point so I can correct it some more?

11/23/11 7:52 pm

No, the poor are the hard working trying to get jobs. Out sourcing happens because we're greedy and want to make profit, not because of any of the nonsense you just said. How is this good for America? The regulations are dismal at best. The unions have nothing to do with prohibiting people from....

ObiWonton South Dakota
11/23/11 6:28 pm

last I checked... Poor people don't create jobs. As for demozombi response in regards to outsourcing jobs, you can attribute that to high taxes, too much regulations, and unions. Unions especially are a cancer in our economy that needs to be eradicated.

11/23/11 6:02 pm

Let's be clear: this is not truly a tax cut. It's merely a small reprieve from an already oppressive tax rate. I say 10% flat tax, no deductions, credits or loopholes.

redebbm 91709
11/23/11 2:12 pm

If you say extend you have no credibility on deficits. Seriously. These are tax cuts on credit cards. Expire them already!!

11/23/11 2:26 am

That's the magic of capitalism.

11/23/11 2:26 am

Dude, come on now. Even if the wealthy did get taxed more and have to pay more, they'd still be wealthy. What have these rich "job creators" done for America in the past 10 years or so? Shipped American jobs overseas for cheaper labor so that the average working American has no chance at succeeding.

DanIndepen Ohio
11/23/11 2:15 am

now everyone thinks (everyone that wants the rich to pay more) "how can I get more of his wealth"......this is the socialistic perspective that a lot of Americans have started to adopt.....lame

DanIndepen Ohio
11/23/11 2:13 am

at one point people used to think "how do I become wealthy" hence the idea of capitalism....and what made America so great.

DanIndepen Ohio
11/23/11 2:12 am

I don't think the wealthy should have to "pay more" we just get rid of the loopholes - this argument about how the rich need to pay more is so stupid. what ever happened to personal accountability?

11/23/11 1:58 am

At SheriffCar, could you tell me what cutting taxes for the wealthiest 5% accomplishes?

11/23/11 1:56 am

You realize that only after the Bush tax code, we went from one of the longest periods of prosperity in our history to the worst economic mess since the great depression? The rich have had it their way for too long. They need to make the same sacrifices working Americans do every day.

11/23/11 1:17 am

Restore them to Clinton levels.

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
11/23/11 12:06 am

You can't have it both ways- blame the Obama admin for our woes but forgive the Bush admin. I agreed that there needs to be spending cuts but there's disagreement that there needs to be revenue increased? Why is it the middle/lower classes duty to pay more but its a burden to the rich?

11/22/11 11:06 pm

Apollo just tired of all the BS and yes believe it or not graphs can be built based on biased numbers. I'm sick to death of this president putting everyone in groups and trying to divide us all like never before, that's not leadership!

11/22/11 10:45 pm

Cutting spending reduces debt. Basic economic principles. Duh!
Cutting taxes for ANYONE is a GOOD thing. It gives the PEOPLE their money.
To spend it the way they want, which is 99.9 percent smarter than the govt. Duh! Anyone who disagrees with this is not reading about history. Even JFK knew it

veritas1 Panda
11/22/11 9:31 pm

@jopat. Obviously you never looked past the URL as the NYTimes link I spent was a compilation of facts in a graphic. No opinion or author. But if you think facts are "left-wing"……

veritas1 Panda
11/22/11 9:30 pm

We need to cut spending, but in a responsible, sustainable manner.

veritas1 Panda
11/22/11 9:29 pm

@jopat. Percentages are relative. Richest got 70x the percentage cut. And just cutting spending hurts economic growth. It kills jobs and and cuts GDP.

11/22/11 9:29 pm

sweetnes34: for some reason I thought there was a congress involved too. I mean they must pass and finance whatever the president asks for. Bush started two wars? I thought we got least once but what do I know?

11/22/11 8:50 pm

Really want to raise revenue? Concentrate on doing things that will jump start job growth. there are 14 million former workers not contributing right now.

11/22/11 7:00 pm

Apollo: If you make little or no money you get less back thanks for the math lesson. Sorry but people that have never worked or paid taxes telling others the way it should be? Really? Beware of left wing Newspapers like the times....just saying

11/22/11 6:15 pm

why would you cut military spending. without us you might as well kiss freedom goodbye!

11/22/11 5:59 pm

Not only should we tax the rich, which are under taxed, we need to cut spending on defense and military, not the peoples programs that help them survive (i.e. medicare) this causes the middle class to collapse, and the rich would go untaxed. We cannot have a huge upper class, represent the 1 percent

11/22/11 4:40 pm

There's an excellent article on that plays right into this's never as simple as right and left.

leftocentr Oregon
11/22/11 4:29 pm

Only reason this poll is close is because of greater Repub numbers. The rich must pay more. PERIOD.

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
11/22/11 3:00 pm

Nuwriter to balance a budget it needs to be both spending cuts and raising income. You can't start 2 wars and vice tax cuts. That's the hubris of the Bush administration they assumed it would be like Iraq part 1 over in a short time they never planned for long term wars

NYevo NY
11/22/11 2:55 pm

@Blackrepub: For all you Conservatives who votes yes, go ahead and pay more taxes than you usually do (nothing). Hmmm, that comment sounds pretty dumb both ways. Nice stereotype, partisan.

11/22/11 2:54 pm

Apollo, spending has practically doubled in the past ten years. That's the problem. Tax cuts did not cause that, and removing the tax cuts would not solve it. Not even close. You balance this massive spending increase with taxes. Can't be done.

11/22/11 2:52 pm

Leonel, that's a lot of fallacy in a short time. FDR's policies extended the depression. That's fact. It was the END of the New Deal controls that ended the depression.

11/22/11 2:46 pm

@apollo, too true. We have the lowest (or second lowest) taxes than any other industrialized nation. During the depression (and u repubs claim this is a depression) FDR taxes the rich 85percent and that got us out of a depression and funded the death of evil, taxing works, suck it up, dont deny fact

11/22/11 1:57 pm

@time4tea I was just about to say that

11/22/11 1:46 pm

I wonder how many of the people who voted "expire" think that only the rich are getting a break. Apparently a whole lot of us have problems with long term memory.

veritas1 Panda
11/22/11 1:44 pm

@nuwriter. At some point, yes, it would not make sense. But if you think 10% or even 20% is so much that there is no incentive for you to work, you have problems much more serious than your financial ones. You need professional help.

And we need to increase revenue and decrease spending. Balanced.

11/22/11 12:49 pm

Our government does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem, and a systematic problem of being unable to follow the contract that created it.

11/22/11 12:47 pm

Apollo, if I am giving you more money as a percentage of my income, then there comes a point at which it is no longer sensible for me to work, if the fruits of that labor will just be taken away.

veritas1 Panda
11/22/11 12:43 pm

@nuwriter. Raising taxes (whether by getting rid of loopholes or raising rates without adding new loopholes) will increase revenue. If you are giving me more money, it would be logical to assume I am getting more money from you (as there is no middle man). I