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Do you write with your left hand or your right hand? (UserQ)

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06/14/12 9:31 pm

Lefties are the minority and they will rise!!! (someday....)

06/14/12 9:01 pm

Around 2400 lefties die every year from using products made for righties.

06/13/12 12:17 am

My youngest son is a lefty. As a baby he held his bottle and held our hand to accommodate his uniqueness so he could use his left hand. He even knew to rearrange his table setting by the age of 2.

orchideous Pigfarts
06/09/12 6:51 pm

What if you're ambidextrous? Then what will you say?

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/09/12 9:24 am

Dang leftyists are at it it again...

06/09/12 8:38 am

@licensedNe. being a lefty doesn't make you "slow of growth" so why would say u r the "r" word? as others have shared most lefties r more creative.

06/09/12 8:30 am

I'm a lefty and my mom is too

bnnt Los Angeles
06/08/12 3:32 pm

Wow, I'm a freak of nature with my left-handedness...

06/08/12 12:00 am

At one point in time, left handed people were hunted down for their "ungodly ways". Sounds familiar.

PresidentDonald Washington D.C.
06/07/12 7:02 pm

Omg!!! This i my question i sent in! Leftys for the win! I wanted to see the ratio between the hands. Thank you tony for using my question!

06/07/12 3:32 pm

I played softball for quite a few years and my coaches weren't very happy that their only lefty didnt bat lefty!

06/07/12 3:32 pm

I'm a lefty but bat and golf right handed. I never realized how few Leftys are out there.

iwishyoulovedlife Cruithne, the second moon
06/07/12 2:07 pm

At least Democrats and Republicans agree on something.

MysteeDawn Massachusetts
06/06/12 10:33 pm

Righty. But I can write backwards perfectly and quickly, with my left. I tend to favor my left side also, for carrying things, bowling, shooting pool. To be honest I always hated writing because it felt like I couldn't make myself comfortable. I never sign my signature the same way. Strange. Lol

kandykane California
06/06/12 10:19 pm

Is it true that leftys tend to be smarter/more talented?

rachael101 New York
06/06/12 6:01 pm

7 kids in my class is a lefty.i could never right neat with my left hand .it will just look sloopy

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
06/06/12 2:50 pm

This is update is neat too in that you can see how many comments there are more accurately. Yay Tony!

06/06/12 2:09 pm

im a lefty but do most other things right handed

06/06/12 2:08 pm

7 us presidents were left handed including obama and bill clintom

06/06/12 12:52 pm

Right handed people tend to live 9 years longer than left handed people

Nerdz Texas
06/06/12 12:05 pm

I write with my right but I pretty much to do everything else with my left

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
06/06/12 11:28 am

Opposum- do you mean ambidextrous?

oubobcat Ohio
06/06/12 8:50 am

I'm a righty, my fiancé is a lefty. We need to sit a certain way at dinner or else we bump elbows, never dated a lefty until her so I never had to think about that!

06/06/12 7:48 am

Most of the geniuses and artists thru history were left handed, BUT so were the madmen!! Genius and madness seem to go hand in hand. BTW I am left handed, buuuhaaahaaa!!

06/06/12 7:00 am

write with the right, vote with the left!

06/06/12 4:35 am

Write right, bat left, shoot left. Go figure

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/05/12 9:53 pm

It would be very inconvenient to be right handed with a dominant left eye, but would explain why some shooters close their non-sighting eye, I guess. I know most people are right handed, but didn't expect left eye dominance to be more common.

Lulzy New Jersey
06/05/12 9:03 pm

Left, however I can use either with a bit of practice.

philmchawk Gaia Agia
06/05/12 8:55 pm

The left is right and the right is crazy.

06/05/12 8:52 pm

Swing and kick lefty. Everything else is righty. Worked to my advantage when I played baseball as a kid.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
06/05/12 8:44 pm

this morning and hope that's chosen because I am curious about the percentages.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
06/05/12 8:44 pm

@Wetheslave I wish I could see that. It sounds awesome!

@Spero42 I've found written literature about eye dominance usually says to point it at something 20+ feet away. Presumably for the same purpose most Snellen charts are at 20 ft. I submitted a request for an eye dominance poll question…

06/05/12 8:37 pm

Left handed.... Guess I'm a rare species. Yay :)

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
06/05/12 8:34 pm

@BadBadger only until a troll shows up… ;) But indeed I am glad at the discussion level with this one.

BadBadger Georgia
06/05/12 8:06 pm

I must say that I'm proud of all of us SOHers. We have matured tremendously in a very short time. All this Leftie/Rightie talk and no one beating each other up over it. Maybe there is hope for a bipartisan future!

shaka-shollz The armpit of America
06/05/12 7:47 pm

Right for writing, left for gymnastics and baseball. ????????

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/05/12 7:41 pm

my friends dad could write with two hands at the same time in opposite directions. I have no idea how he could coordinate that.

06/05/12 7:40 pm

I worked in a Travel Agency once, where all 5 of us were lefties. I cut with scissors with my right tho, eat with my left, knife with my right.

spero42 Warrington, PA
06/05/12 7:33 pm

Here's a test for eye dominance. Point at something small across the room and keep pointing. Now close one eye, then alternate eyes. You'll notice that one eye still lines up your finger to the object while the other is off center. The correctly aligned eye is dominant. Left-eye for most...

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/05/12 7:26 pm

The tests yankeesfan and AirForceFD offered sound right as well. I've never really thought about it, but I bet it's the same leg you use when diving from a board. If I try the initial plant on my left foot a train wreck of a belly flop is inevitable.

tinysarah Virginia
06/05/12 7:16 pm

I write with my right hand, but do many other things with my left hand. For example, I play basketball and I am much better at shooting left handed. I am also left footed - I can pretty much only kick the ball with my left foot in soccer.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/05/12 7:16 pm

Fiat yes, the leg you push off with is usually the stronger. I'm not sure it's consistently referred to as dominant, or if there is such a thing. If your left leg is the one you push off with you'll probably find it's more natural to cut to the right when running or turn right when skiing.