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Show Of Hands September 11th, 2012 12:00am

When you first hear news that schools are closed somewhere due to a teacher strike, is your initial reaction sympathy toward the teachers, or frustration toward the teachers union? (UQ)

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Jayseph Wasatch Front
09/17/12 11:09 pm

My wife teaches for $35 - $40,000 and that's bilingual with a masters and 16 years experience.
Pay your teachers, they are raising our youth and getting cuts here and there. We pay thousands out of pocket for paper, pencils and all sorts of supplies.

tizzle17 North Carolina
09/17/12 9:31 am

I don't feel sympathy for the teachers I am happy for them. As an X-teacher I support their ability to stand up for themselves. In NC we didn't have a union and teachers are used & abused.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/16/12 9:39 pm

Kids aren't going to teach themselves. Get the f@ck back to work!

sgeisler18 Illinois
09/15/12 9:37 pm

Also, you don't go into teaching to make a six-figure salary.

No, it is not fair that education seems to be put last in this country, but it is not fair that my mother takes a pay freeze at the university while these Chicago teachers fight for more money. It's a bunch of bad words I cannot say.

sgeisler18 Illinois
09/15/12 9:33 pm

CHICAGO. I wish their teacher's union would crumble to the ground. Those poor children who do desperately need those schools are now out on the streets again because those greedy **s in the union strike. They are some of the best paid teachers in IL and are complaining about their work day.

09/15/12 7:09 am

Working 9 months out of the year and getting paid for 12... Suck it up and get back in the classroom.

TideGal CFL
09/15/12 5:03 am

I say replace the Chicago teachers with new college grads. The teachers in Chicago make $76,000 per year. That $30,000 more than the average income of the parents of the kids they teach. Those teachers are send a message that those kids are too dumb to learn.

iTeach Mos Eisley
09/14/12 8:49 pm

When a child flunks all their classes the PARENTS should be charged with neglect. Teachers can't help those who refuse to learn.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
09/13/12 8:58 pm

Those lazy bastards are making nearly twice as much as other private sector jobs. Plus they are doing a lousy job at that. They are at work Monday AM or they are in the bread line - pee on their contract.

Oh Yah F MO. What are you quoting that B

tsk California
09/13/12 5:43 pm

Michelle Obama said success isn't about how much money you make, it's about the difference you make in other peoples lives.

Now get your butts back to work!!!

bbkkanders Kentucky
09/13/12 5:43 pm

Unions were good a long time ago but today they need to go before we ship everything over seas. We can't afford them here.

09/13/12 3:32 pm

@TiltonAllStarz: I read that it was a 16% increase spread out over 4 years.

09/13/12 3:29 pm

The Chicago students also have some of the lowest test scores in the country. All these teachers should be fired. There are plenty of better qualified teachers in this country that are currently out of work who can replace these *******. I know a couple.

mcdkm Houston
09/13/12 2:12 pm

These "poor" teachers in Chicago are the highest paid in the country at $75000 a year and they are denying kids going to school because they don't want to be evaluated. Fire them all and make them come interview to be rehired.

09/13/12 12:33 pm

Teachers unions in most cases are corrupt organizations.

09/13/12 4:32 am

I am so sick of hearing teachers whine! Their job is hard. Join the club. Most jobs are difficult and frustrating on some level. But most employers don't offer an 8 month work year, and wonderful benefits to supplement a very respectable paycheck. Cry me a river !!!

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
09/12/12 9:29 pm

The teachers turned down, TURNED DOWN A 13% PAY INCREASE!!! I live in Illinois, I KNOW our teachers compensation packages! Air conditioning?!? Your pulling that crap out of thin air! Don't lie to try and prove a point. Have any of you gotten a 13% raise? If offered would you turn it down?

09/12/12 9:16 pm

It is against the law for teachers to strike in Washington. They do anyway and the government does nothing. Change the law or enforce it.

dogsaver new Jersey
09/12/12 7:56 pm

How much can a teacher care about your kids education, when they strike during the school year and prevent your kid from getting one.

09/12/12 4:15 pm

Remember a teacher can't force your child to learn. Should a teacher be penalized or fired be cause some parent does not help their child with homework? Should teacher's pay be cut because of poor school board or school administration management?
I don't know how teachers survive in the class today.

09/12/12 4:09 pm

I've worked in both types of environments. Unions are both good and bad, just as employers are both good and bad.
Many labor laws were passed because of union support by workers: OSHA, 40 hour standard week for hourly workers, FMLA, Fair Pay Act of 2009 are a few.

09/12/12 3:57 pm

smacc and acamus: You are so right!

09/12/12 3:25 pm

Here we go, my job sucks, and I'm jealous of those who belong to unions. So, I am going to fight to make sure their jobs sucks too, rather that fight to make yours better. Your anger is misdirected and business is laughing away as they continue to take more and more.

09/12/12 2:38 pm

Underemployment and poverty keep increasing and unionizing is the only means of negotiating. One of the demands for Chicago teachers is to know when they will get air conditioning. With both parties against unions, we need to help each other as much as we can.

thekid524 New York
09/12/12 2:09 pm

Unions are bad. If someone's not doing there Job, they should get replaced.

09/12/12 1:27 pm

Both, teachers are mistreated. Unions are fat and the worst culprit.

smacc DunningKruger
09/12/12 12:32 pm

Why is it that most of you have no problem with a corporation lobbying for their interests but not teachers? Under a capitalist system the rule is charge as much as the market will bare and pay out as little as possible to maximize profits. Teachers have a marketable skill why can't they do the same

09/12/12 11:11 am

You know who really gets hurt in all this? Our children, the youth of this nation. The teachers unions and our Federal Govt should be ashamed of how poorly our overall school systems are run in this nation. Follow the benchmarks of various successful institutions of learning.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
09/12/12 9:13 am

Unions had their time, its passed, we have state laws that protect workers from unsafe environments. We have laws that protect against slave wages. We have laws that protect against most things unions claim to protect. We needed unions in the past, but not anymore.

09/12/12 8:25 am

If it were up to me, there would be no unions for any government positions. It's a cyclical cycle where they've become much too influential on taking our money and sending it back to politicians for absorbent favors for members.
Unions are for members-first not customers or students.

raywygo Pittsburgh
09/12/12 7:13 am

Neither cause I could give a crap.

EarlyBird Portland
09/12/12 6:59 am

And it should be outlawed that teachers can strike during the school year if nothing else.

EarlyBird Portland
09/12/12 6:58 am

Commonsence - you are right about unions having anything to do with government should be outlawed!

09/12/12 6:54 am

Maybe it's not that unions are being over paid, maybe you are just being grossly under paid..?

gonzoboy Arizona
09/12/12 5:50 am

Note: USA Today (9/12/12) succinctly addresses this issue in its Editorial, with a response from Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, parent union of the Chicago Teachers Union.

09/12/12 5:31 am

We teachers realize that many of you don't respect us. We see it every day in the behavior of your children.

jstan New Jersey
09/12/12 4:54 am

I typically react with contempt but I guess it depends really depends on the context. Some teachers really are getting the short end of the stick if you will but some are just hiding behind the facade of the union to make it seem like they deserve something that they really do not.

09/12/12 4:39 am

After reading most of these comments, I'd say that many of you need to go back to school. Read about the history of unions in this country.
Also, how about checking your grammar and punctuation?

09/12/12 4:38 am

Teachers union leaders are about as worthless as tits on a bull.

09/12/12 3:04 am

The only reason they frustrate me is because when you go to be a teacher you know very well what to expect and that's all on you. I think better teachers should get paid more but it has to be earned. And like I said, you're fully aware of the crap teacher pay.

09/12/12 2:38 am

Teachers are always expected to do anything "for the kids" and administrations play on that all the time to get teachers to do more work for less money.yeah, I care about my students BUT I care about my own children MORE. Teachers must be treated fairly! Go teachers!

09/12/12 2:37 am

@donbchbm if the unions truly cared about the students their members where tasked with educating they wouldn't stand up for incompetent educators. They also wouldn't strike for more money when in Chicago the average salary for a teacher is $76k a year.

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
09/12/12 1:51 am

My first reaction is irritated because the unions are spoiled enough so anything they're protesting over is probably some stupid little thing.

09/12/12 1:39 am

My first reaction is poor kids should have school choice.

smacc DunningKruger
09/12/12 12:14 am

My thought now is that it is a shame that a union was necessary and they only happen when those in power make very bad choices.

smacc DunningKruger
09/12/12 12:12 am

I had never liked the thought of unions. I thought they bread mediocrity and i was paid well without them. Then I moved to a state just starting to unionize. My opinion has changed somewhat. The cost of living here is vastly higher than where I came from and wages here are lower and benifits worse.