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Show Of Hands November 10th, 2012 12:00am

Would you rather live in a Northern European country or a Southern European country?

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anonymous0 Nevada
11/19/12 10:02 am

Italy was gorgeous and I can imagine.. Spain I'm curious

11/13/12 8:02 pm

Morocco is not in Europe ;)

Amoose3 California
11/12/12 10:02 pm

Evidently non of you guys been to Italy :)

Terrence Utah
11/12/12 6:22 pm

Or maybe perhaps Scotland or Sweden if I were to choose northern Europe.

Terrence Utah
11/12/12 6:20 pm

Anywhere in southern Europe that is warm, nice and safe.

Terrence Utah
11/12/12 6:19 pm

Southern France where it is nice and warm.

ladyniner81 I hate people
11/12/12 7:10 am

Switzerland..I'd OD on,, but seriously, there or looks beautiful there.,

montie AnCap and proud
11/12/12 5:21 am

Implying I want to live in Europe

11/12/12 2:58 am

So north or south? You pretty much said Minnesota or Texas

11/12/12 2:56 am

I currently live in germany. 19% on anything you buy as well. I gets worse in other areas. And dont forget that the value of the euro is getting bad and is about to face a sad adjustment.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
11/12/12 1:18 am

I would love to live in Malta someday. :)

11/11/12 10:00 pm


PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
11/11/12 7:36 pm

Sorry Pinky, but you are wrong. The names you use are just the Americanized names. Denmark is actually Danmark, Brazil is actually Brasil, Germany is actually Deutschland. But I can see how you would think I'm wrong if you are ethnocentric.

trailready Maryland
11/11/12 6:10 pm

As long as its west and not east I would give a **** but chose south anyway

mmjman Emerald Valley
11/11/12 4:53 pm

Google Freetown Christiana If your looking for a true libertarian place. :-). Of wanna love somewhere near it in Copenhagen.

mmjman Emerald Valley
11/11/12 4:49 pm

Banning foreigners from the pot shops, but now that a slightly more centrist government is in power they are not going to force the policy. But yeah I'd consider Copenhagen and tel-aviv about the same if not more liberal.

mmjman Emerald Valley
11/11/12 4:47 pm

Why? My fathers side of the family is Dutch it's not anywhere near as liberal or secular as a country as many seem to think. Especially lately the right has risen to more power there, red light district is practically abandoned, shrooms (once sold legally) are now illegal, and they even tried

Shovel Arizona
11/11/12 4:34 pm

If I had to choose, I'd go with Norway. North it is!

11/11/12 4:22 pm

Italy please! Good food, good wine. Art. Vatican City. Count me in!

wbvonbray Tennessee
11/11/12 4:05 pm

Northern because of the weather and the focus on metal.

11/11/12 3:23 pm

I would prefer northern Europe - but for those stating that 35% tax is too assured that the tax in the No. Europe countries is much higher than that.

11/11/12 2:48 pm

Yeah but Europe likes the US to be liberal... Better foreign relationships

PeanutButterJulie Cincinnati
11/11/12 2:22 pm

I lived in Sweden and the winters are brutal! But in the summer, it's beautiful. The days are long and sunny. The sun would set for 2 hours before it would rise again.

RedneckDriggers Confederacy
11/11/12 1:20 pm

What about Texas!!!

11/11/12 12:42 pm

Mediterranean > arctic

11/11/12 12:35 pm

Hopefully someday I'll move to the Netherlands :) it's my dream

11/11/12 11:13 am

South all the way... Italy baby!!

11/11/12 10:20 am

North?!?! Really!?!? It's f***ing arctic temperatures up here also there is no sun! It's like the sun abandoned these people or something. It's so miserable. Now the south on the other hand is beautiful. Trust me, I live in Northern Europe. Don't pick this place.

11/11/12 10:08 am

I dont want to live north anywhere. Its f****** cold up there

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
11/11/12 10:06 am

With the rate we are going just stay here and we will be like them in no time!

giero Georgia
11/11/12 10:04 am

Southern Europe definitely! You cannot beat the Mediterranean coast. Italy all the way!

spudman Ohio
11/11/12 9:25 am

Where is this north/south line?

11/11/12 9:21 am

Except that they are rapidly going broke.

11/11/12 9:19 am

I like the Southern climate but their social welfare states are too close to collapse.

11/11/12 8:52 am

Mediterranean coast for me.

omniku dot com
11/11/12 8:45 am

Seaside villa in Croatia, please.

11/11/12 8:42 am

Why in gods name would you want to live in Greece? Do you watch the news?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/11/12 8:35 am

I don't give a damn what they do in Europe. I love my guns, and I'll deal with the 'armed illiterates' myself rather than trade in my precious freedom for a little temporary security.