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Show Of Hands November 23rd, 2011 12:00am

Would you rather take a job with decent pay and good job security but no opportunity for advancement, or weak starting pay but huge growth opportunity for top performers?

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Liebel michigan
11/28/11 6:39 pm

The stability option sound like the job i am at now, less the decent pay.

11/28/11 12:47 am

In today's economy there are more than a few who would take any job right now, as long as it paid the bills and was a permanent position. It has nothing to do with a willingness to work. Yes I did call you arrogant and ignorant - if the words are confusing look them up in the dictionary.

11/28/11 12:46 am

I am appalled at the ignorance and arrogance of those who choose to characterize others who would prefer stability and decent pay (not weak pay) as "lazy" - there is just as much work and effort involved in a stable job as there is in one promising "big returns" if you excel beyond your peers.

11/26/11 10:46 pm

Not all people who picked stability are "lazy people". What about those who are a few years from retiring? Stability is perfect for them. Ass

allenml California
11/26/11 12:00 pm

The e ones that picked stability r the lazy people!

dlyliny1 New York
11/25/11 10:12 pm

Top performers are rarely that; they're just perceived to be bc they're good at "playing the game". As long as my job challenges me, I'm all for stability. Plus, I find that unless ur the CEO/Owner, each higher rung u reach on the corp ladder = more political BS and cronyism to deal with. No thanks!

DaKernal Colorado
11/25/11 11:39 am

The question really asks about motivation and remuneration. Do you want to make coin and not get fired for doing very little (Q1) or do you want to bust your hump for peanuts with the prospect of cashing in? I think it is sad that almost 40% of us are essentially ok being on the dole.

11/25/11 7:39 am

Clearly not EVERYONE will advance or even profit from hard work. Ten sales people, but only one management position opens. If all people work hard, 90% will be left behind. It's just Vegas odds and the house (the corporation) wins. The odds are that you'll lose.

Nerdz Texas
11/24/11 7:24 pm

im a hard worker so i pit opportunity

11/24/11 9:41 am

oldlady are you calling the 62%
ass kissers?

11/24/11 6:30 am

According to the voting results, democrats are hypocrites. Since they believe in equal pay for all.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
11/24/11 12:36 am

Juiceman I am not an occupier nor am I on welfare and I belong to that 38%. I have just had to many jobs where ass kissers get farther than hard workers. I have held good jobs (I am a homemaker now) and have never asked for something I didn't earn.

11/23/11 11:50 pm

Two-faced-ness is a trademark of the Obama's. While she profited handsomely from her crony corporate ties, Mrs. Obama earned the adoration of capitalism-bashers across the country by “abandoning” the corporate life for motherhood, public service, and devotion to her husband’s ambitions.

juiceman1601 Alton Il.
11/23/11 11:50 pm

I'm in the 62% that feels like the 38% are occupiers or are on welfare...

11/23/11 10:26 pm

Lack of advancement is VERY annoying. Definitely opportunity.

O13 Alabama
11/23/11 8:11 pm

(cont) same number, historically, happen to be male and don't vote democratic. Be pissed at me all you want, the truth is in the numbers, and the numbers support my argument.

O13 Alabama
11/23/11 8:09 pm

There are ppl who strive for competition and excellence... a chance to better their situation by taking a gamble with resources at their disposal, be it; intelligence, money, physical attributes, whatever. 7+ times out of 10 those ppl are successful already, hence the higher income. The (cont)

O13 Alabama
11/23/11 8:04 pm

Add to that every other poll asked here that is even remotely close to this one and the trend is reinforced even further.

O13 Alabama
11/23/11 8:01 pm

But now that you brought it up, add all the filters together and you can see a trend. Albeit a smaller one than I would have guessed, it's still noticeable.

O13 Alabama
11/23/11 7:59 pm

Janarus, you are excused... The filter I was talking about was the income filter. I don't give a flying "f" about what party you belong to.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
11/23/11 7:06 pm

I picked stability on this one. I have had to many jobs where I was one of the hardest workers and the lazy ones who kiss ass get the promotions. I will work hard, I will do my job very well, I will NOT kiss ass.

11/23/11 6:06 pm

Opportunity =/= Guarantee. You could be stuck on the weak pay.

11/23/11 5:39 pm

->he didn't feel the Airlines offered him the stability he needed. Going to go find some stats, can't remember exact numbers, but I DO know that "upward mobility" in the US rt now is lowest in our history, & that middle-class wages have gained less than 5% over the past 30yrs. (less than inflation)

11/23/11 5:32 pm

Aylward: my "little" brother, a very recently retired Navy Officer, delayed his retirement specifically for stability. At 48, with 5 children & a mortgage, (they actually lived on base up until about 5 years ago), he felt he hadn't many choices. Although he's an experienced pilot & instructor ->

11/23/11 5:02 pm

I went ROTC to the Marine Corps, so I have both.

Processing On a journey to oneness.
11/23/11 4:12 pm

It would depend on how quickly the moving up would happen. If it was less then five yrs then yeah. If not then I would go for stability.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
11/23/11 4:08 pm

Not griping exactly. I just want effort that I expend to be recognized, and be able to control my own destiny.

11/23/11 3:47 pm

Jopat & geoag02 - Really? We're coming out of a major recession and >10% unemployment and you're griping because people want stability?

cup0pizza .
11/23/11 3:25 pm

Either one. I would excel in either situation.

11/23/11 2:45 pm

Love the breakdown. Young are optimistic and the $100,000 plus crowd are willing to put in the effort to get ahead.

redebbm 91709
11/23/11 2:08 pm

Since it implies you'd be highly likely to be fired under the "risky low paid job" I mean of course if work my ass off but you can't start a life when your under the threat of being fired everyday.

11/23/11 1:47 pm

Excuse me but the difference between the democrat and the republican results are pretty meager. They are both leaning heavily towards opportunity.

If there were only a 2% difference you'd probably still be out here saying "Oh wow, look at the political filter! Says it all!"

O13 Alabama
11/23/11 1:29 pm

Filters give me all the info I need. I don't even have to argue a point.

11/23/11 1:08 pm

Right now with a family to raise, I like stability & a little less pay vs. higher risk & reward.

11/23/11 1:06 pm

Ughh, I voted with Dems on this one. Gotta get my head examined.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
11/23/11 12:55 pm

@jopat: I could not possibly agree with you more. "Land of stability", I like that. Well... not really, but you know what I mean.

11/23/11 12:28 pm

I like stability and security but after working a few yrs at different jobs the things I like most is opportunity to make more money whether it comes with more responsibility or not a predictable schedule, and great benefits.

11/23/11 12:12 pm

So our new slogan is "America Land of Stability" instead of oportunity? At least what im seeing with most comments here....

11/23/11 12:00 pm

I've been "promoted" with little pay increase and a lot more stress and responsibility. Not worth it, I'd much rather have a stabile job that I don't have to worry about. Apparently I work too hard to not be promoted...can't help myself I guess.

JDoe Its a gift
11/23/11 11:41 am

I've gone through the competitive ladder climbing, surviving multiple layoffs because (I thought) I was a better, harder worker than the others. It's now several months after I was laid off. Give me security!

11/23/11 11:36 am

The only reward I have ever gotten for working harder than my coworkers is more work and more crap. All while I watch as the people that don't do their job get promoted ahead of me and their work dumped on me.

11/23/11 9:04 am

Difference of being a lawyer. 45k - 250k. Big difference

11/23/11 8:28 am

Opportunity. Heck, that's why I'm going to school... There's no guarantee I'll get the job. And the pay varies by 60k at least... But if I'm good enough, I'll be at the top end of that variance. Reward good work... And in a field I love :)

11/23/11 7:51 am

These days stability is huge! I'd rather know for sure I will be able to pay my bills.

valeriejo ramble on
11/23/11 7:40 am

I know this is a career-obsessed country, but career advancement isn't really all that important to me. I'd much rather have a stable job with decent pay that means less time worrying about money and job security and more time with the people and things that are really important to me.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
11/23/11 7:25 am

Stability got me through 43 yrs at AT&T and a good pension plus health benefits,stability anytime.Retired in 2008 and loving it.

11/23/11 7:07 am

Stability all the way. If I wanted to make additional lucrative investments on the side that'd be something I'd pursue outside my day job; I want my bases covered first. Apparently I'm a dinosaur and I'm only 51.

11/23/11 6:50 am

(cont; in Paramedic Technology, but is going for her RN BS next-then Masters whilst working ER now). She takes after Mom. ;) And "Mom" couldn't possibly be PROUDER!! <--Blessed!! :D

11/23/11 6:46 am

Believe me, if there was ANY way I could ever work again-at my age I prefer "Security". My children all started at the "bottom" as teens; worked their way up & through College. (Son has 1 more yr after his Internship at the US Embassy in UK, then grad school; younger daughter finished AA-continued)