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Show Of Hands October 30th, 2012 12:00am

Disney is buying Lucasfilms for $4.5B, and has announced plans to release a 7th Star Wars movie in 2015. Good news?

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kjos USA
11/09/12 7:49 pm

I can't wait until Disney owns Apple. Tim Cook will be a Disney Princess.

11/08/12 6:07 pm

I'm excited to see episode 7 but not excited that Disney bought it.

will15 Massachusetts
11/08/12 3:48 pm

Why would they do that it would ruin the plot of the whole thing

EarlyBird Portland
11/04/12 1:28 pm

I've never liked any of the Star Wars films. Disney buying it means nothing to me.

11/04/12 11:19 am

As long as its not an animated film.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/03/12 2:45 pm

Lucas was smart to dump the company before next year's tax hikes. Seems like liberals really don't want to pay taxes anymore than conservatives do.

11/02/12 5:47 pm

Yes! Because I don't know if Lucasfilms would have ever carried on the Star Wars series. At least Disney is going to continue the movies and if the next three suck, we can just toss them aside and act like they never happened.

HarmieV Connecticut
11/02/12 7:00 am

Lucas already ruined the franchise with those prequels, but I suspect Disney will concoct some new all time low for our beloved series.

sal10851 Eastern Tennessee
11/01/12 4:44 pm

Way overdone after the 4th one.

LauLau Minnesota
11/01/12 4:33 pm

I was so disappointed when in heard this news. Star Wars was a huge part of my childhood and this might ruin it.

ning99 Neverland
11/01/12 4:33 pm

I'm gonna watch it, but it won't be as good as the other 6

11/01/12 2:59 pm

Woohoo, under the helm of Disney (a company with a recent history of producing half-baked sequels) we are going to see the further denigration of one of the most iconic trilogies of all time. I can't wait having to explain to my kids following episode 10 that the series was once the gold standard.

toldaddy California
11/01/12 2:37 pm

^Ooooooooh! Consider yourself pwn'd.^

11/01/12 1:50 pm

You do realize Lucas did NOT direct The Empire Strikes back or Return of the Jedi... 2 of the most beloved of the whole franchise.

EnginE3r Texas
11/01/12 7:44 am

I don't like that Disney bought Star Wars, it should've stayed with LucasArts. And I would like to see another movie, but I have a feeling it's not going to be that great if George Lucas isn't directing it.

11/01/12 5:36 am

They dis the avengers really well and id rather have the next 3 movies then to never have them. I was sad when Lucas said he was done making the movies and im glad someone will finish them.

striker59 Colorado
11/01/12 5:35 am

Better not suck Mickey.

11/01/12 4:48 am

Introducing the newest Disney Princess... Princess Leia!

Gamer365 Woodbridge, VA
11/01/12 4:38 am

I love Star Wars and Disney will ruin it.

nightcrow Washington
10/31/12 10:27 pm

As long as they don't replace Yoda with Mickey Mouse it's gonna be good

10/31/12 9:49 pm

Disney version of Star Wars ?? Disney is obviously going to make it more towards the younger ages because that's Disney's main source of viewers!!! Isn't going to be the same

Nerdz Texas
10/31/12 8:59 pm

NOOOO!!! DISNEY WILL RUIN STAR WARS!!!! Just like how they sort of ruined Marvel :(

10/31/12 8:50 pm

I haven't seen #6 for a minute so idk how they could work that with the story. Hopefully that will be it then!

bathsalts Texas
10/31/12 8:40 pm

it should be really good they did The Avengers and that movie was the best I've seen since forever they will of course add their little Disney things that are little but I believe it wil be good

10/31/12 8:29 pm

All good things have to end. Disney needs to learn this.

cbbfle Nashville, TN
10/31/12 8:08 pm

After I found this out, I had a new hope...

cbbfle Nashville, TN
10/31/12 8:05 pm

New studio, new possibilities.
A new hope...

14573 Scary Numbers
10/31/12 7:56 pm

Sounds great, but if Disney animates it I will personally take a lightsaber and cut every single one of them.

cbbfle Nashville, TN
10/31/12 7:49 pm

Disney did the avengers, and pistes of the carribean

10/31/12 6:31 pm

Disney isn't just Mickey Mouse, they've got a good track record of balancing market and artistic vision.
I'm actually looking forward to it.

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
10/31/12 5:41 pm

Watch them make a Star Wars musical...

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
10/31/12 5:19 pm

The first 3 were the best.

Burned Missouri
10/31/12 5:05 pm

Why ruin an amazing trilogy? They are squeezing a dried lemon. It cant work

DeathSheep Michigan
10/31/12 5:03 pm

If they make it kid friendly. F*** no.

dannymac New Hampshire
10/31/12 4:25 pm

Lets go Disney here we go Disney. I don't mind another Star Wars because I'm a realist and no matter how bad it is it won't affect me or the first three. If you worship everything Star Wars and this some how throws your game off then I guess it could affect you.

10/31/12 3:47 pm

In the words of Anakin shortly after becoming Darth Vader "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

10/31/12 2:52 pm

Disney will ruin it

zigtiger823 everywhere
10/31/12 2:21 pm

As long as they don't Disney-ify it. The last thing I want to see is darth vader singing

10/31/12 12:13 pm

Yes, unless they're as bad as the prequils

hippiedude fields of green
10/31/12 11:44 am

I'd see it. I've never really been a big fan of Star Wars but if it looks good, I'm down.

MCR The Moon
10/31/12 11:16 am

Even if it isn't very good I'd still like to see a new one, I love Star Wars

10/31/12 11:12 am

I'm not interested unless George Lucas is no longer involved. I swear he let his foster kids write those godawful prequels.

Vincere Seattle
10/31/12 11:07 am

@Tony, *4.05 billion.

10/31/12 10:51 am

If its another "kid friendly" series I will shoot someone.

10/31/12 9:56 am

Oh god please no... That last 3 were bad enough.