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Show Of Hands August 14th, 2011 12:00am

Do you think early primary straw polls like Iowa's are meaningful, or just theatrical?

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08/20/11 1:51 pm

who the hell are you Atheist? get over Ron Paul, he will never become president

08/16/11 2:28 am

@tylercorp: If Obama cured cancer, Big Pharma would hate him for all the money they would lose. A cure would likely cost less than managing the illness with extensive chemotherapy and radiation.

08/15/11 4:12 pm

Democrats share some values, and don't share others. For example I am a "republican" where it counts when it comes to gun rights. But republicans don't do this, your just fundamentally more close minded. Which doesn't breed compromise, and without compromise, you end up with a flawed system

08/15/11 4:12 pm


Lets at least be honest... You never gave Obama a chance. You have disliked him from day 1. He could cure cancer an you would still dislike him. And you will dislike the next democrat. That's why you can't work with republicans.., there close minded. That's why democrats can't always unite.

08/15/11 2:26 pm

@tylercorp: informed decision? Based on what information? The negative or the 'really negative'...? You have every right too, but after the let-down Obama turned out to be, why would you?

veritas… Texas
08/15/11 10:36 am

@fairness lol…I might do it again. Idk. I already ranted once on that poll.

Should i do it again?

08/15/11 1:26 am

@jeri 7

Agreed... If she wins... God I'm scared,,,

08/15/11 12:58 am

Based on Who won in Iowa, this poll is garbage... Pure theatrical nonsense. There's no way an extremist homophobe can possibly win the Presidency... Funny how she's now trying to play down her Homophobia

modernrock Ohio
08/14/11 11:42 pm

Romney is an economical and administrative genius! Just what we need right now!

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
08/14/11 9:26 pm

I can't wait for veritas to get back... His rant on perry running should b epic.

08/14/11 7:31 pm


Wow! Where was this lofty chant from the right when bush sought 4 more years? I'm not falling for BS... I'm just capable of making an informed decision...

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
08/14/11 7:30 pm

What you have to pay $30 to vote in the straw poll in Iowa,people are nuts to do that,wacko

08/14/11 6:24 pm

@TylerCorp - So you're voting for Obama? Wow. Still falling for that Hope and Change BS? Please - don't make the same mistake twice!! Why would you put a documented failure back in office for four more years?

President Downgrade. Makes Carter seem like Reagan!

08/14/11 6:18 pm

Romneycare vs Obamacare. The difference? Romney learned from his mistake...

08/14/11 1:21 pm

I'm an Iowa democrat... So I'm not voting for any of em... But it was fun to go to the fair and meet em all... Got some cool pics with Sean hannity and mike huckabee even... Other then that... It truly is just a circus

StNik North Carolina
08/14/11 1:00 pm

The most important Republican event this weekend was in Charleston, SC where Rick Perry announced his run. Very smart move on his part.

08/14/11 12:47 pm

Jopat: Hall Monitor if the Year.

(PS-- you don't need to make Ron Paul supporters look like childish idiots. They are by definition!)

08/14/11 12:26 pm

jjplol; does your mom know you type like this? come on their are kids on this it just makes you look like a physco, maybe you are?

08/14/11 11:58 am

Well, since the straw poll began in 1979 only 3 republicans have been president and 2 of the 3 had won this straw poll, one in the same election cycle.

JDoe Its a gift
08/14/11 11:44 am

Interesting that the results are weighted so heavily for "Theatrical" but the earlier poll shows most people wanted the Super Congress to operate out in the open.

08/14/11 10:46 am

pointless only one straw poll winner has ever become pres

08/14/11 10:46 am

pointless only one straw poll winner has ever become pres

08/14/11 9:22 am

Pawlenty apparently tapped blue on this one.

08/14/11 7:58 am

I would love to have Romney be the repub candidate. Romneycare v Obamacare?

08/14/11 7:48 am

Wow - Pawlenty just dropped out.

08/14/11 7:38 am

I agree with FrankZappa and Perot4Prez. It helps the winners raise money, and encourages the losers to drop out.
Other than that, for all of us, sheer theatrical silliness.

08/14/11 6:29 am

Iowa is meaningless. President Romney 2012.

08/14/11 4:09 am

Remember though, Huckabee won in 2008, and look how that panned out.

08/14/11 4:07 am

I would love a female president. However, I am leaning Perry/Romney. Unless Chris Christy runs...

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
08/14/11 1:54 am

When they bus in supporters to vote. Not to mention it's $30 to hangout and b able to vote. It's a farce. To blow smoke up's worse than prom k&q votes.

08/14/11 1:29 am

Romney 2012! Iowa was just a joke.

08/14/11 1:26 am

They buy your vote and the straw poll never picks a winner or even a front runner correctly. It's pointless.

Planoneck Guam
08/14/11 1:23 am

Meaningful for donors, lobbyists, party leaders and the like, but less so for the voters.

08/14/11 12:53 am

Accurate for who is popular for what ever the reason is. The purpose is to get money. The more support the more money.

Theatrical? Yes, without a doubt.
Meaningfully? Clearly yes.

reichukey Oregon
08/14/11 12:49 am

I don't get it. Someone please enlighten me

08/14/11 12:29 am

what's with south Dakota?

08/13/11 11:32 pm

I hope theatrical bc Bachman is INSANE!!! She won't win... She won't be president.

08/13/11 11:20 pm

The one useful aspect of these straw polls is that poor showings cause candidates to drop out of the race.

08/13/11 11:05 pm

Bachmann won. That better not be accurate.

08/13/11 11:03 pm

Wait until you see how much money pours into the winners war chests! This is huge!

austrian Valid Location, Virginia
08/13/11 11:00 pm

They just show who had the most enthusiastic followers. They aren't accurate.

08/13/11 10:35 pm

There is too much time between now and Nov 2012 for the results to be meaningful.

08/13/11 10:33 pm

Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul...LOL. Obviously, this straw poll went very well for the wackos.