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Katta Massachusetts
03/23/12 7:33 am

yes and so do both my kids. it is important to see the world I think, it gives one a perspective on things.

03/19/12 6:15 pm

I'm always going places..... of corse I have one!

03/18/12 2:39 am

No. Never needed one.

aperson123 Texas
03/17/12 12:55 pm

Never been out of the country....never needed one

03/14/12 7:08 pm

I'm going to Canada, eh?

03/14/12 5:25 pm

totally i leave the country as much as i can no offense to anyone

Phil Mississippi
03/14/12 3:59 am

I've never had one and never needed one

puggles Washington
03/13/12 11:58 pm

No, but I will need one IF any of the current republican candidates win the presidency. They are ALL nimrods

2katz I live in Nebraska
03/13/12 11:27 pm

Have not traveled outside the US since 2004. No idea where my passport is. How long is it good for before it expires?

03/13/12 11:10 pm

I got mine last year planning for a trip to Peru, then the trip got cancelled...ah well

BadBadger Georgia
03/13/12 9:37 pm

Mine is stamped "No Fly" inside. Obviously valid. Whew!

PetePuma Oregon
03/13/12 8:43 pm

Nope, never been outside of the US in the last 45 years, and likely won't. if I ever intend to go somewhere, I'll concern myself with one, then.

03/13/12 10:55 am

I have been to India and I'm going to Haiti this summer.

eljl29 California
03/13/12 10:47 am

Yes. My mom "lost it" after I told her I was gunna visit Mexico

03/13/12 6:07 am

Yes. We travel all the time so I have to.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/13/12 4:50 am

@TopsQueen the East Coast Americans super rude? That was north of Virginia I presume. I spent several years up there in PA and traveling, and indeed they can be some of the least enjoyable people you've met if they didn't come from elsewhere, or are just different from the stereotypical person up…

rcp27 New Jersey
03/13/12 4:39 am

I have one, but have never used it.

fadinho michigan
03/12/12 11:18 pm

I have an Iraqi one if that counts! Anyway cannot afford to go anywhere not even to another state. Lol

blutuesday California
03/12/12 10:37 pm

ALWAYS an excellent idea to have one, even if it's just as a second ID. I'm surprised that in this post-9/11 world that more folks haven't gotten one.

03/12/12 9:22 pm

I think I've had one since I was 3 months

Nadinochka Narnia
03/12/12 9:20 pm

Waiting for my new one in the mail!

03/12/12 8:50 pm

@mommabear, if you are going to machu pichu, do you need someone to carry your bags?

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/12/12 8:24 pm

When I traveled the rudest people were east coast Americans. I was very embarrassed. The Brits were right up there.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/12/12 8:21 pm

Did but lost it years ago. My dad is so mean spirited he may have thrown it away for spite.

03/12/12 7:49 pm

I plan on getting one when I turn 18

03/12/12 7:23 pm

Like Zod said, I found the Parisians less rude than our average Americans. We've only been once, but thought they were unfairly stereotyped...
And I just used my passport to go to Brazil for two weeks, in January.

wirenerd Somersworth
03/12/12 7:01 pm

I have to have one. My family travels almost too much. But it's fun. The only inhabited continent I haven't been to is Africa. And I really want to go to Cairo!

EarlyBird Portland
03/12/12 6:11 pm

I lost mine last year and haven't replaced it yet.

03/12/12 6:09 pm

Only a passcard (for going to Canada and Mexico).

mommabear Idaho
03/12/12 5:44 pm

just got it renewed. going to Peru next month!!!

03/12/12 5:24 pm

yup need it for my annual Mexican vacation

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/12/12 5:08 pm

Rosebud, my experience in Paris has been the opposite - it's one of my favorite cities. I do a fair amount of traveling around the U.S. too, and find we treat tourists pretty well here too despite our reputation. There are a few clunkers everywhere, but people are usually pretty friendly.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
03/12/12 4:50 pm

Yes my hubby is Canuck and we are always going back and forth. Love Canada!

03/12/12 4:48 pm

yup and I'm only 15 and I have 2 pages filled

03/12/12 2:54 pm

I have a passport, haven't used it yet, but plan on using it in December!

03/12/12 2:51 pm

No but I have a driver's license that allows me to travel any by land or sea.

PAteach1 Pennsylvania
03/12/12 2:49 pm

A driving's a passport card. Can only drive to and from Mexico and Canada.

Rosebud Ohio
03/12/12 2:38 pm

MrPickles- you must never have been to Paris. Or many places for that matter. There are plenty of rude people in any culture. Paris just seems to be concentrated.... Although the rest of France from what I've seen, the people are so nice! It's beautiful!

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
03/12/12 2:21 pm

Have filled up 2 (32 page books) since 2009.

03/12/12 2:14 pm

Mine just expired. Need to renew!

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/12/12 2:04 pm

@NJConserve yes! Let us indeed agree! Yay for agreement!