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Show Of Hands May 11th, 2012 12:00am

Would you rather that your children be born before you are 25 or after you are 30?

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05/16/12 5:48 pm

I'll let nature take it's course...

05/15/12 1:11 pm

Would I prefer or how did it work out? Most people seem to be saying how they did it. I had my first at 42. Would have preferred younger but it didn't work out that way.

Kommandant Indiana
05/14/12 7:16 pm

I just got her pregnant last month and im 27. so I guess I'm right in the middle.

05/14/12 5:09 pm

I wanna know my children and not have as much stress when I am 50 cuz they will be out of the house

GWBushRulz Florida
05/14/12 4:56 pm

I'm 36 and the wifey is 32 and at 15 weeks. Planned pregnancy!

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
05/14/12 2:53 pm

young anyway, so you're fooling yourself if you think your life is richer or fuller without children.

No matter how much you think you love someone; a spouse, a partner, a friend... a man never knows his true capacity for love until he is a father.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
05/14/12 2:51 pm

@Lmurder - having a family is "a life to live", & it's a wonderful one. If you want to see the world, take your children & share it with them. Love is more important than backpacking across Europe alone in your 20s, assuming you even do anything like that. Most won't accomplish anything amazing that

anonymous0 Nevada
05/14/12 11:44 am

live a enjoy being a kid so that when u do have a kid u can give more attention to the child.

BigUgly Texas
05/14/12 11:38 am

I'd rather my kiddos be grown and independent while I still have a sliver of youth in me.

iamnoone kentucky
05/14/12 11:04 am

I had my daughter at 20 & my son at 34. More $ in 30s, more energy in 20s.

yepnope Maryland
05/14/12 6:36 am

I am enjoying living with some money first and plan on starting kids around 30 or 31... after I can actually afford them.

erika348 Texas
05/14/12 6:25 am

I'm 42 and my youngest is graduating high school this year.

MekaNeck Kansas City
05/14/12 4:19 am

I'm 24 and have a 1 1/2 year old boy and I'm loving every minute of it.

05/13/12 5:12 pm

I had mine before 25 & I don't regret it at all! they didn't lack for. the important things and I'm still young enough to keep up with the grandbabies!

lmurder MDK
05/13/12 12:59 pm

Only in Wyoming would people prefer to have kids before 25. There's a world to see and a life to live and everyone there gets preggo out of high school.
No wonder the suicide rate there is above average.

LordMaul Wisconsin
05/13/12 8:31 am

idealistically in between those 2 ages would be best for parents and kids, IMO.

05/13/12 8:05 am

3rd Party I was thinking the same thing.

05/13/12 6:57 am

Depends on what you want to do with your life; I don't want a kid until I'm at least in my 30s. Med school + kid = probable failure at both...

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
05/13/12 5:44 am

fiat, if that is your lifestyle, you still won't be slowing down yet at 60!

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
05/13/12 5:23 am

kids at least until you turn 60 when your body starts to slow down compared to prime time. Right? Or is Mr. Teen who's writing his hypothesis here wrong somewhere in his thinking?

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
05/13/12 5:23 am

Hmmm. Alright, let's say you're 30 years old when you have your first kid. Now, since you were a teen, up until the day you die, you've been very active. You can do sub 9 hour Ironmans, sub 3 hour marathons, ultra marathons, lift a ton of weights, and look great! I think you can keep up with your…

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
05/13/12 5:07 am

JaquesV, I will be that kid whose parents look like grandparents at graduation! LOL, but I exercise, and there is way more to being a good parent than being judged by immature teenagers at graduation day...

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
05/13/12 5:02 am

twistedsis, if you are healthy and make good choices, you can keep up with them after 30. I was 40 when I had my last and I homeschool them, so I have to keep up ALL DAY! :-)

05/13/12 2:26 am

Why not between 25 and 30?

Jzz California
05/13/12 1:24 am

swoleparo. but on't you need energy to keep up w/ the limitless ones? not judging. just asking?

05/12/12 9:00 pm

wow this is a really.tough?

SwolePatro Georgia
05/12/12 8:45 pm

@jaques there's a happy medium between 25 and looking like a grandparent. As I also stated, I agree you can never fully be emotionally ready for a child, however, you can be more mature and have more life experience and be more prepared to raise a child at a little older age than 25

05/12/12 7:04 pm

older parents are more focused on the kids, younger parents may have more energy, but it is focused on themselves.

05/12/12 7:01 pm

I wanted them when I was younger, but not God's plan. two after age 34 got them when I was supposed to have them and thank HIM every day for them

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
05/12/12 4:46 pm

@fgw- after the first one, it didn't matter what age the next ones came along. You always learn on the first. But you learn stuff on the rest too.

05/12/12 4:44 pm

you just have more energy when your younger and the rest of family is younger too cause i mske them help lol

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
05/12/12 4:43 pm

@swolepatro - I have two kids and we did it right for us. I remember that kid in school whose parents looked like grandparents. They did not have the same full childhood with parents that could really play with them. When it comes to being emotionally ready; it never happens.

05/12/12 4:42 pm

have alot of kids youngest is 8 could never have done this if i started over 30

SwolePatro Georgia
05/12/12 2:32 pm

Jacques you don't know kids if you say younger. I'm not saying wait forever but when your older you have more life experience and are more prepared generally. Also it's pretty selfish to base when you have kids on your retirement plans

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
05/12/12 1:29 pm

I had my son at 21 and my daughters at 35, 38 and 40.... I'm a better mommy now than with my son. we learn from our mistakes at any age-hopefully!

cowboy Proud Father
05/12/12 1:16 pm

I guess older since my daughter was born the day after my 33rd birthday.

05/12/12 12:55 pm

@jaquesv wow that's deep. 100% agree tho. spot on

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
05/12/12 12:46 pm

Btw, you're never emotionally ready to bring a child into the world. No matter how old you are, the best thing you can do is love them. The rest is winging it.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
05/12/12 12:42 pm

You're crazy and don't know kids if you said over 30. You need to have them while you're young and have energy. That also means you won't be an old fart when they leave home. My wife and I will be 45 and 46 when our youngest is 18. It'll make retirement so much easier. They'll be out of college...

anonymom Virginia
05/12/12 11:05 am

@strunk I didn't catch that - I thought it meant first child. Good point. I had my first ten years ago at 21 and we're still adding to our family.

OFMafia Oklahoma
05/12/12 10:51 am

I had 3 sons by the time I was 21! Now in my early thirties I can't wait for my kids to be grown so I can be selfish and enjoy MY TIME in my 40's and beyond!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
05/12/12 10:39 am

Right on strunk. I plan on having 6 of my own. Stuff that, "Planned Parenthood".

05/12/12 10:34 am

I want to see my kid grow up and spend time with them while I'm younger. It might be more difficult, but there is never enough time.

strunk Minnesota
05/12/12 10:20 am

Where's the "both" option? Do people ever understand that it's possible to have more than three kids in a family?