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Do you think it's appropriate/healthy to be openly naked in front of your 5 year-old child? (UserQ)

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Silent Jacksonville, FL
07/04/12 2:52 pm

It's fine as long as it isn't sexual in nature. The people of this country don't see a difference most of the time. It comes from the religious history these United States suffer from.

07/04/12 6:52 am

I saw my mom naked when i was 2 and the image still stayed with me 20 years later...then when i was 12 i saw my great grandmother naked (all on accident ofcourse!!!!)

Freckles VA
07/03/12 5:19 pm

Not a big deal in our house.

Why does opposite gender freak everyone out? Way to make the opposite gender totally taboo and scary and unfamiliar.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
07/01/12 1:47 pm

Doesnt matter. Theyll forget if they see you a few times

kandykane California
07/01/12 6:03 am

@kimberlypruss- I've been to those baths before, and youre right, it's not awkward or inappropriate in any way, I agree that it's probably a cultural difference. I think it would be ok for a daughter to see her mother naked or a son to see his father at 5 years old, but maybe not vice versa.

kreedh Missouri
06/30/12 8:47 pm

I think it depends on the gender of the parent and child. If it's a mother and son or a father and daughter then, not appropriate. Kids also need to understand and appreciate a person's privacy.

FrostedMin California
06/30/12 4:03 pm

Listen, I'm a girl. I don't have any kids but I want a baby girl. Girls can see girls nude. BUT ONLY IF they are family. And ONLY IF they are trusted around them. Girls can see girls. It's okay.

Lillie Texas
06/30/12 12:03 am

I don't actively hide if my 5 year old comes in while I'm nude, but neither do I prefer him to see me. If I were to quickly cover up, I believe he might connect nudity with shame rather than modesty.... so, I try to cover myself in a nonchalant way or tell him, "privacy, please."

missyf South Carolina
06/29/12 2:03 pm

If he wants to start taking baths by himself. He likes playing with the bubbles and splashing water on me and his sister. I've told him that whenever HE wants mommy to stop taking baths with him then I will. I have a bad back and the co-baths make it a lot easier than leaning over the tub.

missyf South Carolina
06/29/12 2:01 pm

I bathe with my 5 yr old son an 2 yr old daughter all the time. It's only weird if the parent makes it weird. My son has asked tons of questions about my c-section scar, my ill thought out tattoo, breasts. He knows proper names for body parts and is not ashamed or embarrassed. I've asked him

PresidentDonald Washington D.C.
06/29/12 1:25 pm

We are all naked under our clothes. We are all human. We have just been tought that it is taboo when it is somthing everybody has.

kimberlypruss Arkansas
06/29/12 10:13 am

In Asia, they go to onsens (public baths) where they are naked in front of a bunch of other naked people, it's not that big of a deal. I think it's a cultural difference really.

EnginE3r Texas
06/29/12 8:03 am

Once children hit puberty then they will start to appreciate their bodies more.

EnginE3r Texas
06/29/12 8:01 am

Parents shouldn't be openly nude around their 5 year old child because then the child will likely develop a weak sense of modesty.

theauthor California
06/28/12 7:43 pm

Wow nudity doesn't have to be sexual. I can't believe the amount of people calling it inappropriate.

06/28/12 5:52 pm

I'm not sure about this one.....I mean I don't think we should be teaching kids to be ashamed of their bodies....but obviously be teaching proper social far as some comments I think some people are TOO sex focused and are simply forgetting about just being human


06/28/12 3:16 am

Each parent has to be allowed to raise their own children as they see fit. What may be gross or absurd for some may be fine for others. Don't always assume you have the right to impose your morality on others. Personally, I think it's inappropriate.

Apex swimming in the sky
06/28/12 12:05 am

Scary how some comments are just words away from becoming incest. Funny lol. Same sex ok maybe opposites draw a line 

RRStephens Tennessee
06/27/12 9:56 pm

I think people answered yes to this to f-with us lol. Seeing a parent, occasionally nude on accident is one thing, but to say its healthy???? Uh, it's a no... Psychologically>>>>> damaging. Duh.

06/27/12 7:09 pm

I remember seeing my parents occasionally naked while I was a small child. It was uncomfortable for me, and a little gross. They didn't look like me at all. I thought all the hair and bulges and things flopping around were just ugly.

06/27/12 4:51 pm

Pretty much when the kid starts covering themselves up, it's time to cover yourself up.

06/27/12 4:20 pm

The cutoff is 3. I remember next to nothing before the age of 4, but at 5 I definitely have a number of memories I can recall. Being that kids that age won't yet grasp what's socially acceptable to SAY in public or private, they certainly won't grasp why NUDITY is ok sometimes but not others.

dangercat Washington
06/27/12 4:17 pm

I'm a 22 y.o. woman and still see my 52 y.o. mom nakie. I think same sex is okay. I've never seen my dad naked though. Thank goodness!

BigUgly Texas
06/27/12 2:24 pm

jessminda, I'm pretty sure the opposite sex thing is what we're talking about here. How many times have you seen your dads dick flopping around since you were 5?

06/27/12 1:53 pm

I don't see the big deal here.... I am 23 and I still see my mom naked when I stay with her. In fact, I think I have a lot of confidence in my own body because of it. I haven't seen my dad naked since I was like 5 or 6 but I'll see him in his underwear sometimes and it's no big thing.

BigUgly Texas
06/27/12 1:53 pm

My daughter's 4 and she still showers with me to save time every once in a while. I still remember getting boners when I was 4 though. Kids aren't as dumb as you think. I liked tits when I was 4 and I still like them now. Seeing my moms tits past the age of breast feeding might have scarred me.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/27/12 1:45 pm

You see, we learn this stuff at school nowadays.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/27/12 1:35 pm

NightAngle- ikr! Do you ALL live on a nudist beach or something?

06/27/12 1:24 pm

Crazy crown- agree!!! My twins are only 6 months old but I also have a 4 yo. I can't even pee alone so we're all pretty comfortable with nudity at my house. Lol

Mr.logic California
06/27/12 10:12 am

You can't consider something healthy of appropriate just for being natural.

06/27/12 8:28 am

Why are most people commenting saying yes, but 3/4 of the votes are no? I think a lot of people are being stupid hypocrites.
Btw, my vote is for yes.

06/27/12 8:25 am

Our society is absurd on the subject of nudity, as there is this subtle belief that we need to be ashamed or embarrassed by our bodies. When did that even start? There is nothing wrong with seeing ANYBODY naked, regardless of relation. Nudity is not sexually charged.

06/27/12 8:25 am

Our society is absurd on the subject of nudity, as there is this subtle belief that we need to be ashamed or embarrassed by our bodies. When did that even start? There is nothing wrong with seeing ANYBODY naked, regardless of relation. Nudity is not sexually charged.

06/27/12 7:43 am

That should stop long before 5

06/27/12 6:29 am

For me it depends on gender. I'm a mom with a son who is almost 4 and it's beginning to feel inappropriate. I don't mind using the bathroom in front of him but not completely naked. If I had a girl I might feel differently.

06/27/12 5:11 am

This coming from the mother of 4 1/2 year old twins. I would never get dressed, shower or go the bathroom if I was worried about this. They are at my side always. It's very rare that I get to retreat to my bathroom alone. I want them to be comfortable in their own skin.

06/27/12 4:20 am

Nudism is provably a good thing

06/27/12 4:04 am

A good dose of reality and a wake up to other cultures not "American" would be to go to a Korean spa. All ages, body types, and any other classification are represented. And there is no judgement. It's just the way it is. If we were all naked together at some point, we'd probably get along better.

06/27/12 2:56 am

Interesting question and comments. No nudity in the household I grew up in but when I was very young and stayed over at friend(s) houses I learned very quickly that other families view things differently. Saw their parents and my friends completely nude. Nothing perverted just what they did...

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
06/27/12 12:23 am

I agree with that. Why does she make such perfect sense?!

BadBadger Georgia
06/26/12 11:44 pm

AGC, where do you get off coming in here making perfectly good sense? ;-)

BadBadger Georgia
06/26/12 11:41 pm

It is neither appropriate nor healthy for me to be naked in front of a mirror. I'm blushing just thinking about it.